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  1. tehoriginal

    when is issue 110 out ?

    keh ? I hope you guy's go hard out in the "how-to" section.
  2. tehoriginal

    when is issue 110 out ?

    Hey when is the new one coming out ?
  3. tehoriginal

    Issue 108 Feedback

    whats the How to section like ?
  4. tehoriginal

    Issue 107 Feedback

    Haha sweet Dave :P Hopefully team director will also be in there haha Edit I just noticed that in Atomic.Edu there have been reviews of alot of Educational Institutions predominantly revolved around technology e.g. Monash/ swinburne However you haven't reviewed UTS.
  5. tehoriginal

    Issue 107 Feedback

    Issue 107 was ok, not as good as issue 106 IMO; I think 107 was targeted mainly at the upper-spectrum of the enthusiast market too much focus on SSD's . However my personal criticisms are due to : - less focus on the How-to section; tech support is ok but - but the internet is better for that. The best How-To's, are the ones you guys do yourself . E.g. Make your own lan box . ----- Here are however, some of my thoughts on why I have allured to Atomic over reading magazines such as PCPP, PC user, APC and the internet in general : -The fact the magazine is insightful and doesn't over-emphasise the Art side of things --as in the case of PCPP -The consistency of the layout, the images, editing, sections and what not --Other magazines mentioned can be consistent though their use of colour often blur's this -The In-depth review's offered in a vast array of technology -- Some magazines only offer a partial section for tech reviews; whilst they clog up the rest of their content with ad's and "recommendations" (which brings me to the next point) -The lack of Immense advertising -- Whilst it is understandable for some magazines to generate revenue off other adverts - they often over use this ability (namely pcpp) -The fact the magazine is authenticated with "How-To" sections and "Educational tips" (which are extremely beneficial trust me) that coincide with the contemporary. E.g. in 107 you guys had an educational feature on the "HSC to UNI" (and "you cant always get what you want"). * recommendation on possible "how-to"(s)? : Maybe "how to setup your own LAN?" (were trying to get this thing mainstream arent we ? ) ------------ Atomic is out the first Wed of each month right ? So issue 108 is scheduled for the 2nd O'Dec? Any special mention i.e. photos of the atomic L4D2 lan lol ? ---- Those are my thoughts. In issue 108, are you guys able to review any of the following : -Razer Naga -Razer DeathAdder -Razer Lachesis (i think this is the one i used at your LAN, not sure) - Razer sphex OR - any mATX case in a suitable budget ( I.e. For lanning on a budget) ========================================================= ...Oh yea, I should be studying instead of writing this !!! I have my last exam tomorrow ! cheers -Your friendly Bogan-zombie-killer (Tehoriginal)
  6. tehoriginal

    L4D2 Purchase

    Can this be purchased via paypal or does it have to be via credit card?
  7. tehoriginal

    L4D2 Party @ Atomic HQ - 17th Nov

    Looking at the pics, what costume did you have? Already applied to your post on the main page but you can probably read it easier here.I was the bogan .
  8. tehoriginal

    Steam and Region Pricing

    By purchasing a game via the US steam store, does that mean we change all our personal details permanently or can we change them back after the purchase? Also, would we have to change any game settings to play by default, on Aussie servers??
  9. tehoriginal

    L4D2 Party @ Atomic HQ - 17th Nov

    Yea, I think the social aspect of it would appeal to alot of people. And you can still add a competitive streak to it. E.g. First one to finish the round in shortest amount of time without dyeing / most amount of points / most creative lol ? I dunno However If you were to eliminate competitiveness and all and just celebrate the game it'self im pretty sure people will still fall over to get in. The lack of competitiveness though will probably lose a bit of gamer spirit - im pretty sure I made a scene last night trying to coordinate everyone (team director)
  10. tehoriginal

    L4D2 Party @ Atomic HQ - 17th Nov

    Bloody excellent night. Never knew it would have been so much fun. I think the fact it was in North Sydney mad the whole trip seem really intriguing. Another thing that made the whole experience a bit unique was the trip there.. at central i was waiting for my train so i went down to get an MX. The guard (some old fellow) asked me to get him a coffee lol, so he gave me $10 and after returning it to him he offered to pay for one for me haha. He said "out of 30,000 or so people I've seen today your the only trust worthy face ". Btw, who was in team Director?? add me on steam or something.. bloody excellent work guys. http://steamcommunity.com/id/tehoriginal -Bogan dan.
  11. tehoriginal

    L4D2 Party @ Atomic HQ - 17th Nov

    If your bailing. I think sanders is interested :P
  12. tehoriginal

    L4D2 Party @ Atomic HQ - 17th Nov

    It says to come dressed as your entry. But I'm sure no one will mind that much if you come dressed as a zombie or something. Haha nah i had other intentions in mind now since the majority of people will be coming dressed as survivors. This better be good, since im coming from all the way up past cecil hills and I have an exam on thursday .
  13. tehoriginal

    L4D2 Party @ Atomic HQ - 17th Nov

    What happens if we cant remember our answer?? Im confused cause in the email it said we were to come as a Survivor though i had the impression we were to go as anything or zombies or watever.
  14. tehoriginal

    L4D2 Competition

    I honestly forget what I wrote. I hope they read them out on the night or something since it did get me entry/
  15. tehoriginal

    L4D2 Party @ Atomic HQ - 17th Nov

    Are there any restrictions on the costumes? My idea is fairly unique :P Im sure my other questions will be answered in the email.