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    Old school fun thread pt2

    I take the Iron spikes out of the psychotherapist
  2. we're in the process of deploying a new terminal server for one of our clients that all local users will log into, in setting this up we've come up against a little problem. The network scanner (brother mfc9840) cant be installed onto the server (server 2008), there are no available drivers. I've looked at cooking up some bodgy drivers by modifying the infs of the win7 installer, but as it's a network scanner, that got too difficult and too unreliable, too quickly. we've had a quick look around for any other devices that could do what we need, but are coming up short quite quickly. does anyone have any experience with this? or any suggestions to try?
  3. clockworkman

    network scanner, terminal server, and server 2008

    not very useful when you run applications that require to interface directly to the scanner
  4. clockworkman

    Virus hit Facebook

    oh its still a virus, its transmission method is just not software virus, a self replicating destructive organism
  5. clockworkman

    Body modifications

    Interesting being the operative word. My girlfriend bought some tongue ring attachments that were made for BJs and they hurt more than anything... :P maybe the purpose of these blowjob attachments is to discourage you from liking them :P sort of like a chastity belt for your (her) mouth
  6. clockworkman

    network scanner, terminal server, and server 2008

    mm might be worth a try
  7. clockworkman

    network scanner, terminal server, and server 2008

    it doesnt work, tried tested and proven :) drivers are signed. the issue is that network scanners on mfc's are not a simple device, and are a composite of a couple of drivers, and some specialised interface software. the installers wont run on server, despite my best attempts to cajole them into it. brother printers are usually quite ok, unless you want to make them do what they arent supposed to
  8. clockworkman

    Body modifications

    I have 3 piercings.
  9. clockworkman

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    you bought some ladies?
  10. clockworkman

    epic meal time is boring

    so, I'm guessing a lot of you have seen epic meal time. it's not epic watch these http://www.youtube.com/user/SwedishMealTime and you will agree
  11. clockworkman

    Bin Laden's Sons Speak Out

    sooo, charge one man for the actions of another?
  12. clockworkman

    epic meal time is boring

    ah, my bad
  13. clockworkman

    What Are You Cooking?

    peanut butter and salami sandwhiches. fuck yes I just won at food
  14. clockworkman

    What Are You Cooking?

    rice + boiled sliced eggs + tuna, seasoned + japanese Mayonase + seasonings stirred through and baked with a mashed potato and grated cheese top = scholars fish pie because I'm a scholar, scholar.
  15. clockworkman

    Domain Choice

    just register all 5 actually no, you cant to have a .com.au you need a business registered with the same name as your domain
  16. clockworkman

    Old school fun thread pt2

    I am the sandwiches.... wait what? I applaud the winner
  17. Better sooner than Latte! Don't mocha the poor boy! Are you trying to stir him up? If we have enough fun with him, he might end up a flat white boy. he aint no strong black guy so take it easy If we keep being mean to him, he might take a plunge off the end of a pier! Yeah, you people are always grinding poor Robzy down. Rob's jokes might not be the crema de la crema, but that doesn't mean you have to mug him! Are you having a Dip mate? No need to teabag him when hes down! No no, just trying to get people to leaf him alone. This place can be steeped in negativity sometimes, and Robzy's like a pinch of sugar. To really appreciate most of Robzy's jokes you have to let them sit for three to four minutes before you enjoy them. I was hoping everyone would just forget about all this, and robzy would end up bitter
  18. interesting coincedence I too asked a friend out for coffee. they said no, and then stabbed me in the face. turns out I got 'friend' and 'serial killer' mixed up
  19. clockworkman

    Cyclist freak

    "50 yr old, grey haired with wooly beard" lol crazy old stabby guy also, he probably isnt a cyclist, he just mugged someone for their bike
  20. clockworkman

    I also got new boots!

    not yet, but the next pair of shoes I buy will be these badboys http://www.vibramfivefingers.it/eng/kso.aspx?gender=M
  21. clockworkman

    Old school fun thread pt2

    I ate the sandwhiches
  22. clockworkman

    Old school fun thread pt2

    I am the whole thing
  23. clockworkman

    Old school fun thread pt2

    I lacquered the walrus
  24. clockworkman

    Warning, contains gnarly medical details

    just get a frenum piercing then get a stretcher, and gradually wear the thing out, sure it might make your dick look like it's got a handle, but it wont get tight anymore :P
  25. clockworkman

    Old school fun thread pt2

    I am the walrus I cunched the punt