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  1. Ouch, that must've been a pain in the arse. :X I've not narrowed it down to what card (might need to grab one that pciks up anologue/digital for C31, heh) but I'll keep it to 160mm or around if I can or get USB if I cant' just to be safe. So thanks a lot, you've been a life saver!
  2. foolz

    Existential dilemma

    Take up lucid dreaming, and then you can have some sort of conscious control of your perception during sleep! :)
  3. Yes, you are about the motherboard! The tuner I was considering was the Happauge HVR220 MCE, but at 160mmx55mm it's probably to big, so I'll check out your suggestion. According to Asus's website the essence works in any slot (as you said), but is there any way I would be able to confirm that it would work in one of my available slots? And with any of the three available slots could the foul the heatsink? The problem is I don't actually have any of the parts with me yet (I've ordered pretty much everything but the sound card and am holding off for that reason) so it's a bit hard for me to check. Thanks a lot , you have been a MASSIVE help! :D
  4. I'm considering getting the Xonar Essence STX which meant to be fantastic! But I'm not entirely sure if it'll fit as it's not a low-profile card (which I was originally planning to pick up). The measurements I could find were 168mm in length, but couldn't find any height measurements. Anyway, I've got a P45-DS4P, and Antec 300 case, the other components are E8500, IceQ HD4870, 4gb and possibly a PCIe digital tuner if the budget permits, but that's definitely removable for space. Anything else you need to know? Thanks in advance P.S. sorry for posting it in the wrong section to begin with. ;)
  5. EDIT: Just realised I posted this in the wrong section. So, if anybody could lock or delete it that'd be great! Sorry guys.
  6. foolz

    HD 4870 brands

    I believe so. Some reviews claim up to 10c cooler than the Toxic.
  7. foolz

    HD 4870 brands

    Interesting, looking at some more reviews and most of them say that it is louder than the reference HD 4870 that they use, but is up to 20+ cooler. o.o One could always turn the fan down, I suppose. But the Sapphire Toxic Edition reviews seem to be pretty positive about the sound, in fact some have even referenced the HIS IceQ and said that it is quieter. Though the IceQ can get 10 degrees cooler from what I can gather. There might be some driver probelsm with the Sapphire card, though.
  8. foolz

    HD 4870 brands

    Isn't it meant to be somewhat more noisy than the Sapphire Toxic? Oh, and I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but I'll probably only be using it on a 24" 1080P BenQ screen, so extreme resolutions performance probably won't factor into the decision
  9. The danger with a generic brand would be if it died a couple of years down the track that it might take out components with it, yeah? It would probably be smarter paying the extra $100 or so than risking having to pay $500 for a new PSU and damaged video card in a year or twos times. Plus it appears to be crossfire certified so that's an added bonus for the future. Thanks Harmonic Cacophony. :)
  10. Hey, I'm looking for a PSU for my new build. E8500 HD4870 P45-DS4P WD 750GB 7.1 Forte 4GB ddr2 ram Pioneer DVR-216 I was considering a 650W generic Hytec PSU, but generic brands might be best to avoid, especially if I can find little information on them. The Corsair HX620 was suggested to me in another thread, but it's about twice the price of the Hytec and I'm not sure it is crossfire compatible as I may plan on going for two HD 4870s in the future (x8/x8 oh well). But if the Hytec really would be more of a risk than a bargain then I'll be willing to pay more as it's an important area of the PC. EDIT: managed to find a list of crossfire PSUs, and apparently the HX620 should be good for two. Thanks
  11. Hey, Well I am deliberating between a Gigabyte or Sapphire. The standard HD 4870 Sapphire is around $40 less than the Gigabyte, but the Toxic Edition is about $40 more. Well, after doing a little research it would appear the Toxic Edition is smaller than the standard one, and has better cooling which results in a small increase in performance. I was trying to find some information on if the fan was much quieter than the standard addition, but couldn't find much, so is the fan on the Toxic Edition substantially quieter than the standard edition and Gigabyte card? That should help me make my decision, and if you have any other useful information or advice that I may have missed that would be great too. The features between the cards are pretty much the same, so it comes down to cooling/noise and the small performance increase. Thanks
  12. Yeah, I've heard the Q6600 is great for overclocking, but I don't really plan on doing so. I'll keep that in mind for the future! May need to check out some other motherboards too, but like you said, a single 4870 should be pretty good for a long time. Edit: Btw, there's nothing particularly wrong with the case is there? It was previously recommend here I think.
  13. Yep, I can find prices on the X-Fi Forte, but not the Home Theater HD. Xonar's seem easy to find and quite competatively priced, in fact the Xonar DX is looking pretty good... Looks like it might be cheaper than he Titanium too with a little better sound quality for music, though worse for games. But personally I'd prefer sound quality in music. And it's got DS3d GX 2.0 like the Xonar D2x so it should work fine for gaming! Awesome, looks like you may have found me a better product for cheaper! :D
  14. Edit 3: btw, I forgot to ask before, what was the reason for changing the case? I know I'm asking a lot of questions (and most of them are stupid) so I do apologise, but I really do appreciate your help! :) And what are the advantages to multiple hard drives? I might be a bit complicated to set up, though. Oh, great to hear that! (I couldn't see anything on the website). The 7.1 X-plosion cinema looks like it's a similar price to the Titanium to and seems to have decent features to and has got some good reviews. Edit: oops, just noticed the PCI Express cards. I'll take a look at prices. Edit2: the Forta 7.1 is only $30 more expensive on their website, but I can't find any prices on the HomeTheater HD card.
  15. The E8500 is probably better value for money then, as long as it's not too much more than the Q8200. The Auzentech cards need PCI 2.1 don't they? I think the GA-EP45-DS4P only has 2.0 and express, so I don't think they're compatible. Interestingly I also saw a review that claims that the drivers for the X-plosion Cinema 7.1 do not work properly with Vista 64bit.