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  1. clockworkman

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    a cheaper option would be to cut his brake lines yours would look better in no time
  2. clockworkman

    Old school fun thread pt2

    I * the wildcard
  3. clockworkman

    Old school fun thread pt2

    I cocked the block
  4. clockworkman

    Old school fun thread pt2

    I counted the increased post
  5. clockworkman

    It's a girl

    Caitlyn is a pretty sick name choice all the Caitlyns I know (3) are awesome people enjoy being progenitors
  6. clockworkman

    Old school fun thread pt2

    I shot the sherrif I shooped the woop I put the bop in the bopshoowop
  7. clockworkman

    brand name grammar

    there is no doubt, that the fruit, 'blackberry' when used as plural is blackberries "he ate a blackberry, from the pile of blackberries" But what about the phone device, "blackberry", as it is a brandname, is the plural still "blackberries" or is it "blackberrys" I think it should be -ies, but found the thought to be interesting enough to pause on your thoughts?
  8. hahahaha they always say the greatest humour comes from truth
  9. clockworkman

    brand name grammar

    ah! good, I like this answer. perfect
  10. clockworkman

    Is this an accurate depiction of maths?

    that's not maths, that's just counting ;P </durptroll>
  11. clockworkman

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    why did you buy a tin of dried spinach? </innocent>
  12. clockworkman

    Unusual collections

    I dont really see the point in collecting things for the sake of having items, always seemed a bit wasteful to me. although, I suppose you could say that I collect tools but that's because I actually use them for something
  13. clockworkman

    Did anyone remember this?

    well that's interesting, wasn't portal 2 release that same day?
  14. clockworkman

    How did you decide on... what you want?

    blaaaahhh, don't be an officer, boring it's all paperwork and boring boring and privilege and boring and although todays grunt is really nothing like yesterdays grunt (today you actually get a whole tit load of training and a LOT more responsibility), you're still a grunt. do something awesome, like being a combat engineer. here's the job description you, a) build bridges b) blow the shit out of bridges, and well everything else and then when you're done blowing shit up c) repair houses and stuff for refugees. what is not to like?! of course, military, so it means they own you, but shit, the pay is great, both in money and experience, skills, stories etc plus mining is yuck
  15. clockworkman

    First time you got electrocuted and how...

    yup, this was how I managed it too. hand felt like it exploded. I'm suprised I didnt kill myself earlier than that though. in school we used to take 2 pacer leads and put one each into the points of the power socket, turn the thing on, and then drop another lead across the two. it always made quite a loud bang, and all 3 leads sort of 'dissapeared' lol
  16. clockworkman

    Cowboys & Aliens

    awww maaaaan.
  17. clockworkman

    Stress Killing Game?

    Zen Bound it's pretty relaxing you have to wrap bits of wood up with a length of rope, sort of a puzzle game, the idea is to cover as much of the wooden shape with rope as possible, the length of the rope is limited
  18. clockworkman

    Getting married this weekend

    hey sweet cd stacker I kid, she looks incredible, I wish the two of you much luck
  19. clockworkman

    Cowboys & Aliens

    I'm taking bets on its on earth but daniel craig is from another world he was kidnapped by aliens and somehow escaped to earth, that lady is also from outerspace
  20. clockworkman

    Exciting new kitchen toy! :D

    or a risotto sorbet
  21. clockworkman

    Cowboys & Aliens

    I would actually like to see Craig do a full on comedy. With such a serious face he could probably do it well. :-) I just had the same thought, the reason why this movie might work is because he will play it serious, pump up the ham
  22. clockworkman

    Happy Birthday GIR!

    Happy Girthday Bir ah damn it cyber, you juined my roke
  23. clockworkman

    Cowboys & Aliens

    No it was posted a while back but a (slightly) different trailer. ah good
  24. clockworkman

    In the vein of other purchase threads...

    cats are predators by nature. if you want them to respect you and actually listen to you, you have to be the alpha male. serious. they do bad things, make angry face and stare at them, yell to assert dominance, and then when they do what you want, give a little pat "good kitten". if kitten starts trying to boss you, ie, randomly jumping on you, attacking your feet, yelling until you do what it wants, assert dominance and then ignore, give it a big stern "NO!" point finger, when it is behaving, pat it for being good, ignore. Just a little pat mind you, or else it will associate being a shit with reward. this may sound dumb, but it works. I moved into a house with a bad cat, it would constantly attack and boss its owner, owner was a little submissive to it, always did what it wanted, was needy for it's attention. I showed kitten who was boss, kitten loves me, kitten thinks I am the best, kitten never pees on my stuff, kitten doesnt bite me, as a result kitten is less of a shit to its owner, it's not top cat now, and it's always happy to see me. Cat psychology brosef, winning hahaha. oh god this is so true, kitten ninja assasins. our kitten will run halfway down the stairs and try to hide on a step right in front of you, then starts purring
  25. clockworkman

    Cowboys & Aliens

    I thought I recalled seeing this months ago... was I hallucinating through some sort of time-space paradox, or was it actually real.