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  1. slickgrunt

    Pioneer 218

    I got one aswell and can't say I'm unhappy with it. Fast & quiet, the way they should be :) Also had a DVDRW from ASUS, for some reason it took slightly longer (only slightly) to load up a disc as soon as I put it in compared to the Pioneer. It took slightly longer to eject too.... still not bad drive though.
  2. slickgrunt

    Intel E2140

    a 2140's stock cooler should handle 3ghz with ease too. just flog one of those for ten bucks or something :P
  3. slickgrunt

    Did someone say Westmere?

    wouldnt you be better off using your real quad?
  4. MSI 740GTM-P25? they go for $54 at msy. want to know about cheap things? i'm your man :P hehe
  5. slickgrunt

    [Melb] Respawn LAN v15

    I live in the dirty west hehe.. pity it's a lengthy drive.
  6. slickgrunt

    New Air Cooling Champion.

    Kudos to Noctua for not incorporating LED's.. big waste. How would one compare this Air cooler to a decent watercooling solution? this is schwarzenegger himself since its made in Austria and all :D Damn straight! Just as buff and ugly one would think Looks it like it took someone by surprise :p
  7. slickgrunt

    2X 4870 or 5770?

    for investment purposes yes. does no justice to buy a 4890 brand new now.
  8. slickgrunt

    [Melb] Respawn LAN v15

    where is this place specifically?
  9. slickgrunt

    Is COD:MW2 the last COD?

    I couldn't imagine them putting a permanent halt to this franchise. They're probably developing up some hype for the next game, whenever that's due. Blizzard-tactics.
  10. slickgrunt

    Upgrading on a budget 5000+ / 8800GT

    Glad you got it working man :) just aswell too.
  11. slickgrunt


    Now im the lowly hijacker :( [sorry] on the topic of dddr3 memory, MSY has labelled a lot of DDR3 modules in their parts list with "AM3/Intel 775" categories.. then progressing to "AM3/Intel p55" etc.etc. Other than triple channel DDR3, are the rest just recommendations? Just something I'm not %100 on.. because I had some difficulties with my AM3 motherboard with a particular set of Kingstons, although I specified to MSY (like a n00b that I am) that I wanted AM3/socket 775 memory.
  12. slickgrunt

    The radicalisation of PC gaming

    Great idea. What could possibly go wrong? ROFLMAO
  13. slickgrunt

    The radicalisation of PC gaming

    While consoles are not piracy-proof.. they do a better job at it than PC's. I can sort of see why Activision did what they did with Modern Warfare 2 on PC.. but an eye for an eye doesn't work anymore :P I'm sure they'll figure out a way of really hammering down on piracy through PC products. I remember when games never needed a CD key until... Starcraft or something, that was the first game I installed using a cd key anyway :P So it wasn't very popular then.. but now CD keys are the mainstream. So who knows what is next? Windows Live? Where every game must be played through this crappy client, which involves verifications.. Steam?
  14. slickgrunt

    The radicalisation of PC gaming

    I think not, as ATI handle the graphics on the 360 and Nvidia on the PS3. But still.. the PC market is quite big.