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    I have invented a new sport.

    About as popular as you are turning out to be, please enjoy your stay. thanks :)i will try my best
  2. clockworkman

    acceptable SNR and attenuation values

    also very helpful :) thanks im currently getting about ... Parameters Downstream Upstream SNR Margin 10.5 dB 9.5 dB Line Attenuation 33.0 dB 23.0 dB CRC Errors 0 0 Latency Unknown Unknown Upstream 977000 Downstream 6847100
  3. clockworkman

    I have invented a new sport.

    i thinks that's just the booze talking my dear
  4. clockworkman

    dirty filth pushers put there mucky muck in my drinks

    diaf pls? cheers dude, i'll look into it. i may be able to build one
  5. clockworkman

    acceptable SNR and attenuation values

    kind regards scootre, that was very helpful
  6. mm, i too am running a billion BiPAC 7404VGP i like it muchly insanely configurable g spec wifi from one end of the house to the other at full signal strength (house all wood tho) regarding torrenting it provides the required port forwarding (as you would hope) the fire wall also has functionality to block filesharing, but more importantly to do so at a specified time period (useful if you have peak-offpeak quota) 4 ports too, plus voip capability (acutally has 2 voip ports, which are configured completely individually) edit i've had this one running for well over 2 years now, never skipped a beat, never had to "reboot"
  7. clockworkman

    Speedtest.net - How fast is your ISP?

    :( i guess im too far from the exchange...
  8. Hey all. today i swapped over a hdd in my server. and decided it would be a good time to just shoot it in the head at start from scratch. I've been using ubuntu server, and after all the tinkering and "learning" its gotten a little messy. I've decided to try out Xen, and virtualise my machine, mainly to see how it works, but also to make it easier to maintain. but! my big question now is... Can I access one of the guests (on which i want to run gnome) via the host system (which will just run a very simple and lightweight debian distro (ie no x server). Basically i want this server to be running 247 using as little resources as possible, but, occasionally i want to "boot up" the desktop system and use it. possible? viable? better solutions? my gratitude in advance.
  9. clockworkman

    considering virtualising,

    yup, I'm running debian etch (and a half)amd64 and I will look into vnc. and xming cheers B82R3S
  10. clockworkman

    considering virtualising,

    mm yes, i was planning on virtual machines for each task the box runs, including a system for simple uses with a little gui. tho I've had a bit of a reconsider, and decided against virtualising, its not really worth it for the hardware my server is, and the few simple purposes it has. so instead, i am doing as you have suggested, and having the system with an xserver installed and just not letting it start at start up. going to use xfce too, it looks nice. now however the trick will be in somehow getting the system to work when i connect to it via a remote desktop client, given that all the relevant services would be all off, i imagine. edit: base system is debian etch (and a half)
  11. clockworkman

    considering virtualising,

    yup, that second thing you guessed. and yeah, i came to the same conclusion you did after a bit of digging :( it would be possible to remote into the gui'd OS from another machine no problems, but this would require me to boot a seperate pc, so i may as well just use that (defeating the purpose). I like your solution, could just make a script to get the xserver going, boot the image and then connect to it. alternatively i could just run my host system with a gui... hmmmm. decisions. thanks for your input
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    Why is a hooker like eBay?

    perhaps also, because you can get plenty of cheaper imitations from places like Thailand?
  13. clockworkman

    I got anal in the garden

    i would think getting anal in the garden is much better than getting garden in your anal. also, garden looks lovely, my garden just died entirely
  14. clockworkman

    Camping...in Tents

    recommend easing them into it nodnerb. nice country b and b here big luxurious tent on a nice manicured camp site there little bit of national park. perhaps then, gentle trek up a cliff face, just a simple multipitch, with some ledge stretchers for sleep. dont want to scare them. and im not quite sure about our relation, you look a little furrier than i do :D
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    personalising your OS

    start menu is over there -------------------> (on the side) start menu is blue desktop is glaciers
  16. clockworkman

    Camping...in Tents

    man, i dunno about camping i hear can be pretty *intents* -__- other than contributing lame joke, i have nothing for you