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    (Nearly) VTOL Hercules transport aircraft

    haha! yes!
  2. clockworkman

    [MEL] & [BRIS] Supanova Expo 2011

    you could just post a picture of your face then we can stalk you, and put dead animals in your letter box uhh, I mean, sayyy helllooo?
  3. clockworkman

    Is it possible to have your Atomic username changed?

    I would like my name replaced with rocket boots please not my forum name, my actual name. I think it would be cool to have a material object (rocket propelled no less), instead of a string of phenomes as the thing that represents me. it would make signing things hard though.
  4. clockworkman

    [MEL] & [BRIS] Supanova Expo 2011

    awww damn, ok, let's go back and do it again
  5. clockworkman

    [MEL] & [BRIS] Supanova Expo 2011

    ah, so I did, haha. you seemed kinda busy and ran off, or else I would have stayed about for a longer chat anyway, hope enjoyed
  6. clockworkman

    Your PC's character flaw

    on occasion after waking from hibernation, the touchpad on my laptop will cease to function, often requiring several reboots and swearing to rectify
  7. clockworkman

    [MEL] & [BRIS] Supanova Expo 2011

    Lies and slander! you walked past me and said hello!
  8. clockworkman

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    sweet choice man, I got myself an 07 model not too long ago, quite a lot of fun to drive, awesome cars
  9. clockworkman

    Jeremy Clarkson Beatbox

    a billion years ago called they wanted to thank you for resurrecting a great video
  10. clockworkman

    April fools day

    lunchbox gets home tonight album turns out to be 48minutes of rickroll
  11. clockworkman

    April fools day

    the weather just pulled a prank on me it was all "oohhh hey man! today's going to be sunny and great all day! you should definately ride into uni" and then a couple hours later it was all "hahaa! april fool sucker, I'mma rain all up in this bitch now!"
  12. clockworkman

    They say all art is is derivative

    I hope so too, they are integral to so much of what I am studying
  13. clockworkman

    Cause: Sperm donors needed.

    An they thought giving you lot the right to vote was a good move. You'll be regretting more than that in the future. I'm curious to know the reason for your hate have you been wronged somehow? perhaps you would benefit more from figuring out the cause and healing it rather than wallowing in your spite. it's ok to be angry, but it's better to be reasonable Who are you addressing? moist or me? you my dear, hence why I replied to your post :)this is getting off topic, perhaps you may want to start a new one about why
  14. clockworkman


    http://www.ewb.org.au/ do it
  15. clockworkman

    I or myself

    pffhahaha *snigger* ahem... yes. ahh, I seems kinda more casual to me. dont know why also, what bundy said "completed by robizzle and his two fly bitches"
  16. clockworkman


    ah ok, my bad. ... your face or it didnt happ...ahh, I mean, no, not that
  17. clockworkman


    just in case the point I was previously trying to make was lost (as it seems) how successful you are has so little bearing on how happy you are. mr slimdog has material success, this is great, but in reality means little. Slim ask yourself 'who am i, and why am i here', dont expect answers, just keep asking oh and Bundy.. very. ;]
  18. clockworkman

    Does real really trump artificial?

    and totally perfect for making that emergency capacitor when you get stuck on an island and need to repair your epirb
  19. clockworkman


    Totally let me know if you do. I know I'm heading out to a party, but then nothing :P someone wants me to go get crunk at the met. but I've already done that once this year, I think it was enough :P
  20. clockworkman

    i should be at work

    stop making things up
  21. clockworkman


    maybe some perspective for you. recently 25 just restarted engineering degree after a year off, left after finishing 2nd, had to redo first year subjects. rent a basement of a house that has no external windows. can only just afford to pay bills and eat enough not to die. I have no direction in life. Have nearly lost my job, I have beaten depression, know some totally boss people am happy with who I am have experienced love have experienced loss will probably do something this awesome this weekend, and I have no idea what. I am happy. so you tell me, what's the next challenge
  22. clockworkman

    Men suck

    yeah... no, that line always grinds with meas has been pointed out already, in the grip of depression, rationality is often quite thin, saying 'ohh it's the cheats way out, its unfair' etc etc, is not really adding any value. and when someone is at the end of their rope, probably expressly because they have been walked over and taken advantage of, 'think of someone else' is probably the last thing that will help. not to mention the irony of whining about others being selfish, kinda sounds like "dont think about your self, think about me instead". Bullshit, I dont buy it. Sounds about right. remove head from anus, begin posting content. I agree with pomky to a point here. Sure the dude did the wrong thing, a lot, total cunt act really, did himself no favours, very unmanly response, very ungentlmenly, and not excusable, agreed. But in my experience, even the most irrational of people still always have some cause or trigger for their behaviour. For any of us to comment (maybe even chaos, I dont personally know her awareness of the relationship), without knowing his story, or any other form of insight other than that of the scorned, would be unreasonable. It's classic mob mentality, people are eager to gain peer acceptance, when one person cries out, we all want to back their voice. It's admirable, sure, standing up for your peers is great. But doing so at the expense of reason and understanding is not quite as great, and doesn't really help anyone. all that said, Chaos I'm not meaning to detract from your sisters tradgedy, and I do sincerely hope she recovers and can find something positive to take away from the ordeal. Just be there to remind her of the brighter side of life, and dont get too caught up in the anger and spite, I would say she already has had enough bad experiences and influences.
  23. clockworkman

    [MEL] & [BRIS] Supanova Expo 2011

    I'll possibly be there with some mates sunday, if anyone feels the urge to make noises at me and some sort of social interaction, you've got my telephone number. I think
  24. clockworkman

    It's good bye, myself, you were a worthy adversary

    A long while ago now, I too jumped off the cliff, I died many times on the way down, but I still remained, different each time still I fall, no longer though am I grabbing at the cliff as it passes, I just fall grinning like an idiot, fists out ahead, primed for what's next. falling still, I dont really own this life, I'm just borrowing it for a while when I'm done, I'll pass it on to those who fall with me
  25. clockworkman

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    jesus mid, soon you're going to have to buy a shed to put all this in