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  1. 8vm

    Half Life 3 Revealed

    Incredible street view. It makes you really appreciate the Large Hadron Collider tunnel much more once you see it in detail.
  2. 8vm

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Dream Theater (self titled album). Been listening to this non-stop for the past week now!
  3. 8vm

    Parts Build Question

    GTX780 is overkill for MMO's. GTX660Ti / GTX760 / HD7950 should be suitable. A good CPU and lots of RAM (at least 8GB) will come in handy too.
  4. 8vm

    What are you playing at the moment?

    I just finished the story mode on Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition. Something different to the traditional fighting games with a proper story line (and you get to play as most characters along the way) A bit off topic, anyone play the new Shadow Warrior yet? Duke Nukem Forever was a let down. Rise of the Triad 2013 was decent, but the game is practically the same after the 1st stage. I hope the new Shadow Warrior isn't another uninspired remake.
  5. I just hope the cards are not priced too highly (especially here in Australia). Other than that, I can't wait. Even if performance is only incremental. Been waiting to upgrade my Dad's PC for a while. The new card should come in handy when they arrive.
  6. 8vm

    What are you playing at the moment?

    I hadn't heard of State of Decay before, but from the reviews online, this seems really intriguing
  7. 8vm

    New TV purchase

    I haven't purchased any recent TVs, but in the past, Samsung has always been good and reliable. In fact, one of the older TV in my house (46inch Full HD Series 4 LCD) is still going strong, even after 5-6 years of daily usage
  8. 8vm

    3D movie recommendation?

    Thanks for the feedback. In that case, I might just get Prometheus for now only and give Avengers a miss. Wasn't a fan of the Marvel superheroes movies anyways.
  9. 8vm

    Steam OS

    Seems interesting. And free from steam as well. Hopefully this does well and is able to reach out to a wider audience of gamers
  10. 8vm

    GPU advice needed

    What about the monitor? Are you certain the monitor itself is fine? Do you have a spare monitor or even TV that you can connect to temporarily as a test?
  11. 8vm

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Soldier of Fortune 1 and 2 were great. I didn't really like Payback though (and there was a stage where the game kept freezing so I gave up eventually in the end).
  12. 8vm

    3D movie recommendation?

    The Hobbit I probably will have skip and as I don't like the movie overall. The Avengers and Prometheus seems good. Might give that a go next.
  13. It looks really clean and high-tech. And even futuristic in a way
  14. 8vm

    Gaming Desktop

    You should get at least 500W (and a good branded PSU as well) just to be safe. 600W for future proof in case you decide to go for an even higher end GPU.
  15. 8vm

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Just spent a few hours playing this at a friends place. The gameplay and overall experience was awesome. It would be perfect if the graphics were a bit sharper at times. But I can't complain, better gameplay is better than having great graphics. Hopefully this will come out on PC next year as rumors suggests.