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  1. tezlin


    There's something in my throat that I can't get out. It's like a slight discomfort mixed with vomit.
  2. tezlin

    Rim jobs

    *Groan* !! That site was a hole. It was probably a great idea on paper.
  3. tezlin

    Got a new project

    This is the kind of stuff that Mum comes home with, and instantly makes me think: When are we taking it to the tip? Good luck. :P
  4. tezlin

    Happy Birthday Kommando

    Happy birthday. :))
  5. tezlin

    First Car - Insurance/Rego/Servicing Costs

    I'll talk to them about it. A little off topic here but just something i wanted to say. Please, when you do the mods to your car, can you PLEASE leave off the monster fucking cannon? To this day i dont understand why people in my age bracket would do this. A two inch stainless exhaust sits in a similar price bracket, sounds nicer(if not louder), and believe it or not, but actually has a better performance benefit than a cannon. Please, to you, and indeed anybody considering putting a cannon on their non turbo 4cyl, dont do it. They sound gay, and true enthusiasts, like myself and my mates, laugh and overtake in our Non Cannon supercharged v6s at quarter throttle. Haha, I think the exact same thing when I see them. I'll be sure to keep it modest.
  6. tezlin

    I'm a bit daft

    Ha. Ha. Hahahahahaha. That's so aweshum. :D
  7. tezlin

    First Car - Insurance/Rego/Servicing Costs

    I can afford 3pp. I don't see much point in comprehensive as I'd end up spending more than I paid for the actual car, in a very short space of time.
  8. tezlin

    First Car - Insurance/Rego/Servicing Costs

    Exactly. You don't want to spend big money on rims just to gutter them a month later. Experience from my P plater days tells me you want to keep this car as basic as possible, because you are going to make mistakes and you are going to hurt it. Anywhere that sells decent looking hubcaps? Super Cheap has a terrible range, and most seem like cheap imitations of stocko's.
  9. tezlin

    SE QLD Atomicans Roll-call

    High and dry. No space for evacs, unfortunately. :( Stay safe, good to hear these few are doing well.
  10. tezlin

    Wet enough for you?

    This is insane. I can't believe it is happening. D;
  11. tezlin

    First Car - Insurance/Rego/Servicing Costs

    a) How much is an '03 Lancer LS Sedan 5 Door 4Cyl 2.0L Manual worth? b) Can you afford to replace it? Rob. I got mine for $9k. But it was in fantastic condition, driven by a mum. No, I can't afford another $9k car. :( Better than Ford? :O /runs Can I ask why? This.
  12. tezlin

    I just had a brain wave!

    Only if you're helping victimized al qaida.
  13. tezlin

    First Car - Insurance/Rego/Servicing Costs

    might be an idea to get it in your mums name. I can do minor, and this thread is about calculating whether ill be able to drive with these cosmetics. Probably ditching the spoiler idea. With that quote, please tell me that's comprehensive. Lol. I'll only be looking at third party.
  14. tezlin

    First Car - Insurance/Rego/Servicing Costs

    Yeah, thanks. That helps.:) Would these new hubcaps be just to test if I get any scrapes in 3 months? $4 cans of spray paint from.crazy clarks!
  15. tezlin

    First Car - Insurance/Rego/Servicing Costs

    Ehhhhhh. Yeah, I looked there, and I have to call up. Is it easy to install one yourself? Whoops, my bad. I misread. By roadworthy do you just mean servicing costs (ignoring rego and insurance)? If so, I would certainly hope it'd be less than $1000pa. Rob. Everything. By roadworthy, I mean thirdparty insurance, rego, and servicing, given the numbers on average-ish.