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  1. strikey

    How to find cheap games

    I got black ops recently from http://www.hotcdkey.com/ for $55 AUD :).
  2. strikey

    HTC Desire v iPhone 4

    I finally decided to get a Desire over the iPhone 4, I am loving it so far, especially the home screen widgets. I'm with telstra and get 3mbps download everywhere I have went so far :D. I wish you could take off all the junk apps without rooting it/loading a new rom on it.
  3. strikey

    iPhone 4 and HTC Andriod Opinions

    Thanks for the info. Unfortunately it seems the US gets all the latest Android phones with Australia trailing a few months behind or some of them not even being released here :(. I might go to a Telstra shop and see if they have a desire I could play around with to see how it is. I'm fairly tech savvy however I don't see myself at this point wanting to code or look at any of it for the Andriod/iPhone, more just wanting some apps and customisation. One thing that I like with the iPhone is the consistency between released and generally everything still works on the older models, I am not sure how it is like for the android having a different combination of software/hardware running, are some apps restricted to certain hardware and/or software versions? On the other hand I like the looks of the customisable home screen on the desire with the different widgets and shortcuts. Another thing for another topic possibly is the different mobile networks performance and coverage.
  4. I have been looking for a new phone for a while but haven't been really able to justify it since my ipod has been working fine and my phone makes calls and lets me message people. Unfortuanetly my water bottle leaked in my bag and now my ipod is freezing randomly :(. The phones I am looking at getting is the iPhone 4 or the HTC Evo (I don't believe the Evo has been released in Australia yet and im not sure if it will be and when). I have used an iPhone before and it is very easy to use and intuitive, however I haven't used an android based phone, what is android like compared to the iPhone os? I have seen the new iPhone specs and they seem quite good (the display sounds really good). The one thing I am bummed about is they didn't upgrade the capacity to 64gb :(. Also what is the Android app store like compared to Apples?, I have had a look it in the past but what are the apps like in terms of quality and pricing. So for anyone who has used the iPhone and/or a HTC phone running Android what are your thoughts on the devices?
  5. strikey

    Just started Borderlands for the first time

    I started playing this a month back, loving it still. Always finding myself attached to a gun only to find a better one :D. If you have someone to play with it is alot of fun as well, especially over lan.
  6. strikey

    Global Agenda

    I was tempted to get this game until I read they had some monthly subscription for content in it, for what it is I don't think it's worth it compared to other games I could get.
  7. strikey

    Looking for tunes

    Musicovery sound similar to what you are describing.
  8. strikey

    What's your eyeglass prescription?

    I have that as well. Found out about it about 3 yearsish ago. I have glasses as well and i can't really read text without focusing alot on it. I don't know what the strength of my prescription is through currently. But glasses do me fine at the moment.
  9. I have been interested in learning a new programming language as of late as I will be studying Cert 4 in Programming at Tafe and I have always wanted to look into learning something new but I have been to lazy to :(. What would you recommend a good programming language to look into?, my previous experience has only been VB6 at school and some VBA in excel at tafe which was quite easy because of my experience with VB at school. I was thinking of having a look at some form of C/C++/C# as they seem to be a popular language and most of the basics seems like they can be carried over to another language. What are some good resources form this (online and books), I am more likely to read a book and put effort into it over looking at something online, what would be some good introductory books to this? Also what are some good programs/compilers to write C and any other language you might recommend, currently i have Visual Studio 2008 on my pc if that helps. Cheers Strike
  10. strikey

    The Unofficial Atomic Location Map

    I added myself, a few people nearby. I didn't expect some people to be that close.
  11. strikey


    Swine flue is high on my overrated list at the moment.
  12. strikey

    Intel CPU Coolers Socket 775

    I got the fan and installed it. The instructions were pretty much written in another language so i had to go off pictures and installation on a review site. The fan works well and has screws to install which was good :). I haven't noticed any performance difference at all, I never measured my other fan however. This one tends to keep the cpu around 32c on idle/light tasks.
  13. strikey

    Intel CPU Coolers Socket 775

    I ended up getting a Zalman CNPS9300 At Link: <a href="http://www.arc.com.au/pub.php?gid=23166&pid=37121&p=product" target="_blank">http://www.arc.com.au/pub.php?gid=23166&am...1&p=product</a> Mattm, thanks for the offer :) raradawg, I tend to stay away from asus products all together if possible, they have always had problems for me except for the laptop which we recently got which runs quite well.. I got thermal paste a few days ago to see if it would help the issue but it didn't :( spaced, thanks for the frosytech link i found that useful when looking up different cpu coolers and comparing them.
  14. I decided to dust out my computer the other day and when putting the cpu cooler back in (I have a Dual Core E8500) i broke on of the clips. Now the cpu overheats until it shuts down unless i put pressure on the fan to push it down a tad more. So i am now in the market for a new cpu cooler, this is what I am looking for: -Socket 775, Intel Dual Core E8500 at Stock Clock Speeds- -I do not currently plan to over clock as it runs fine for me, however i may explore this option in the distant future -Quality Cooler -Reliable -No annoying clips if possible From what i have read thermaltake make good coolers. So does anyone have any reccomended brands or coolers and ones to stay away from? Thanks -Strike
  15. strikey

    Logitech G5

    1.7-----1.7 ----1.7---- ----------- ----1.7--- 1.7----1.7 Since day one, couldn't tell the difference when I swapped them over so i put these in an left them at it. Only time I notice weight differences is with new mouse which I will adjust to in a week or so (gaming wise adjusting)