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  1. alex8337

    Cheap Replacement Card

    Don't hold your breath. My 6970's took months to come back after I sent them in for warranty. I've got a brand new and unused 6770 for $100pp if your keen.
  2. alex8337

    1.8V or 2v?

    Yeah I was onto that, it was set to run correctly at 1066mhz but at that speed I couldn't even get it to boot with 4 sticks installed until I cranked the mobo voltages way up and even then it wasn't stable. So after I backed it down to 800mhz and reset all the voltages the problem went away. My guess is that some companies are playing fast and loose with their ram timings although apparently the Gigabyte ep 45 series did have some issues with ram at that speed. Anyways, all good now. The memory controller could be unstable. I had that problem with my heap of s*** Asus A8N-SLi delux. The memory controller was faulty on the mobo
  3. alex8337

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    If you want a belt that will last then buy an RMwilliams. I've had mine for 3 years and the one before that I still have and its 5 years old. I use it every day.
  4. alex8337


    This looks like fun.
  5. alex8337

    Kevin Rudd is a happy little vegemite

    +1 When you work with incompetent and thick people sometimes a bit of a sour attitude is needed to get the point across in order to get things done. I've tried to be patient and understanding with my staff but when they cant fill a f****** fridge and take a bag of rubbish 15 meters around the corner to the garbage in a 7 hour shift then sometimes you cant be patient and understanding.
  6. So if I was to buy p0is0n's GB-Z68XP-UD4 because its socket 1155, will it be able to take the new ivy bridge socket 1155 cpu's when they come out?
  7. alex8337

    Nerdy Pet Name

    +1 for Zug-Zug the pug
  8. alex8337

    1090T, is it worth upgrading?

    So old of my old housemates has come to me wanting to know if I would be able to build him a desktop pc for $1,000. I'm thinking that I can sell my 1090T and 890FXA-UD5 to him + pitch in a little and get an intel 2500k. What are your thoughts on the upgrade?
  9. alex8337

    1.8V or 2v?

    Not sure if this is relevant or if you know or not but double density (DDR2) and tripple density (DDR3) memory is set differently. Eg: CPUID says that my 1600mhz DDR3 runs at 533.33mhz (533.33x3=1600). I thought something was wrong until I did a google search and realized what what going on.
  10. alex8337

    Store Warranty

    Technology reseller MSY has been fined $203,500 for misleading customers about their warranty entitlements. The company was found to have contravened Australia’sTrade Practices Act in a Federal Court decision.
  11. alex8337

    What to do:(

    Its all good and well to say that you should be the bigger man and be a positive influence for your son. But what happens if the old fart is unreasonable and doesn't take talking to him well? I had a neighbour that would scream over the fence every time someone in the house flushed the toilet (on the oposite side of the house). When we aproached her, she wouldnt open the door or unlock the fence, she just screamed at us to get off her property and that she was calling the police. I say you should weight up the situation, start the correct way like 'The Tick' has suggested but if he's unreasonable about it then you can do whatever you want. Morgoth is right, a wanker is a wanker regardless of age and age does not equal respect. I told an old guy to 'fuck off' at work a few weeks ago for arguing with me about the price of a cask. His logic was that because he was buying 8 at a time that he should have them for $11 instead of $14. At $11 we would only make 30c a cask and selling one would make us more money than selling 8. He wouldnt listen to me so I told him to fuck off and never come back because he kept talking over the top of me when I tried to explain it to him.
  12. alex8337

    Do you put your Windows sticker on your case?

    This is my third case. (Danger den torture rack > Small Lian-Li > Silverstone fortress). I did have the hardware stickers on the Lian-Li but only because it looked ok. Regret now because the case is for sale. I've stuck my windows sticker to the cd sleeve that the windows cd sits in, in my 320 cd Technics bag. Its full of pc cd's.
  13. alex8337

    Recommend mouse for me

    The Microsoft X8 pulses orange and a battery bar appears on the little screen that normally displays the DPI. I've usually got about 3-6 hours of use before it stops working when that happens but I charge the battery when I swap it over so I always have one charged. If your keen to keep the cord then that's fair enough. I was of the same frame of mind when playing allot of online FPS's but wanting a clean and tidy looking desk changed that. Again, haven't noticed any lag or difference at all with the X8 vs my old Razer DeathAdder (which I absolutely hated btw, the quality was terrible), cant say the same for other wireless mice though. I've used some lower quality Logitech wireless mice that lag. The Gigabyte GHOST M8000X Gaming Mouse looks high quality and with a reasonable price tag too. So does the Corsair Vengeance M60 FPS. I do not recommend Razer. The Logitech mice that I've used in the past where decent quality but their designs are aging in my opinion and prices are a bit higher than the Corsair and Gigabyte alternatives.
  14. alex8337

    Bending plastic

    +1 The other methods might make a mess of it.