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  1. eveln

    What's on your mind?

    I've become used to the ' not quite as dry as in the winter months ' state of all my washing ... can't imagine even trying to use a talcum powder up here < shudders with disgust at the messiness of blobs of powder > @Rybags don't want to think about how the babies' butt cheeks look after it's nappy becomes wet ... that's just horrible for the kid ... no wonder they cry soo much ... bloody blobs of talc accumulated in amongst the rest of it
  2. eveln

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    I don't understand the minutia of the agreement either ... but I thought the people did vote, cos that's how the Brexit came to be in play ... confused here as to the drawing out of it all . Is that why the people forgot they had a vote already, cos it's all taking soooo long ?
  3. eveln

    What's on your mind?

    TBH, it might well have been cos we were not a family prone to spending money on things other than those needed to provide warmth and sustenance ; but as a kid growing up in a large family talcum powder would've been a bit of a luxury for us. I do recall seeing it at my cousins and some friends houses when we did sleep-overs. I have two memories concerning talc powder . The few times I came in contact with it it made me cough was one. Second relates to a grown -up at that time saying that talcum powder was for lazy people. People who did not dry their bodies sufficiently before re-dressing, and, or did not change the nappies of their offspring with the required frequency << included in this last was that perhaps the washing of the cotton nappies was also less than satisfactory. I don't remember the woman's name today but I do recall I was not allowed to put my pyjamas on till I had spent a good long time drying myself off first ... for a five or six year old that was extremely tedious. I have to say though I sorta took her words with me as I grew and have never bought a talcum powder of any brand, nor have I needed it. ... funny how some things stick Just breathing in a dust that fine whether it has asbestos or not can prove to be nasty on one's innards. ... but for those using it to keep their crotches and under-arms free of whatever it's gonna be even nastier
  4. fucking scary. that asbestos is still having to be considered a hazard to look out for in what's normally considered to be healthful products. It's not like we still be in the 19th century when companies would bulk food product with dirt etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_food_contamination_incidents
  5. eveln

    how crap is this government ?

    Why would Israel ultimately care what we chose to recognise ? I mean really if our Gov. doesn't relocate our embassy then wtf would it matter whether ? Just stupid hype . <<< scummo is the " Hype Master apprentice " here. The title of " Master" would give his words moar credence . I sat through the two-part thing on Bob Hawke last night ( iView). Interesting
  6. eveln

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    Just in game for a bit. Probably not a great day given the intermittent stormy conditions but still ... latest update included festive garage and other shit ... all looks good but makes my wee lappy's work harder
  7. eveln

    And What Are You Listening To?

    At first I was a tad disconcerted with using the base cello like that ^^ ... but I got over it
  8. eveln

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Yes. The enclosed compartment worked well. As said above we keep a light frig, and well, so far the meat keeps well on the top shelf ... but as it's a new ( too us ) frig, what occupies which shelf is up to the idiosyncrasies of this frig and of course our habits will change to suit. good luck with your frig hunting. unless you've unlimited funds, I don't much envy you :)
  9. eveln

    So - who's around these days?

    righto ... on a personal scale Iv'e been here for one maybe two updates and to my knowledge sailed through just hunky dory ( thanks to whichever godness is responsible there ) ... so I was curious as to why some don't sail through quite so cleanly ... is all. Having dutifully read my FAQ and subsequent updates I am conversant with the first of your lists above. Thanks for the second one, as I think that's the one presently undergoing tweeks, yes .
  10. eveln

    What's on your mind?

    LOL ^^ could do ?... 'specially if he has any NZ blood in him .
  11. eveln

    Oohhh my golly goodness gracious me :\

    from your link scruffy ... " The judge also noted the possibility of undue media influence on the case. “This is not a criticism of media, but intended or not, the mere presence of large amounts of media from all around Australia and the world carries with it a certain amount of pressure on the court,” Ellis stated. The heavy media presence “may amount to perceived pressure for a court to reach a conclusion which seems to be consistent with the direction of public opinion, rather than being consistent with the rule of law that requires a court to hand down individual justice in its decision-making processes.” “The potential for media pressure to impact judicial independence may be subtle or indeed subversive in the sense that it is the elephant in the room that no one sees or acknowledges or wants to see or acknowledge,” Ellis said. He added that Wilson could not be convicted merely because the “Catholic Church has a lot to answer for in terms of its historical self-protective approach” to clerical sex abuse. “Philip Wilson when he appears before this court is simply an individual who has the same legal rights as every other person in our community." A bit of a catch-22 ain't it ? I mean in the past all this was kept out of the public eye in order to protect the ' good ' name /s of the church/es ( regardless of denomination ) So now the pendulum is sorta a bit chaotic in it's movement, and no-one can really be quite a hundred percent sure of the various findings ... whether they be for the prosecution or aquittal.
  12. eveln

    Oohhh my golly goodness gracious me :\

    And the Pope retires three ageing Cardinals from his retinue ... coincidently two of whom have been openly tarred with the horrid stain of child sexual abuse issues ... of course one of those is Pell. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-13/george-pell-no-longer-part-of-vatican-council-of-cardinals/10614092
  13. eveln

    So - who's around these days?

    [ disclaimer : to my knowledge I've not been subject ( yet ) to any of the issues below ] moar thoughts ... Often one reads and notices that peoples levels have changed usually due to updates. Why ? For instance that member @Muinztar Had his question in the "roll call" thread . He's certainly not the first and it seems won't be the last to ask the same type of question :) Over my time here I've read lots of members say they've been a Guru or a Champion or Titan < or name your pick > a few times over in their life span on here ... I've always wondered why that is ( for some of us ) the case and not for others . Of course none of this is 'end of the world' or even 'first world' critical, but the fact that people comment on it means they do have some ( minor perhaps ) care about it. Some have issues with post counts between updates too ... I notice @Chaos.Lady has lost about 70,000 in the last one ( bummer for her ) but @Nich... seems to have held on to his 40,000 -ish counts ... no idea whether that number of Nich's differs from this update to the last. In case you be wondering ... I have a few days off and today is my allotted totally slack day :) ... also as you can see I was unable to highlight Chaos and Nich as I could do with Muinztar to sum up : I think the various levels are recognised by users old and new and with that they have meaning and should probably stay . Relegating every one to nuclear green or white Atomican is a bit well bland really and boring ... and nobody likes to be boring
  14. eveln

    So - who's around these days?

    Ahh good morning Chaos. yes that clears it up just dandily thankyou. Colour and light is a wonderful thing ... go forth and prosper with it ! I say
  15. eveln

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    So what else to do on a stinking hot night ? Sit and watch the extended version of LOTR- The Two Towers. Thanks to Stan this time. The comfort of home viewing : to be able to take a loo break at one's leisure ... important