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  1. grammar non-existent Firstly, my capacity with language depends totally on how long I have been awake. Most of my posts are made past 12:00 at night, mosly towards 3 in the morning. At that stage I care little for proper grammar. I notice that my capabilites vary with my care for the topic at hand. If my care factor is low, the quality of what I write goes out the window. I assume that is normal. I am not a tutor, I just have to look through essays for the arts department, mainly for sociology, philosophy and some english classes - first years only. It's not particularly taxing, its the same as the honors students who mark exams you get given a set of criteria and go through it. I wouldn't apply for a tutoring position as such - far too much work at the moment for far too little gain. Honors is not spelt "Honours" for the purposes of a degree. From the UTAS website: Honors. From dictionary.com: honors, a. special rank or distinction conferred by a university, college, or school upon a student for eminence in scholarship or success in some particular subject. b. an advanced course of study for superior students. As for "ragging" on students, I have nothing against students - I am one myself. However some student's work is severely below par. It is depressing to be subjected to such work again and again. The times I come across something amazing brightens up my day. Still, I know your kinda of joking around. Hopefully that explains my schizophrenic writing and as to why, sometimes, I write badly - sometimes extremely badly. EDIT: And no I am not going straight from a bachelor to a Ph.D - even though you can do that. I had already completed a bachelor of philosophy/political science with honors in philosophy. That, plus completing another degree next year will let me apply for the Ph.D program. There is a chance I will just do Masters. Its all kind of still up in the air at the moment. I might finish up and get a job. Who knows? Its a year, maybe two away.
  2. g.t.o

    I feel dumb

    I'm edging on thirty and I had the same problems that you are having as an undergrad with concentration for a little while. My advice is as follows. Eat well. I know its hard if your an out of home uni student living in shared accomodation with little money, however stop drinking as much, smoking, doing drugs, whatever, and eat decent food all the time. Have breakfast every day and not just a coffee. Exercise. By exercise I don't mean become a gym junkie, I mean go for a (brisk) walk now and then or take up a sport through your uni - martial arts are excellent if your not into traditional sports. Sleep enough. That depends on the person but around age twenty thats between 8 to 10 hours. Too much sleep is a precursor to psychological problems. Some people don't need as much sleep of course. Normally, for instance, I sleep about four hours - always have. Tackle your essays and assignments in order of difficulty and due date. Hardest ones first so that the pressure eases off as you complete things. If its the quality of your work that worries you at all each university campus has qualified staff members that can look over student essays for free. Trust me I'm one of them (as a job it sucks). HAND THINGS IN ON TIME, no matter what have them done on time, the penalties might look small for say a day overdue but becoming lax now has ramifications later on. Use your brain for a variety of problems, have a crack at the puzzles in newspapers, Sudoku and cyrptic crosswords are good. If you are studying arts the part of your brain that works on mathematics can lose some of its old skill through lack of use. If your studying pure mathematics the opposite can occur,, of course those doing philosophy mixed with quantum mechanics can go screw themselves ;) . Oh and maintain friendships and family ties, its way too easy to lose friends through concentrating too hard on uni. Trust me, I know.
  3. Bachelor of Philosophy and Political Science (Honors), worked a crappy government job for a few years. Currently studying an acellerated Bachelor of Computing. Should be finished next year. After that it turns out instead of getting a job I have been somehow shunted into the philosophy department's Ph. D program. I have no idea how that hapenned, but they will give me scholarships and students to toy with so that will be nice. I blame greycat.
  4. g.t.o

    Y'know what sucks?

    First year philosophy student's essays.
  5. Ethically a government should only exist to prevent its citizens from force and fraud that is all. Limiting freedom of choice - even limiting the ability to make bad decisions - is not the role of a government in a democratic, capitalist society. On another note people have always enjoyed what is bad for them, they always have and always will. If it wasn't cigarettes it woud be alcohol. If they were banned people would make and grow it themselves. Look at what happenned in the USA with moonshine and rum bootlegging in the early 1920's. People have long been importing tobacco illegally in Australia. Yes there is a drain on the health system from smokers. There is also a drain on the health system from everyone else who is dying. The incorrect logic is that the smokers would not othewise be in hospital if they weren't smoking. Everyone dies, a great percentage die in hospitals, aged care homes and bathrooms (seriously check out the injury statistics for bathrooms... Scary stuff). The longer you live the greater the potential to be hospitalised as well. My point is, if it weren't hospitilisations for smoking there would still be a drain on the health system from other forms of ill health. Also if we start banning/taxing out of existence smoking where will it end? Fast food? Fast cars? Anything at all that could lead to an injury or death? Personally, and its just me I would rather NOT live in a nanny state. Meh, its 4 in the morning and i should be sleeping, apologies for not going into strenuous detail. Many of my subjective thought processes known as "opinions" may be incorrectly formed and as such my writing format has suffered. Night.
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    Religious Education.......................

    I don't believe she could teach such things under any curriculum I know of. If a teacher told stories to a young class about someone dying in a housefire in intricate detail they can be dismissed. It happened at my youngest sisters school when she was around seven years old. If there are sufficient complaints the teacher is gone. In terms of course content religious education is meant to be about understanding religions and each week would cover something different - i.e. this is what Christianity believes, this is what Buddhists believe and so on with detail graded to age level going into more detail as the kids get older. Otherwise it is just bible studies, which is a big no-no - you are more than in your rights to complain about the course content, that she scares the children resulting in psychological trauma and that the class disrespects is dismissive of and otherwise attacks both directly and inadvertantly other religions, which would make up more than a small percentage of childrens families in a public school. My advice is to contact other parents from a variety of backgrounds who are also unhappy and approach the principal. Skip straight over the teacher's head and confront the person in control. Be polite and civil but convey anger.
  7. g.t.o

    A new addition to the family.

    Trust me on this one. you will start upgrading stuff - electric wipers, nicer period leather seats. front disk brake conversion. Then before you know it you have finished building a 350 chev stroked out to 388 producing some 500 odd horsepower and the only original thing left is the paint color - and even then only maybe.
  8. Uh my name comes from this anime: Great Teacher Onizuka He had GTO for short tattooed on his arms. Cool show. He owned the same motorcycle I have - one childhood/mid-teens dream fulfilled!
  9. g.t.o


    So much for not taking the bait guys. Seriously, go grab a big mug of coffee or tea or scotch and look up pictures of kittens for a while. EDITED: Two threads with the same title essentially my bad. However coffee/tea/scotch and kittens could still be a worthwhile investment.
  10. Man, I'll take an actual interesting productive philosophical discussion over an idiot argument over definitions any day of the week. Sure, might wait until the dust settles though. Might lay down some ground rules too because from looking back over some of the other attempts at political/theological discussion it essentially devolves from intelligent discussion, back to "Your an idiot!" followed by "No your an idiot!" followed by a Mod running police tape around the thread, blocking off the crime scene and drawing around the bodies with chalk...
  11. I could debate consciousness all day. However after reading the posts in that other thread (I imagined small children in kindergarten having a slap fight, twas mildly amusing :p ) I doubt either of the big guns would like my arguments...
  12. g.t.o

    Rock + Roll Nerd

    How could you not love this face? iz in ur garden hidin ur easter eggz
  13. You should be careful they are out to get you. :p
  14. g.t.o

    need a new washing machine?

    Top loaders are awesome, when they break they flood your house from the bottom so you have to turn the bastard upside down to fix it.
  15. I want for nothing, I'm fit, once I ditch this cold I will be healthy, my girlfriends a babe and its pretty damn serious (and she is as much of a nerd as I am), good car, nice bike, working part time with the uni, my fast tracked degree is going well, I procrastinate just enough to get enjoyment out of it but not enough to ruin my life, just built my quad core pc - so, come to think of it I don't need anything really. However, that said I have always never needed anything even when I was a penniless student who chose to have electricity over food. Maybe thats my issue, maybe as far as the subjective feeling of perfection goes my flaw that I need to improve upon is that feeling of contentment all the time. ... ... ... Screw it, just accept it the lot of you - I'm perfect okay?