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  1. megatimes12

    TJ08-E watercooled build log

    Some updates. I weighed up 3D printing a new filter, but i ended up gluing some carpet trimmings from another project onto the filter to fill in the gap. Another Package came in the mail. A few more fittings, an EVGA 1070 SC (i bought the waterblock locally), and another UV light. I actually had a bit of a scare upon assembly, the raid card wasnt seeing the HDDS, but it ended up being a loose connection on the PSU. Heres the final picture. Theres still more work i would like to do. I would like to fabricate a new HDD rack to mount vertically from the base of the case (Which will free up a lot of space), and i am missing a small screw on grill at the rear of the case so ill try make one. Im having issues with the primochill vortex not spinning, has anyone else encountered this issue?
  2. megatimes12

    TJ08-E watercooled build log

    I wasnt happy with the filter provided for the 180mm front fan, so i modelled it up and im going to 3d Print the new filter. The problem is that there is a slit between the case and the filter in the current configuration. Heres the old filter And heres the redesigned filter. It will mean ill have to cut into the front panel a few mm so it can still slide in and out, but i think it looks great. Ill be looking for some finer material for the filter.
  3. megatimes12

    TJ08-E watercooled build log

    Yerh the back fan is filtered, I added another 120mm radiator to the loop, and cleaned up some of the piping. The hose between the front radiator and the reservoir was slightly kinked so i added some more fittings to smoothen it out Im a little worried about the flow through the loop tho, because the flow indicator barely spins. Right now its not spinning at all, but when i straighten out the piping to the indicator it spins so i guess ill just have to wait for the 1070 and waterblock for it to spin correctly. It looks sweet with the window on.
  4. megatimes12

    TJ08-E watercooled build log

    Box of goodies came in the mail. I got to work immediately, and drilled new mounting holes for the HDD rack. This was easier than i thought it would be, and i added an extra two holes for a flow indicator. I cut the fan speed switch off the front fan, and spliced it into the UV strip, and UV lights (both on separate circuits) Heres a partly assembled photo taken, and fully assembled rig. Im not too happy with the angle of the tubing going into the flow indicator but i think it will be okay for now.
  5. megatimes12

    TJ08-E watercooled build log

    I went down to bunnings and bought a cabinet handle. I got some smaller screws and some pretty chunky washers to help distribute the load. Gonna paint it tonight, and drill the holes out
  6. megatimes12

    TJ08-E watercooled build log

    Im very excited. I got an 6pin power extension cable so i can hide those HDD power cables. I will eventually colour coordinate the HDD sata cables too, but im waiting for MSY to resupply.
  7. Hey guys, ive been a member since 2009 but i dropped off the radar for quite some time. Heres my current Build: Case: TJ08-e MB: P7Z77m GPU: GTX 760 CPU: 3570k (stock) Memory - Gskill Sniper 12800CL9D-8GBSR SSD- Samsung 850 evo 120gb Raid Array : Rocketraid 1740 with 4x WD 3tb hdds in raid 5 PSU: Corsair HX650 So i went on a splurge the other day And again today to get some extra fittings I have some big plans for the setup. I plan on moving the HDD rack back a few centimeters, and putting the 180mm radiator there. The case is in shambles at the moment, with only the thumb screws holding the panels together. I found that the front fan is creating a negative pressure zone inside the case, so i flipped the back fan to an intake fan. I lost the little mesh screen used to cover the GPU mounting screws, so i will have to design and 3D print or manufacture one myself (Does anyone know where i could get this done, i can use solidworks :) ). There is a switch at the front of the case which switches the 180mm fan from 7-12v for adjustable fan speed, so im taking the fan out and switching to a mb controlled 180mm PWM fan. Im also replacing the switch with a 3 circuit switch. I will splice this switch into the UV lights and front activity lights. The plan is to eventually swap my 760 for a 1070/80 with a waterblock, and add an additional 120mm radiator at the back Last weekend i procrastinated from uni study to cut a window into the case. Its not perfect, but when i dissassemble the case this weekend, i plan to remove the acrylic and round off the sharp edges (i did a quick job using an angle grinder and a crappy dremel). I picked up the fittings from PLE today, and heres a picture of the drain setup (I rotated the drain handle 90 degrees so it would fit, and bought a G1/4 screw block just in case. The left and right fittings on the T joint are rotatory joints, so i can use a 90 degree joint on the left to get it through the small MB power hole (I will be making it larger when i dremel the window). The PCCG order is expected to arrive on friday, so im gonna have a very nice weekend :)
  8. megatimes12

    computer problems

    Okay I moved my HDDs and noticed that the memory status light was red when booting, so I will get memtest of a friend and try it. I have the receipt for both motherboard and ram so im good
  9. megatimes12

    computer problems

    I reinstalled windows when I put it in the new computer, and i have reinstalled windows twice with the same errors coming back. I will try a different her and see what happens
  10. megatimes12

    computer problems

    So i should put linux live on a usb, then is there a program on that to determine if the issue is with hardware or not?
  11. megatimes12

    computer problems

    Cheeky. Posting from HTC one so I might make a few mistakes
  12. I recently built a Matx computer, keeping the ssd from my old computer. I sold my gpu, and shortly after I started experiencing issues like no programs would open. I tried to sfc scannow but it says that it can't fix the problem, I can't connect to any networks because explorer freezes when I open view network status and tasks, I can't uninstall anything because it does the same ( by freeze it keeps the mouse clicked icon and does nothing). I think it's the motherboard which I can rma. Here is the cbs log http://db.tt/8mU4MKdx
  13. Hey guys, does anyone know where to get some decent replacement feet for my saitek R.A.T 9? Pic of mouse in current state
  14. megatimes12

    [ALL] Dirt3. Anyone playing yet?

    havent played in a while, but i am keen to play :) GFWL and steam: NormalAxis
  15. megatimes12

    Cyborg RAT 7 thoughts

    I have small hands, and i find the RAT 9 fine. I can see how people with big hands might find its width insufficient