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  1. twents

    Major BCLK Problems

    Yeah thanks mate, I have solved the problem now, I installed the chipset drivers, something I havn't done before with this system, so I don't know how that fixed anything. I have my original overclock settings stable now @ 4.6ghz @ 1.3v or something. I had tried every setting in the bios, I am not new to overclocking so I do know my way around a little. I had changed every setting and put in manual settings and had turned off speedstep and all the others. I had tried every possible scenario within the bios itself. Regarding the base clock, the thing is I didn't 'tweak it', bios seemed to tweak itself down to the lower rate. As you can see in my original post whatever multiplier I had set by the time I had booted into windows, something would fuck the BCLK up. Cheers,
  2. Gday there, I have what used to be an overclocked 2500k on a p8p67 pro rev 1 board. It ran a 4.6 Ghz overclock fine on 1.32 or thereabouts for the last few years. Just recently I have had ssd probs with around 40-60 bad sectors (not sure if related) The mobo reported to me on several occasions while troubleshooting the ssd and boot problems that I had a failed overclock. So I restted the defaults on the bios and re-installed windows then went back to set my original overclock. This is the first of many problems I have had today. When I adjust the multi anywhere from stock to 46 and boot into windows, fire up cpu-id before it freezes and it will show that the BCLK is set to about 70ish Mhz, but the core clock was still 3300mhz, so basically 3300 / 45 = 73mhz. Whatever setting I change in the bios would not change the outcome of 3300mhz in windows. If I et the multi to 40 the BCLK will be around the 83mhz mark. Windows will pretty much freeze or be slow like 1 frame per minute. I have tried many different thing in the bios and changed settings but no luck. I cant even run stock without cpu-id reporting very low BCLK speeds and then windows will freeze. The BCLK will drop from my manual setting of 100 in bios. dunno how it changes? I cannot get more than stock speed from the 2500k reported from cpu-id Optimized defaults don't seem to work either. as BCLK or the multi somehow changes. Cannot upgrade the bios from 3207 as "bios is not efi" or something similar. Looking like the mobo or cpu is on its last legs? If I must replace, what should I get? im looking at the 4690k and gigabyte z97-d3h Is that a good board? I should still be able to use my current RAM. Sorry for the rushed 1/2 wall of text, im tearing my hair out today. Cheers Fellas.
  3. Thanks Dasa looks like I might go with the standard pc, as then you can add remove parts etc.
  4. Dasa, Need an office build, for someone, they have small horizontal cases at the moment I think they are actually HP desktops. Need something that will run 2 monitors 1080p, can use multiple programs at once, mostly internet, a few office programs, word. No wifi, gigabit lan, SSD is not a must. HDD space isn't a must, it will be connected to the server for backups. Must run windows 7-8 WIll be running 24/7 Budget around 500-800 box only. Cheers. EDIT: Annnd I just saw the office build you updated last year.
  5. twents

    Project: GIGABENCH

    So after all that time you've got an xp machine running? What was your plans for the ax1200 again? I hope this wasn't a uni project?
  6. twents

    BF4 max out cpu

    I think thats the thing i miss most is looking forward to the next big chip like in the old days, i used to love doubling or even tripling my power.
  7. Yeah as i noticed today that in the performance monitor thing in windows 8 that battlefield 4 maxes out my cpu, its overclocked to 4.6ghz and the game runs perfectly fine although no idea how many fps im running it feels the same as BF3 which i was getting around the 100 mark. Is this a good excuse to upgrade next year?
  8. twents

    BF4 + BF3 Q

    Its funny when i join games im generally the first person in and get to cap at least 1 flag before the majority gets in, have to be careful though you'll be 1/2 way thru capping a third flag when a barrage of tank shells and jet cannons come at you from everyone else joining. I still reckon the jets are to fast for this game, or maybe its just me having trouble lining shit up. attack chopper and the little bird i find easier to fly in BF4, im a useless fucken pilot but i can actually hover and rotate around a point to cap it.
  9. twents

    Gay Marriage.

  10. twents

    Edward Snowden

    Excuse me for not understanding but does Edward Snowden have a huge stack of documents and releases only 1 page to the media every week. Thats what it seems. Why is he taking his time. release everything he’s got now? Everything i read about him always says "in fresh documents released by snowden"
  11. Guess ill be waiting for the next season of cards to come out, was hoping to sell my 7970 off while its still worth something, but not worth it now at the current prices.
  12. I was thinking about selling my 7970 and getting a 290x but after seeing that they downclock when they get hot its probably not worth it, seeing as the 7970's overclock so well. Maybe ill just buy another 7970 and crossfire. Hopefully they come down in price when the 780ti's launch.
  13. Haha i didnt say to actually play it though
  14. head over to Games.on.net to get some free keys for uplay, i just successfully added them to my account.
  15. twents

    Firefox problem

    my gripe with firefox is that flash plugin crashes sometimes and i have to restart the browser. i did have that prob with pccasegear site as well but i think i just refreshed it.