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    30" LCDs ?

    yeah that seems to be general reply to all 30' threads. so why are there so many places sold out of 4870x2's and gtx 295's.. overkill for 1920x1200... I don't get it..
  2. kiefer86

    30" LCDs ?

    Is there any decent ones for PC gaming I can get here in Aus? Searched for past 2 days and found significant problems with all of them. Is there any low input lag / non wide-gamut 30 inch LCD's around? What do you guys with killer rigs use?? thanks
  3. Hi all, Working on building a budget PC for workmate. So far: CPU: Intel E5200 - $137 m/b: G-B G31M-S2L - $83 Mem: 4G Kit-800(2x2G) Kingston - $58 HDD: WD SATA 500gb - $88 Vid: Asus GF 9400GT - $76 DVD: IDE LG Burner - $27 Case: Antec NSK6580 with PS - $128 O/S: Vista 64 bit home - $145 LCD: 19” 5ms DVI WS Benq E900W - $179 Key/mouse: MS retail 500 combo - $23 Prices from MSY. Budget is under 1000. I would really appreciate any advice on improvements. Still want to keep it under 1k. Thanks for your time.
  4. kiefer86

    New Gaming Build

    1) Budget somewhere around 3000 at most. But as I said just looking for a rock solid performer for 1920x1200 in current/future games. I'm happy to spend less. 2) Yea. 3) Will it be a big performance booster and be compatible with most games in future? if so then yes. I'd rather pay a bit more to have option there. Thanks for all the replies :)
  5. Hi all, Looking to build a new computer for mainly gaming at 1920x1200 but also to double as a HTPC. So far: Intel Q9550 - $500 Zalman CPU Cooler CNPS9500AT - $59 Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P - $250 4870X2 vid card - $800 Western Digital WD10EADS - $189 Creative SB0820-XFI-XAUD - $75 Antec SKELETON - $260 Antec TPQ-850 - $280 Microsoft Vista Home 64-bit - $180 I already have a good set of speakers to hook up. Undecided on whether I want 4gb or 8gb of RAM and also need a good blu-ray/TV card recommendation. Wouldn't mind downgrading and spending a little less as long as performance didn't suffer TOO much. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Ta.