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  1. atomicnewbie

    Indian protestors

    we're not the most multicultural country? :O
  2. atomicnewbie

    IGN writer trys out PS3 3D

    I'm surprised at how quick it's getting attention. They make it sound like they've pioneered it just as soon as Avatar came out. Doesn't this kind of change usually happen over a long time? i.e. years?
  3. atomicnewbie

    Indian protestors

    Perhaps the indian media have incited racism against their own people? I don't think the indian media will receive too much international sympathy since Australia is supposedly multicultural - or at least the most multicultural country.
  4. I'm surprised you're still calm about this. I would have attempted some kind of biological control a long time ago and introduced an animal into the room. Alternatively you can spray most of your room with Mortein and other insecticides. Be careful, they're neurotoxins that still affect humans, just not as potently as insects. I know there are cockroach traps, but does a spider trap exist?
  5. atomicnewbie

    Steam Account Hacked

    Oh, no wonder I don't get those - I have no friends on steam nor groups that I've joined. So if one does mistake the phishing page for the real steam community page, can you get the account back or is it lost forever?
  6. atomicnewbie

    Steam Account Hacked

    how do these phishers know who to send the emails anyway? I don't get these kinds of things in my inbox...if one didn't receive them at all, wouldn't that solve the problem?
  7. atomicnewbie

    Heavy Metal Maims Again!

    I have no idea what a mosh pit is, but you guys make it sound like a mash pit - where one might go to get their bones, organs and limbs mashed into a sausage - a sausage with no pulse, that is.
  8. atomicnewbie


    So, any recommendations for surge protectors? Are we talking about something we can get from dicksmith or something that has to be industrial grade to do the job? I'm under the assumption that "good quality" to you means more like "uber quality" to me, the average joe. This is just incase I can't make it to the plug quick enough in the middle of the night or while I'm out, other rare circumstances, etc.
  9. atomicnewbie

    Hi I'm a Mac... and we're the IDF...

    hahaha mudg3 I think that would probably be close to what she was thinking. I think she should be glad she wasn't treated as a spy or undercover journalist instead.
  10. atomicnewbie


    Once upon a time, there was a really bad thunderstorm in the area I was living in. The next day, most electrical appliances such as the computer, modem, cordless phones, etc that were connected to the house electricity stopped working. I guess they fried. Is there any way to ensure the safety of your computer (one of the most valuable items in the house) when lightning strikes? It just came up on my mind because upon hearing tonight's fireworks I mistook them for a thunderstorm.
  11. atomicnewbie

    PSU "music":

    can we all expect old PSU's to gradually expire like this?
  12. atomicnewbie

    Steam Account Hacked

    so if you can have alternative accounts, what exactly is devastating about having a steam account hacked when you can make another one? Fat Bodybuilder said he had a spare one, so it sounded like people can get them quite easily. Or is the steam account tied to a cd-key?
  13. atomicnewbie

    Steam Account Hacked

    I'm just recently new to Steam but is the one account associated with all your steam games? or is there a steam account per steam game? Silly question I know but I'm very confused.
  14. atomicnewbie

    Regulars that post

    Okay! Now you guys have got me all fired up, I just hope I don't get too reckless with my words from now on. I'll just do what one of the posters said and change my nick after 10,000 posts or something impossibly huge. I thought initially "hmm...atomicnewbie sounds about right, better to play it safe in unknown waters". And really, I can't see myself getting out of the newbie category when it comes to the tech stuff people talk about here. Thanks for the warm welcomes everybody :) Being digested with tantryl's system of mighty organs sounds a little too warm though haha
  15. atomicnewbie

    Regulars that post

    I have noticed that the majority of posters on the forum have either, Hero, Immortal, Primarch, Overlord, Champion, Guru or Titan ranks. I see this in The Green Room and the Tech Forums almost all the time. Why is it that there are not others with newbie (or mediocre) ranks like...apprentice or quark such as myself? Sometimes it's a little bit daunting when I think that something I might say will get shot down by 99 posters with 99,999 posts each and 9,999 days of atomic forum and computer experience.