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    $75 Google Adwords Voucher thing for someone cool

    more techno music!
  2. clockworkman

    Atomic Revolver ad

    it reminds me of feminine hygene product commercials just sayin..
  3. clockworkman

    Work bonuses

    a large 600 dollar tool chest (christmas gift) a laptop (I was using my own for work, it broke, this one is sort of a loaner though)
  4. clockworkman

    "Chubby bald" student enters modelling contest.

    urgh, I'm totally keen on models not being skinny, chemical dipped and face lasered, but there is the other extreme too. Now, I'll probably get rage for saying this, but, dude has no neck.. that is not 'healthy' weight. Skinny is not healthy, yes, but same goes for overweight. Definately deserves credit for being confident and positive. But I just hope it doesn't get taken out of context.
  5. To make to appear as if I'm copypasta'ing a news article. And them *BAM* joke. Rob. oh god, he's learning, becoming immune to our aversion of opening joke threads
  6. easy to write too,"HIRE ME"
  7. fuck you! I can and I will! MUAAHAHAHAHAHA.... >_> sorry
  8. clockworkman

    I have a funeral on Thursday

    This is unfortunate news Scythe. If you require a stranger to vent at, I am near. edit: note to self read to end. Good to hear the funeral was 'pleasant'
  9. damn it, I laughed out loudly in my office, hard to explain, now I look crazy
  10. clockworkman

    Some funny for the day

    haha, so great. it's pretty much an cgi version of rejected, but I love the humour style regardless
  11. clockworkman

    When two franchises collide

    probably not that much, although very high voltage, quite low amperageoverall draw not that great yes same way speakers work, by modulating the pulsations (in speakers its pulsing a coil off and on around a magnet) thus disturbing the air around the device at the desired frequency, you produce the required pitchsame thing is happening, tesla coils discharging rapidly many times a second vibrates the air the same way
  12. clockworkman

    Coffee drinkers will agree

    Same here! Ground into bits and thrown in boiled water! on ice, baked into confectionary, covered in chocolate, freeze dried,
  13. clockworkman

    Best way to eradicate mice?

    mix semtex and peanut butter, then catch the mice after they feed and attach detonators also, I have no idea, I still cant get rid of my roof mice
  14. clockworkman

    Dear Redhatter...

    Today you were in Milton. As you went on your way down Baroona rd, I did my best not to run over you on your push bike. Yours Sincerely, Clockworkman
  15. clockworkman

    Dear Redhatter...

    brb, tardis --- Lol twinair
  16. clockworkman

    Old Threats - Stories?

    The only thing of note I can remember was gaining admin access and then changing read/write permissions on the students personal drive so a few of us could access everyones personal folders. just because we could. we also re-wrote the local intranet sites a few times A mate of mine wrote a batch script that made 50 folders, copied itself into those folders and then executed those 50 copies dropped it into about half the labs startup. many un amused hours followed there was also the low tech, 'wait until they arent looking, open home drive, ctrl-A, enter"
  17. clockworkman

    Dear Redhatter...

    I figured if I ran him over, I might ding the helmet, and then it wouldn't be worth stealing, see
  18. clockworkman

    System Reserved partition.

    iirc, it's the boot partition probably best to leave it there 1 minute google says yes http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows...41-d0f9333ecb48
  19. clockworkman

    Robzy in the education system

    hardcore liar, I still have no rocket boots
  20. clockworkman

    What not to do when recently single

    Just dont reverse orderthat's probably not going to help
  21. clockworkman

    Guiltiest of all pleasures

    roger miller bogan rock Dire Straits really bad techno music not, that I consider them embarrasing or 'guilty pleasure', just it seems some people think them 'not trendy'
  22. clockworkman

    Magnetic Vision

    alternately, wrap a few coils around your finger, run a low frequency AC current through the coil, personal vibrator. alternate use 2, wrap the coil around your finger, connect the coil to an audio output, stick finger in ear, personal earpiece
  23. clockworkman

    Body modifications

    good lord! that's bigger than your wee hole! hahahI'll happily stick with 12 gauge I think. captive bead or circular barbell? I got a dolphin, usually with a 12g bananabell