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  1. Built my machine up 18 months ago. After about six months I noticed I had to start pushing the Case power button more and more times to get it to actually boot. I originally thought it was a case switch issue and tried shorting the terminals on the board. I also swapped the wires over to the reset switch to see if that worked. Neither did. I did work out at one point that switching the power supply on and off while holding the case switch down would get it to boot. A side effect of doing this was that occassionly it corrupted the bios and it would load the backup bios to get going. Discovery number two was that turning the power off at the power supply after shutting down and leaving it for at least an hour or so would let it start up normally next time I booted up. Where do I start?? Cheers Trev
  2. trevjo

    Need Bigpond Login password to access 8.1

    Finally got time to go around and sort this. Thanks for your assistance guys Cheers trev
  3. Built a new computer for my parents complete with 8.1 All went well, delivered and set it up, ran a treat. No passwords (except Bigpond) as I was trying to keep it simple for my elderly parents. Then along comes a friend of theirs, has a little fiddle, to do what I have no idea, and next thing I here you cant log in unless you enter the Bigpond password. As soon as you power up the machine it needs their Bigpond password to even get a desktop up. Any ideas?? Cheers Trev
  4. trevjo

    Overclocking i7 920 help

    I was hoping to get around 3.5 Cooling is a Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme Cooler Ram is G Skill PI Series 3x2 DDR3 1600 CPU Revision is C0/C1 I built this machine back in Mid 2009 and use it mainly for FSX which is a lot more CPU intensive than GPU hence the reason I want to get it running a bit quicker if possible. Thanks for the reply Scythe. A screen dump of your settings would give me a starting point. Cheers Trevor
  5. trevjo

    Overclocking i7 920 help

    Thanks Quick read through has already cleared up several things for me Cheers
  6. I am trying to overclock my second machine which I primarily use for FSX. It has a Gigabyte GA-EX58 Extreme motherboard. When I do a simple increase on the Bclk up to 160 and then run CPUID it shows it as still being at stock. But if I go back in to the BIOS it shows 160??? What am I missing here?? Cheers Trev
  7. Thanks Millen, I,ve built several machines in the past. I keep all the cables and I am sure there will be a splitter somewhere in my box of leftovers. This is the first mini itx I have built. With all the others there were several headers on the motherboards. As I said I knew it would be something bleeding obvious. Cheers Trev
  8. I built up a new mini itx for my stepson today. All went well until I went looking for somewhere to plug in the second fan. Its a Bitfenix Prodigy case with an Asrock Z87E ITX Motherboard. I plugged the rear fan in to the case fan socket on the MB but not sure where to connect the large front one??? I have a Silverstone power supply but there are no obvious cables included to power a fan. I know I am probably missing the bleeding obvious but any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Trev
  9. I am building a Mini ITX system for my stepson for Christmas. It will be used for gaming and Music Mixing. What I came up with is: Bitfenix prodigy case - $99 ASrock Z87E-ITX Mini ITX Motherboard - $169 Core I5 4670K - $265 GSkill Ares F3-1866C9D 2x4gb Kit (low profile) - $99 (Couldn't actually see this in the compatability list, but hope that's because its new) Silverstone Strider Plus 600W - $109 (Modular helps keep the Mini ITX Tidy) Gigabyte GForce GTX 760 OC 2GB - $309 Samsung 840 Evo 120gb SSD - $109 Seagate Barricuda 2TB - $99 Blu-ray/DVD LG - $59 BenQ RL2455HM 24in LED Gaming Monitor - $199 Budget was around $1500 so just over Any thoughts, anything I could improve on without increasing the cost?? Cheers Trev
  10. trevjo

    What Power Supply

    I am getting together specs for my first home built system. Settled on the Nehalem i7 920, Gigabyte EX58 Extreme M/B. 4870X2 Gigabyte Graphics (Unless the GTX295 comes out prior to build) Probably CM Haf Case. (Or Antec 1200) Any suggestions on LianLi under $300.00? Question is Power Supply, Hardrives and RAM. I want the power supply to be up to handling a second Graphics card in the future should I decide to SLI / Crossfire late on. My current machine has lasted 5 years with only the Ram dying about twelve months ago. I am mainly a gamer and the current crop of newer games are beyond its capability. I would like this machine to last at least 3 years hence the budget is not too bad and I can look at high end hardware. I plan on buying the components from MSY as they are 5 minutes from work and I have bought a few things already for other machines and generally cant complain about the service. Thanks for any comments Cheers Trev