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  1. Hi, Ok so i'm creating a customized windows CD mmkay? I know i can get the Windows setup to run my own .bat so i'm wondering if there is a way i can do this... in the same directory as the .bat have for example my_shit.exe which is an encrypted 7zip archive or something ok? now can i get the batch file to go: my_shit.exe -extract "%systemroot%\My Shit\" -password "SexGod" ??? Or something like that lol... i wanna silently extract files to a specified directory from an encrypted SFX... i think that's how to describe what i wanna do :) =P Help please? Thanks! Regards, LordNetBurst
  2. lordnetburst

    Virtual PC 2007 mouse pointer problem

    Hi, Thanks for the idea! I'll try changing my actual laptop mouse drivers to something newer, and the ones in my VM. If it doesn't work I'll revert back to XP and hopefully that'll do it... I've been wanting to upgrade to XP from Vista on my laptop for a while now. Regards, LordNetburst
  3. Hi guys, In VPC07 (free software so i hope this is the right spot to post in) my mouse always goes to the bottom right corner of the screen and if i pull it out it just goes back into the corner. Doesn't matter if i have my touchpad on or off either... I'm using a mouse in my laptop via usb. Any help or ideas? =) Regards, LordNetburst
  4. Hey, Via Chrome9, Via C7-M 1.6ghz, 1gb ram... can this even play anything? 1280x800... I prefer to play games as they were meant to be player... highest settings... so am i restricted to DX8 at best? I don't really wanna throw on CSS or something at 640x480 lowest settings etc. for example. Thanks =) Regards, LordNetburst PS. Wait i forgot CSS has dx 7, 8, 8.1 available so bad example, sorry!
  5. lordnetburst

    A question regarding QUAD SLI!

    I thought the poor performance was due to immature drivers since the only game that actually saw a worthwhile boost was FEAR. I thought that once newer drivers came out and QUAD Sli was more common that the performance in other games would shoot up too with the newer driver releases. I guess this isn't how it works though? I know that standard 2 card SLI support was crap in the drivers at first but once they got that good then lots of games shot up in performance... due to the drivers supporting the games and the dual card sli configs.
  6. Menergy! Energy for Men! Ok so dual core GPUs are well established now in both ATI's and Nvidia's turf... We see Triple SLI setups with cards such as the 8800s and so on, but we also see people out there throwing around a couple of gtx295 and other dual core cards like the 9800GX2. My question is... remember that old beast the 7950GX2?? Well if you read the old reviews it had upon it's release then you'll see about the only game that setup was good for was FEAR cause it's what nvidia used to demo the new QUAD SLI!! platform. With the new drivers out currently and more games supporting SLI, Triple SLI, and QUAD Sli... is it possible that the 7950GX2 sli might be mature now if you were to install the current crop of drivers and therefor get far greater support in games and applications? Just curious... THANKYA!
  7. lordnetburst

    OH $#!+!

    I've left my girlfriend's laptop on all night with r-studio scanning the drives the backup data came from to hopefully recover the more important stuff i want (photos and documents rather than movies and games). The scan finished but i'm yet to go through all the junk it's found. I'll do it after work. I'll also check some other drives i have laying around to see if i can recover anything from those. I simply can't afford the specialist prices. Thanks for the software suggestions guys :) Regards, LordNetburst
  8. lordnetburst

    OH $#!+!

    Ok i'll give those a shot when i get home... but i have my doubts about software being able to do much after r-studio failing as we use it all the time at work. What are my options for cheap specialist recovery? Thanks for the help so far =) I'm scared... Regards, LordNetburst
  9. lordnetburst

    OH $#!+!

    Hi guys, Ok so my drive is screwed? It's a laptop 2.5 inch drive i put into an external casing and formatted. Then i got all of my data scattered around on all my other drives at home and cut (moved not copied) it all to the external. I cut instead of copied because i was saving time as it was my day off work. Once finished i was simply going to use Norton Ghost to make a backup of the backup i just created. Before i got around to doing this i accidentally dropped the external enclosure with the drive inside. Now it still shows up on windows but says the drive is not formatted and asks if i'd like to format it... obviously not. This is a 160gb hitachi sata drive and has about 135gb of data i hand picked that i wanted to keep... so therefor i'd like to keep it all. The filesystem in use is NTFS. What can i do? I tried a program called R-Studio to recover my data but i've had no such luck. If i need to send it to professionals, who's the cheapest? I'd like to send it to one of those "No data, no payment" type of companies that don't charge me if they don't get all my data back. I really need your help! =( Thanks in advance! Regards, LordNetburst
  10. OK i just found the coolest thing on the planet... BEHOLD! http://www.raondigital.com/fnt_english/evn01.asp Yes it is the coolest thing ever, no questions asked! Even plays games!! Enjoy my friends! Regards, LordNetburst
  11. how much of a bottleneck though? is it big enough that i'd just be wasting my money and i should just get a 4850 or is it a waste too? Now i'm lost... :S Thanks! Regards, LordNetburst PS. Sorry for hijacking your thread Avlonix :P
  12. I don't really want to have to rip the sim out of the PCMCIA card and put it in a PDA/Phone type thing if i can avoid it... that's more stuffing around than just swapping the PCMCIA card from device to device. I don't really want another phone or to replace my current phone for a NextG PDA thingy because i'm very happy with my current Optus Pre Paid setup. I like your suggestions but i'm still not really sure what to do. Can you help me out any further please? :) Thanks! Regards, LordNetburst
  13. lordnetburst

    I'm in the market for a new laptop

    Hey guys, I ended up finding an Asus W2P for cheap. Here are the specs: Core 2 Duo 2.0ghz (Merom so not upgradeable to Penryn on Socket P as this is Socket M) 120gb SATA Hard Drive (I'll upgrade it to something far larger) 2gb of DDR2 Vista Home Premium with an XP Professional downgrade [upgrade ;) ] disk. Certificate of authenticity for both is included. Gigabit LAN TV Tuner (analog/digital) Card reader firewire hdmi and tv out bluetooth wireless dialup modem *woot* :P DVD burner 3 usb ports (more than my old laptop yay!) and of course a 17" (glossy woot!) 1920x1200 screen. Powered by Radeon x1700 CPU isn't what i was originally aiming for... but it's got virtualization like i wanted (this stops my VMs from lagging?) Will this do what I'm after? Thanks :) Regards, LordNetburst
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  15. Hey all, I found that the HP Jordana 720/728 have the PCMCIA 2 card slot required by the Telstra PCMCIA card, but the OS must be at least Windows 2000 SP4. Can i somehow get that onto the Jordana 720/728? 800x600 is a system requirement for the adapter apparently but i don't see why... I don't know if all the Handheld PCs support PCMCIA 2 but just thought i would note my find :) Any input would be greatly appreciated :) Regards, LordNetburst