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  1. twr7cx

    Setting up ASUS WL-520GU

    Installed DD-WRT - a much better firmware than the ASUS one, gives so many more options and settings (most of which I have no idea about though). Still, the unit seems to not be hiding the SSID when set to. Weird.
  2. twr7cx

    Setting up ASUS WL-520GU

    Yeah using the ASUS EZ Setup ATM, or at least the standard ASUS firmware. Currently looking into this DD-WRT firmware to replace it though. I realise that you say that hiding the SSID doesn't give any benefit security wise, but it doesn't do any harm either does it?
  3. twr7cx

    Setting up ASUS WL-520GU

    To be honest Aliali, your post has confused me a bit. The two units are connected using an ethernet cable from LAN to LAN (not WAN). I will have to check on the DHCP status. The second problem I'm having re the internet is not really an issue as if I put both connections on the LAN then it works fine, so that's essentially solved. I've been told that the reason why I have the issue when I use the WAN is because: Really, the only issue I'm currently worried about is getting the SSID of the ASUS wireless to be hidden. If I could get this done then the setup should be working fine. At the moment it works fine, just has me concerned about network security with the SSID not being hidden.
  4. I just bought an ASUS WL-520GU. I've connected an Ethernet cable from my Netcomm NB6PLUS4W to it. I've run through the setting and set it up, but having some issues. What I'm trying to achieve is to use the ASUS as a second wireless access point for the laptop (as it's in a room on the other side of the house). So I have used the exact same wireless settings as I have for the wireless from the Netcomm (same SSID, protection, passkey, etc. - only difference is I used a different Channel). The major issue I'm having is that the wireless from the ASUS is not hiding the SSID. I have enabled that option and saved the settings, it's restarted the device (I've tried this 3 times now), but it's still showing the network name when I look for available wireless networks on my laptop. Any ideas? The other issue I have sort of solved. If I connect the Ethernet cable from the NB6PLUS4W (which has the ADSL modem built in) to the WAN RJ45 connection on the ASUS, then the PC that is connected to LAN1 has a network connection, but no internet. If I move the Ethernet cable from WAN to LAN2, then the PC on LAN1's network connection has internet. Any ideas why this is?
  5. I ended up buying the ASUS WL-520GU. I bought 2 actually the second is for the girlfriends house, but now I'm wondering if I should swap it for the Netcomm NB6PLUS4W (so she gets this one) and I use the 2 WL-520GU's. Is that a good idea or...? Just realised that it doesn't have the modem built in, so wouldn't be able to swap it for the NB6PLUS4W. Not an issue for the GF as she already has a modem. Any idea how I actually set it all up now... I've got a LAN cable running to it. Then it has a LAN cable running from it to a PC it is next to (the LAN cable running to it used to go directly to that PC).
  6. nah, out of warranty now i reckon. I was kind of hoping that since sometimes it would display the right image that it wasn't going to be such a serious problem. ah well.
  7. I don't really know exactly how to explain this, but the other day my Toshiba Tecra M4 PTM40A-13H009 tablet PC decided to start stuffing up the images it shows on the screen. It just shows random lines and colours rending the machine completely useless. What's wierd is that in some instances it still displays properly. E.g. turn the machine on and it displays the Toshiba boot screen fine, but if you go into the BIOS or let it continue to boot it just shows a mess. Leave it for long enough and the Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate loading screen shows fine, but once it gets into Windows screws up again. Boot it into Safe Mode and Windows can be used under Safe Mode. Here's an attempt at trying to get a picture of it: The picture was taken with a replacement HDD in it which has no OS installed on it. This is just after turning the PC on, it's just finished flashing the Toshiba Boot screen. You can see in the top left corner is where the writing is usually. So far to try to solve this I have reformatted the PC and reinstalled OS. Tried another HDD, but no change. Any ideas on what could be causing this and how to fix?
  8. So using the WRE54G will also halve my wireless speed?
  9. In order to run a cable to a second router I would have to also purchase a switch as I don't have any empty free Ethernet ports, so that adds an extra $30.00 plus the price of the cable onto the price of the router. End result is that the range expander is not much more expensive then. Plus there's the laziness factor, where it's less work for me to get it going. I have no need for any further non-wireless access points. I appreciate the help from both of you, and cheers for taking the time to point out the advantages and disadvantages of each option.
  10. $115.00 is massively over priced ? :P I'd agree that it's not overpriced, but it is twice the price of the second router option. Is it twice as good a solution? Just had a look at the Linksys WRE54G and the big advantage with that is that I wouldn't have to run any more cables out to it. Would make the installation a lot cleaner for me. Will it be compatible with a different brand product (ie my Netcomm router?). Are they just plug and play or do they need to be set up?
  11. From what I understand, if I run ethernet to the WL-520GU and run it in WAP mode, use WAN bypass and then I could leave the wireless on the NB6 turned on, and just set the 520GU to a different channel with the same SSID and passkey. Would keep everything at high speed and provide to access points for the wireless.
  12. I have a NetComm NB6PLUS4W Wireless ADSL 2+ router. Problem I'm having is that on the far side of my house the signal is very weak. Now the antenna on the router is not removable to be upgraded. So I'm looking at other options. The first option that has been suggested to me is to run an ethernet cable to another wireless router such as the ASUS WL-520GU, locate the second router in a more central location and use this as the wireless access point. Alternatively, in the settings on the NB6PLUS4W it has the option under Wireless it lists Repeater and says: "Wireless Repeater This page allows you to configure wireless repeater feature (also known as Wireless Distribution System) for your wireless network. Click "Apply" to configure the wireless repeater options." So again using another wireless router device, but running DD_WRT in repeater mode. I'm a bit new to this stuff, is anyone able to make any suggestions or comments that may help me? Also, is the ASUS WL-520GU a decent enough unit to use or is there a better alternative?
  13. Internal drive has the standard OS on it. As far as I understnad the SD cards are slower than a USB flash drive.
  14. I have an EEE PC which I'm happy using the Xandros OS, however, I'm looking to add Win XP to it for the odd occasion as/when I may require it. Now I realise that it will be slow, but I'm looking to give it the best chance in life by using a decent flash drive to begin with. Looking for a drive around 4GB. Can anyone recomend one with good read/write speeds (preferably based either by your own experience or independent to the manufacturer tests).
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    snip, snip, snip

    I bet there salaries havn't changed.