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  1. in a nutshell i have a toshiba laptop handed to me by my granddad with his dodo wireless stick and he asks me to fix it and im hitting a brick wall, the computer connects to internet, it comes up internet access on network icon no issues noticeable, but wen i try to browse via IE or use windows update basically any thing to use the out going connection nothing, in IE it starts to move progress bar but stops moving about a third of way across i've tried re installing browser and using firefox tried reinstalling wireless stick software ,cant use sys restore no rstore points for some reason even tried turning off all security like firewall im stuck big time this is a strange internet dilema PLZ help dont wanna have to admit to my granddad i cant fix something for him lol
  2. Yeh christmas is coming and its all family's and seasons greetings and all that other stuff that tries to distract me from my computer, but i need some advice as it seems years with a girlfriend has left me incapable of making a decision for myself but she has agreed to buy me a new monitor for $500 or less i was looking at ASUS VW246H 24-inch but would like your advice
  3. it cant be true it only lists 1gb memory all x2 card have had 2gb, 512 mb between two gpu's would bite ballz i could be interpreting wrong tho
  4. i have a sapphire 4850x2 graphics card and want to know if i bought the 4870x2 graphics card could i cross fire them i was under the assumption i could being from same family and if i buy the sapphire 4870x2 i should be able ?
  5. danin316


    agreed i thought i would be all right with this option he likes his older games like supreme commander any way cheers nessy for the input :)
  6. danin316


    im building a rig for my cousin for a gaming pc but not over the top i was considering a e5200 as its cheap and using the extra money spare on a good graphics card i've heard these get 2 3.75 ghz pretty easy was just wondering if i got a 4890 wid one of these and 4gb ram i should be able to run latest games pretty well or will the cpu start to bottle neck i will be OCing it
  7. its a jpeg image its 2.51k and its 96x96 wat gives wat am i doing wrong
  8. danin316

    Drag on age

    does any 1 know he release date for dragon age looks fucken sweet
  9. danin316

    PSU wires

    well happy days thanks for all your inputs guys i went with cable tying them up to the roof of the case it look like abit of a monkeys abortion but oh well ill just wait to he buys another one, peace out
  10. ok to start, buildin new comp for my cousin he purchased parts and i put together was just wodering cause the idiot bought a PSU without modular cables ie cant only install the ones you need, iwas wondering if its perfectly acceptable to cut off the ones not being used and just put abit of electrical tape around the ends because he has a relatively small case and even tying them up still takes up abit of room
  11. danin316

    whatz the best water cooler kit

    sweet although it does say it will only be compatible with the reference design 4870x2 hope that includes the sapphire one but any way thanks for your help nesquick greatly appreciated :)
  12. danin316

    whatz the best water cooler kit

    seems like a great option although couldnt find any info on the video card cooler as i have a sapphire 4870x2 would consider this to, are they fairly unversal the video coolers or have i gotta hunt for card specific , god its 2 early to be thinkin lol
  13. hey peepz i run a q9650 in a HAF 932 case and got it oc'd to 4ghz on a black ops mobo runs pretty cool but wanna make this pig squel so to speak and dont think my Thermalrite TRUE is gonna hold out much longer even with 2 fans strapped to it in push pull air flow config was thinkin Liquid cooling or a hybrid would be logical next step just wanna know wats the best performing kit out there not to fussed on cost but lets not get crazy even tho the old visa will probably come out and my missus will throw me out with my computer under arm again :) all opinions will be greatly appreciated
  14. danin316

    foxconn blackops

    yep figured out the problem but its one thats got me fucked this board doesnt support xmp on my ddr3 so it wont boot apparently a problem with blackops needs a bios update but how am i gonna do that wen cant get it to boot is there a way to disable xmp on chip ie blank out a pin other than this gonna have to buy some cheap nasty ddr3 with out xmp to get it to boot wat a waste of money tho aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggg
  15. danin316

    foxconn blackops

    nothing thats wats annoying no reference to beep codes or wat the display numbers mean only that its a feature i looked it up and it said that code 03 means cant detect memory smp or something