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    Governments contracting projects

    I think the old saying "he who can walk out on a deal, controls it" pretty much sums this up the company can walk but the city would be left with a (more) broken transport system the city is in less of a position to have the project fail
  2. clockworkman

    Calling all atomican cat lovers!

    will see if housemate wants another (making 3) although I am in QLD, so I'm not your best option
  3. clockworkman

    3ds Max & 3ds Max Design Guides!

    I just checked out the autodesk website to answer your query about 3dsmax vs 3dsmax design they're apparently 2 different bits of software, huh, who knew. Since autodesk bought max, it's changed a bit. as for a book to recommend for autocad, I cant help you there much I'm afraid, I used autocad back at version 14, when it was a bit different. I guess it depends why you want the book. Do you need something like a reference manual, or more like a 'how to use autocad in 21 days' thing. personally I've never really had a lot of success with books for software, I generally learn it faster just by tinkering. If I need to learn some specific task, I just look it up on the internet or the help file. Autodesk also has quite an extensive amount of learning material available, both at their site, and in the included help files
  4. good question actually. do you know how often they plan to update mr bustnuts?
  5. clockworkman

    We need better and better maternity leave!

    Got it in one. yep, its a battle of selfishness, from all points someone has to foot the bill for making more people be it, employers, progenitors or governors. My personal take on it is, if you cannot support your own choices, dont fuck(ing make them) which makes for a self sustaining philosophy, if you do not have the resources to bring another human into the world, then chances are, the system (world) you are adding them to, is less likely to be able to support them. how about, stop trying to expand an inefficient system to sustain it, and re engineer the system to be more self supporting. does it not seem like this to other people? that if you have to constantly funnel more and more resources into something to float it, it's probably a little broken? I dunno, it seems that, if our society was a business, it would be shut down for being not productive enough. maybe I'm just getting cynical
  6. clockworkman

    Have you been Turked?

    it's way cooler it is breaking in, just targeting the weakest link in the security yup same, but with wordpress, wiped my entire site off, lucky I have backups nothing very clever, just used a known vulnerability, didn't actually gain anything from it
  7. clockworkman

    Firefox 4 is out!

    yeah, except that it actually works This an an "oh". O This is an "oh", snapping. ( ) unfortunately, with this release however, it started to act more like Opera too. :( crashes whenever I do something that requires large HttpReq's (thats AJAX to you plebs :P) like facebook, sometimes atomic, lifehacker, pretty much everything else.
  8. In a very broad sense yes.
  9. clockworkman

    3ds Max & 3ds Max Design Guides!

    you want to use 3dsmax for design work? not a great decision if you ask me 3dsmax is (well was originally) focused more for film and tv needs. Precision is not one of it's finer points, (having used max all the way from version 3 up to 9, you can trust me there) the workflow in max is not anywhere near what you want for architecture or engineering design. stick with the products designed for what you're doing ie, autocad. autocad can provide anything you want from max anyway. actually, why do you want to use 3dsmax?
  10. link is a little [no longer]broken hector. comic is pretty good though, will add it to the shortlist
  11. clockworkman

    Getting married this weekend

    tips for a successful marriage, marry and old rich lady and then knock her off sorry no wait, that's a profitable marriage successful marriage hmm, dont marry anyone who is on fire?
  12. clockworkman

    Feeling lonely?

    this is one of those things that always makes me think what led you to find a 'hugging machine' on the internet? plus I would think that a better design would be to have two giant inflatable bladders on either side of the device instead of a padded board. it would provide a greater area of contact, plus would look like you're being crushed in a giants scrotum, which is even more hilarious
  13. its a bit more like bible satire Like 'The Door' you mean or from haters? I was being facetious: http://www.lolcatbible.com/index.php?title=Main_Page oh my, now that is something special also, I haven't read The Door. Lamb isn't really a hate on the the bible, it's more a humorous sidestory, I think you would probably enjoy it actually D
  14. its a bit more like bible satire and if you want a lolcats bible, just get any 8th grader to write it out for you, the standard of english these days is poor enough.
  15. clockworkman

    Is it possible to have your Atomic username changed?

    and yet... no rocket boots
  16. speaking of fiction and christians http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamb:_The_Gos...s_Childhood_Pal just started reading this. rather funny
  17. clockworkman

    What sign are you?

    and south africans
  18. clockworkman

    What sign are you?

    alien garfsoahnAAW'sA AFO'AASI mmkkaSSS'fgjsa!
  19. clockworkman

    [BNE] Something?

    you can play with my balls if you like, just don't drive em into the rough. this thread just got uncomfortably homosexual
  20. clockworkman

    [BNE] Something?

    sure there are, all you need is a few golf balls and a putter they may not be strictly sanctioned as putput, but you shouldnt let that stop you
  21. clockworkman

    [BNE] Something?

    I have one of those 6 month passes to dream world will be going back there soonish (probably about a fortnight from now) so there's that is anyone is keen
  22. clockworkman

    Learning how to cook

    epic meal time, is awesome yeah, those waffles, chocolate chip, bacon beer waffles... last night, at pancake manor, I ordered one of these for a mate of mine. after a look of incredulousness, they actually made it. it was apparently pretty epic
  23. clockworkman

    plebsmacker... [NSFW]

    happy birthday dude
  24. clockworkman

    Firefox 4 is out!

    yeah, except that it actually works
  25. clockworkman

    Is telecommuting a pipe dream?

    haha, telecommuting, pipe. good one robzy