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  1. Nop, both. I do this in a business and personal sense. I look after my clients, so they respect my opinions. although, not so much retail shop, we provide services to business. but I have sold things to Joe streetguy with this same approach
  2. clockworkman

    Thought Experiment #2

    Adapt and overcome. simple
  3. I usually only give 2 options, with minimal descriptive flab. Options are more along the lines of spend over or under 'this much'. This is because the people I give advice too know that I know what the fuck I'm on about, and that I have there best interests at heart. They are usually quite happy to just accept my advice. If they ask questions, then I can explain things to them. Otherwise its just a waste of verbose description. (sorry, not to poo poo what you've done, just giving you my perspective)
  4. clockworkman

    Calling all tea freaks

    White Tea is my favourite, when I feel rich and fancy: http://www.theteacentre.com.au/products/Ch...s-Yin-Zhen.html when I am not as rich: http://www.theteacentre.com.au/products/Ch...Pai-Mu-Tan.html when I have enough money to buy the southern hemisphere: http://www.theteacentre.com.au/products/Ch...s-Jun-Shan.html I also am partial to jasmine: http://www.theteacentre.com.au/products/Ja...onkey-King.html I dont really like wierd fruity blends, but whenever I got to three monkies, I always get 'artic fire' tea, what it contains, I have no clue, but it's delicious, minty and warm
  5. clockworkman

    Free. At last. With extra drama

    I don't really condone revenge but to me this doesn't sound like 'revenge' so much as a dude getting what was his to begin with. I really aren't qualified to comment any further than that considering the only guy here who knows the proper story is Leo. Still, it's pretty cool to see someone walk from something like this without getting anus raped. Good work on making life take the lemons back Leo, I hope things go well for you
  6. clockworkman

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    here I was thinking he bought a glass door and some pavement
  7. clockworkman

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    stop browsing the internet from your database server :p
  8. build yourself a myth tv box? (orwhatever it is the coolkids are using these days)
  9. clockworkman

    Construciton in the apartment

    Sorry, worded badly - didn't mean you, yourself i meant you being bolt_krank. But I'm not bolt_krank. trolled effective
  10. clockworkman

    Puff puff.

    good shit man
  11. clockworkman

    'Source Code' Movie review disgusted me

    POTM. +1. POTM. I like where this is going
  12. clockworkman

    Coca Cola Appreciation Club

    IrnBru is awesome, when I drink too much of it, my legs go numb and tingly
  13. clockworkman

    Respect the Science

  14. clockworkman


    I don't know you, who are you?