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  1. eveln

    What's on your mind?

    8.31pm EST and inside temp is a warmm 33.5c. They said it was gunna be a fiercely warm weekend and they weren't wrong. Course we chose today to catch up inside and out didn't we ?... well we did and we are totally done into the bargain
  2. eveln

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    Yep, I have used them a number of times ...cross my fingers on departure from them hoping I won't have kept an actual person on crutches or in a wheelchair waiting . << This thought stops me from always using them
  3. eveln

    What's on your mind?

    PSA If you feel impelled to protect yourself from the sun and shit, by all means do so, but please please do it using clothing, hats, and rashies If you don't know what a rashie is ( I didn't myself till about a year or so ago ) it's the name used to describe garments that cover your torso and limbs whilst partaking in water activities ... they might also protect you from stingers, but I'd imagine that would only work if you were fully covered . Most people go in for a rashie top which is high round neck and long sleeve and fits down to your hips , whatever. What these garments can do is fully negate the use of disgusting chemical sunscreens and that most assuredly is a good thing, for you for me and for the fucking cleanliness of the swimming pool I share with you !!!! Mein Gott ! but it's just hideos trying to have a refreshing morning dip in a pool that is still trying to filter the sunscreens used the previous day !!! Get a clue please and realise that sunscreen shit will kill you before the melanoma gets a frigging chance ! << imo. only.
  4. Ahhh flattery ! Now that might work ;)
  5. what do you mean ? Life's a real barrel of fun ffs.
  6. eveln

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    don't think so but then you'd best ask @~thehung for clarification on that ... he seems to have the essence of the situation sorted
  7. eveln

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    so what are the figures of those that consider themselves other than bog-standard-male-female gender ? Is that a comparable figure to the homeless ? If so, why are we even considering them ?
  8. I hope OilyBigMac is more that just a bot. They will have to get used to the moniker " OBM " is all I think I'll call them Oily
  9. eveln

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    ... you'd want to hope the homeless are welcome in your public loos along with the males and females that are not yet homeless. If not the streets will be awash with the putrid detritus of their boweIs. I don't bother mentioning the other genders, they get the red carpet treatment where ever they choose to go [ please be sure to read the above as dripping with sarcasm or, * shrugs *, satire ] ps: the homeless have been a part of general society since like forever dude. The numbers differ a tad from time to time, is all. So I'd say they are a part of any of our societies, past or present and future, unfortunately
  10. eveln

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    Hmm My mention of the homeless was ALL about your comment that most of us like to use our private "throne" for shitting in and not public loos. Stating the style of public convenience it might be is irrelevant to the needs of the homeless, as they still need to shit in public loos.... you know, being homeless means the public loo is their only choice of throne. My point was all about privilege
  11. eveln

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    @Leonid I'm not sure if hating on women is it, in total. I think it's more the idea of letting us know, that regardless of the unique wonderful perfect beings we think we are,when all is said and done, at the end of the day, we all gotta shit and piss the same way
  12. eveln

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    We have a 4 bay almost square chunky block of a toaster atm. In the past we've had a longer narrower version of 4 bay toaster. Different styles is all.
  13. eveln

    What a joke

    In A Nutshell * nods *
  14. eveln

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    lol. And here I was thinking I was the only one speaking from my privileged position ! Think about the growing number of homeless out there . They have to use the public loo as their home " throne "
  15. eveln

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    In the middle of Port right near Coles ,target, and some eateries, The council have placed a corridor with four different doors 1: Men's loos 2: ladies' loos 3: Parenting room 4: wheelchair access loo seems one more door could say " unisex loos " Public loos are always going to differ depending on the locale they're to be put in. The thing about enclosed cubicles is ventilation isn't it ? That's going to add drama ( costs ). Granted cold climes probably won't feel the dire need for vents perhaps, but different story in the heat. A person could die taking a crap. Assuming that people don't tend to shit in public loos is forgetting the lack of privacy in hotel rooms these days. If people are sharing a room you can bet your last buck that at least one of them will opt to go crap in the public area loos of the hotel. A great holiday is not gonna happen with the daunting aroma of each other's craps to survive. A stand alone building designed for toilets is maybe the only time a " public loo " will be able to offer ventilation in each enclosed cubicle. And even then it's down to the particular council and their care factor