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  1. Hi, I hope I'm posting this here is the right place. I recently completed this build: Case: Pure Base 600 CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x CPU Cooling: Dark Rock Pro 4 GPU: MSI Gaming X Trio RTX 2070 Super PSU: Corsair RM 550X Ram: Ballistix LT Sport 16gb 3200MHZ SSD: Kingston 1TB The PC is now put together, and the GPU actually runs pretty coolly. 30-40 idle, 40-65 in game. The CPU, however, is crazy. Original idle in BIOS was 30-35 and 40-50 in Windows; 55 if doing general things like browsing. I updated BIOS, thinking this was high--boy was I wrong: I'm now getting 40-43 in BIOS, 48-65 if doing general tasks like multi-tab browsing and video watching. With default fan curve, this is not only quite loud, but sometimes rapidly going up and down as the CPU rapidly goes up and down in temp. in more intensive things like games, regardless of fan curve I'm getting similar results to general browsing, or if things get very intense maybe it'll go up to 75. That seems reasonable but on a couple occasions if things get really intense it'll get up to 82 or 85, which is getting a bit close to the 95 limit. If I was using the Wraith Cooler I'd think this was maybe reasonable at a stretch given the temps for the Ryzen 7s seem to be all over the place atm, but given I'm using a much bigger cooler (dark rock pro 4), this doesn't seem to make much sense, even taking into account the warm case. Could I have messed something up this badly in cooler installation? Let me know if Ryzen Master or BIOS screenshots would be helpful. I also ended up with a dud hard drive; it disappeared from Windows (and subsequently the BIOS) and started clicking during initialisation; the disc drive also doesn't read discs, though it is recognised both in BIOS and in Windows. Tried everything I could think of with the disc drive, from BIOS update, reinstalling, to firmware update, but nothing helped. The dud hard drive, and malfunctioning disc drive make me suspicious of the CPU, as I got all these components from the same shop, and they were sent in the one package. I also bought the SSD from them, which seems to be functioning well, except that when the PC has gone into screensaving mode on a couple of occasions it has frozen, and I've had to turn the PSU on and off before the motherboard recognises the SSD. Maybe all this is motherboard related? Any suggestions re. disc drive, or have I tried everything I can? Lastly, if I want to install the GPU support bracket, it would have to piggyback the soundcard bracket. The end of it would be just touching the end of the soundcard, this should be okay, as it won't be applying much pressure to it, right?
  2. Ahem, well this is embarrassing. I went full Verge, or perhaps even worse—post-Verge? Somehow I missed removing the sticker from the heatsink! Well, that’s easily one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done, let alone in PC building. I’m now getting 26-27c in BIOS, 33-37 nothing open in Windows, 40-50 with multiple tabs and videos, and 45-60 in gaming depending on how intensive the game is. Stress test jumps to 60 instantly, but then doesn’t go higher than 63; heatsink warm to the touch, though far from feeling hot. I’m still getting the odd random spike to 60 in multi-tabbed browsing and videos, but it goes back down instantly, and sometimes it sits around 50 for extended periods with the same sort of usage. Weirdly the highest temp I’ve seen hasn’t been in stress testing, but it managed to briefly hit 70 during gaming, but dropped back down instantly. It’s probably safe to put this sort of thing down to the eccentricities of the dynamic auto-OC system, I assume? My best cinebench R20 scores were 4715 multi-core, and 502 single core, which seems to be not exceptional for the 3700x, but certainly in the range one ought to expect. Time Spy CPU score is 9654 at 32.44 FPS. So it seems like my monumental stupidity hasn’t done any damage. Also, motherboard appears to be fine; tested a working disc drive, and didn't have any issues.
  3. I was actually planning to try the wraith, as well! If I do some out of case testing, I'll definitely give it a go. It's not applying much force, so it shouldn't bend it, but It would be touching the corner, though not the face, of the PCB as illustrated (red line=bracket). Would that still be a no-go?
  4. SATA issues were pre-BIOS update. I have attached pictures: in img_1004 you can see the soundcard is directly beneath the soundcard. If I were to use the GPU support bracket, it would have to be screwed into the case through the same slots the soundcard is using, as you can see in IMG_1006. I feel like this might be a bit too bodgy?
  5. Ordered the last of the parts today (ended up going for the PB 600 and a DRP4)! Just wanted to make a post to thank you, Dasa! Your patience was much appreciated, and you were an extraordinary help!
  6. Well, what about the price middle ground between the Noctuas $100-$130 and the Pure Rock Slim $39 of the Shadow Rock slim for $65? That raises the fan size from 95mm to 135mm. Yep. The only thing is, other cases end up with noise ratings higher than the card runs in cases with good airflow going by reviews, so it's probably worth the risk of having to run the fan a bit higher considering the sound deadening, I think. I assume the slightly more space between sound card, GPU and SSD shouldn't make a big difference in cooling, as I really prefer the big heatsinks of the Mortar?
  7. If I were to try and seal that fan slot, would I need to buy a screen mount or something to that effect, or would a carefully secured piece of cardboard be acceptable? These should be my last couple of questions, the pure rock slim should still be adequate in the pb 600 if I don't manually OC, or do I need to go back to the Noctua? While the main issue is GPU airflow, it shouldn't be too big of a deal for the gaming trio x given it runs pretty coolly, should it?
  8. So, if I were to go for the Be Quiet!, I should be fine without needing to add an extra fan at the front so long as I'm only overclocking the ram, not the CPU or GPU, right? My other, and silliest, option would be to replace the fans in my Antec three hundred with high end fans, but the air flow doesn't look much better than the BQ PB 600, so it'd be a bit redundant. xD I'm also open to other suggestions, if there's anything out there better than the pb 600 in that price range, but it seems to be in the same league as the likes of the silent base which is nearly twice the price! As an aside, what are people's thoughts on PCIE 4? I'm not interested in it for this build due to the price increase on the motherboard and the chipset fans most of the boards have, but was just curious. It doesn't seem like it'll offer a huge benefit to video cards.
  9. Re. storage, I'd probably want at least 2tb to complement the SSD. Well, the fractal define c and be quiet! pure base 600 are still both options; I was not sure when the build began if they'd provide adequate cooling or not, but the GPU I've ended up with runs pretty cool as does the CPU. So should I consider them more seriously? Cable management seems to be easier on the fractal define c as well, and, well, I'm very bad at cable management lol. I may try overclocking the GPU at some point, but I'm open to all suggestions. Speaking of Be Quiet!, Boris suggested on Whirpool going for the Pure Rock (I was thinking the Slim, as according to their website the standard version will impede the ram) instead of the Noctua. That should be fine if I don't overclock, right? The 3700x overclocking results seem underwhelming so far, unless I've been looking in the wrong places. He also said it might be a bit difficult to fit the SSD, GPU and sound card on the board, and suggested the MSI B450-A Pro Max as an alternative.
  10. Well, against everyone's best judgement (including my own) i ended up getting the Gaming Trio X. Also ordered the Ryzen 7 3700x and Crucial Ballistix Sport LT (2x8) DDR UDIMM 3200MHZ 16-18-18. Hoping to hit 3600MHZ, but we'll see...
  11. True. I think the Kitguru review was actually for this, though: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Gigabyte-NVIDIA-GeForce-RTX-2070-SUPER-GAMING-OC-8GB-Graphics-Video-Card-USBC-DP/362705969454?hash=item5472f5e12e:g:vX0AAOSwf8VdhCik:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!3121!AU!-1&frcectupt=true which is still $50 less to be fair! The windforce doesn't run so quiet and cool, judging by comments on the Kitguru review: a few people were perplexed as to how they got it to run so quiet and cool, and it turned out they had the windforce, not the gaming, heh. So I'll sleep on the Gigabyte Gaming vs MSI Trio (it has shiny lights, so that's gotta be worth something, right? :P) as people on Reddit are also claiming the RMA process with Gigabyte wasn't good, or that they received inadequate repairs!
  12. Coincidentally I was actually just looking at the Kitguru reviews for the MSI and Gigabyte today, but hadn't noticed the Gigabyte on eBay at that price! That is brilliant! The only thing holding me back on pulling the trigger on the gigabyte right now is that there seem to be quite a few people on Reddit saying their non-super windforce RTX 2070s had problems with artifacts, or failed within a few months. Are Gigabyte videocards a bit less reliable than MSI these days?
  13. That's very impressive, pretty much neck and neck with the gaming x! I don't use multiple monitors when gaming, but I do for standard computing activities when needed so that could potentially be a bit of an issue as it's here where I really want the PC to be as quiet as possible. The gaming x trio though still seems to be noticeably quieter based on the techpowerup tests (albeit it's a close-run thing, and the gigabyte would be a little closer still than the sapphire going by gamernexus), so I'm definitely leaning heavily towards it;. I know you pretty much can't beat the value of the 5700XT at that price, but the features probably just pip it for me even so. https://www.techpowerup.com/review/msi-geforce-rtx-2070-super-gaming-x-trio/31.html
  14. So, you've talked me into narrowing it down to that gigabyte 5700XT $668 or an MSI Nvidia GeForce RTX 270 SUPER Gaming X Trio $878. I overestimated the price of some of the parts, so I can probably get a card in that price range, and still come in close enough to the $2,000 mark (give or take a few hundred dollars) that I can live with myself. Anyway, the msi 2700 super seems to run Metro ray tracing at 50-60fps, but more importantly is a little quieter (37db under load) than the triple fan 5700XT (40db under load); I was wondering if you knew how loud the 5700XT runs when not playing games, as the msi 2700 runs very quiet at 29db and the fans can be switched off. Also, the 2700 Super might be a little bit more futureproof? Lastly, for additional storage are there better options than the Seagate 2tb firecuda or WD 4TB Blue both at $147 that I'm missing? And for the disc drive I was thinking either an LG GH24NSD1 or LGBH16 Apologies for the double post.
  15. Wow, even the 2080 TI doesn't quite crack 60fps on all tests! You're right, the decibel rating I can find for the ITX clocks in at 45 db and the triple fan 5700xt at 40db! That eBay voucher really is tempting...
  16. I was put off the RX 5700XT due to its noise levels at high load. Is the MSI GeForce RTX 2070 AERO ITX 8G Graphics Card not powerful enough for ray tracing, either; I'll only be running things at 1080P? I found one for only $669, so it's not in the same league as the turbo version price-wise. Thanks again, particularly for the motherboard suggestion!
  17. So, finally had time to get back to this! To beef up the near-silent build on Whirlpool I came up with this, as I must admit I'm interested in ray-tracing and Metro Exodus at 60fps. Not to mention that Cyberpunk is just around the corner! What I came up with was this; goal was more power, but still very quiet: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700x or 7 2700x (not sure the 3700x is really necessary) Motherboard: Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 SSD: Intel 660p 1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe GPU: MSI GeForce RTX 2070 AERO ITX 8G Graphics Card (or an MSI RTX 2060 or 2060 Super if I chicken out on spending so much on a video card!) Case: Silberstone Kubali KL07B PSU: Silverstoen SFX SX500 CPU: Heatsink: Noctua NHU-14s AM4 HSF: Mounting Kit. ODD: DVD RW, PC blu-ray drivers aren't very good, are they? Can I use that heatsink with the Ryzen 7, and will 500 watts still be safe with the beefier CPU and GPU? Thank you once again!
  18. Cheers mate, will take a look on there as well!
  19. I've got a bit out of touch over the years with PC tech developments, so boy is this a great starting point. Wonderful work, Dasa! I had a couple of questions about using the gaming builds as a starting point: Would I be able to use my current case (Antec Three Hundred, which is an ATX tower) and my current PSU (a 750W ATX Seasonic, I think it's either an M12 or X series; I'll see if I can take it out if you need to know exactly what it is), while also transferring over my Asus Xonar Essence STX? Also, how loud are these builds? I’d like to end up with something quieter than my current PC: previously mentioned case and PSU with an HD4890 and E8500. After the original CPU fan broke, it was replaced with a generic one as I wasn’t overclocking, so most of the noise comes from the CPU and GPU. I know it’s difficult to make a quiet gaming PC, but other than the quiet CPU cooling fan on the AMD build, are there any other places I could look to reduce noise in either build? (Is the intel build quieter than the AMD one?)
  20. I'm considering getting the Xonar Essence STX which meant to be fantastic! But I'm not entirely sure if it'll fit as it's not a low-profile card (which I was originally planning to pick up). The measurements I could find were 168mm in length, but couldn't find any height measurements. Anyway, I've got a P45-DS4P, and Antec 300 case, the other components are E8500, IceQ HD4870, 4gb and possibly a PCIe digital tuner if the budget permits, but that's definitely removable for space. Anything else you need to know? Thanks in advance P.S. sorry for posting it in the wrong section to begin with. ;)
  21. Ouch, that must've been a pain in the arse. :X I've not narrowed it down to what card (might need to grab one that pciks up anologue/digital for C31, heh) but I'll keep it to 160mm or around if I can or get USB if I cant' just to be safe. So thanks a lot, you've been a life saver!
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  23. Yes, you are about the motherboard! The tuner I was considering was the Happauge HVR220 MCE, but at 160mmx55mm it's probably to big, so I'll check out your suggestion. According to Asus's website the essence works in any slot (as you said), but is there any way I would be able to confirm that it would work in one of my available slots? And with any of the three available slots could the foul the heatsink? The problem is I don't actually have any of the parts with me yet (I've ordered pretty much everything but the sound card and am holding off for that reason) so it's a bit hard for me to check. Thanks a lot , you have been a MASSIVE help! :D
  24. EDIT: Just realised I posted this in the wrong section. So, if anybody could lock or delete it that'd be great! Sorry guys.
  25. Hey, Well I am deliberating between a Gigabyte or Sapphire. The standard HD 4870 Sapphire is around $40 less than the Gigabyte, but the Toxic Edition is about $40 more. Well, after doing a little research it would appear the Toxic Edition is smaller than the standard one, and has better cooling which results in a small increase in performance. I was trying to find some information on if the fan was much quieter than the standard addition, but couldn't find much, so is the fan on the Toxic Edition substantially quieter than the standard edition and Gigabyte card? That should help me make my decision, and if you have any other useful information or advice that I may have missed that would be great too. The features between the cards are pretty much the same, so it comes down to cooling/noise and the small performance increase. Thanks