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  1. i thought the A-Power G.L. 860W T-F was a good buy for the dollar
  2. tpaz


    i want to buy speakers just to listen to music. my pc will replace my stereo. an recommendations
  3. this system you have advised me on will it have the facility to recordprograms off the tv you know top gear and the like
  4. thank you for your assistance i have never built a pc before i know its not rocket science but it is good to know what brands, quality etc needed to do the job. can i ask why intel and not amd. what windows do i get xp or vista? i am now going to shop around for pricing etc. i have a store called cnet near me, i will give them a go also.
  5. Thank you very much for that. that definately gives me something to work with. yes i do need speakers, i suppose more is more when it comes to those sort of things. you are the only one that has replied so far. thanks again.
  6. i am looking at building my own pc. i havent done it before. i would .like some help with what i need where to go etc. i am looking at spending a max of 2k. i need a complete system from scratch. i want to email, play music and store lots of music, photos and photo shop. i wont be gaming, not enough time on my hands. i am also looking at recording off the tv if that makes sense. i want a good sound. i also want a decent picture quality for home movies, and watching films etc. wwhere is best to shop, the local pc shop or online. appreciate your help
  7. i am looking at building my own system and would like some help with this please