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  1. eveln

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    and then make sure to have a couple of aloe vera plants growing . slice open a frond to replenish your skin
  2. eveln

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    that took me a little while to note @@~thehung lol
  3. eveln

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    It's definitely not Donovan then
  4. eveln

    What's on your mind?

    he's really not worth going to jail for you watch him make more of a fortune out of the sidelines he's got going with it . lol.
  5. eveln

    Pet Peeves !

    you can put what ever chemical you want in the sonic. When I used one we used to just use detergent and metho with water . Others use stronger chemicals but it's really not necessary imo. Commercial cleaners can break down the metal over time I believe. But I am very old school basic. Apart from silver cleaning paste, and brasso ( for brass ) I don't use the others. edit: washing up detergent and metho will only clean the grime it won't hurt the metal or most stones. and can be rinsed clean which is the whole point of it all. Clean stuff feels good to wear. It also helps to protect the longevity of the piece. It's the same theory for looking after anything that you might care about. It's being respectful of the work
  6. eveln

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    I reckon the wet wipes can be a huge improvement on the yukky stuff that's spread across the handle bar ... seriously got to wonder what some of it is
  7. eveln

    Pet Peeves !

    @fliptopia well a watch is generally worn on the arm, unless your a nurse type and pin it to your breast or wear a hunter on a fob chain ( but still that hunter and chain would need cleaning too ) The grimey crud that builds up in between the links in the watch bracelet and around the seals of the watch is disgusting too ya know It's a gadget that works, but it's not essential. Jewelers use 'em cos it saves lots of time when they can be doing other shit. But for personal cleaning * shrugs *
  8. eveln

    Pet Peeves !

    FTFY :P~ I'm serious here ! It's disgusting and well it's just not at all cool !
  9. eveln

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    It's the same with the handles of shopping trolleys. Woolies up here spasmodically supplies wet wipes at the inner entrance door. Lots don't bother to use the wipes When the Japanese tourism market was going great guns here, it was a very common sight to see a lot of the women wearing gloves. On the odd occasion they were the kind that went up to the elbow, was both sun protection as well as germ protection.
  10. eveln

    Pet Peeves !

    If it's just metal and links are involved, then it's about tarnish and the god-awful crud that builds up over time in the links. And that crud is more often than not body excrement. It just looks rank imo. And if you are gonna spend money buying nice things then bloody look after them. You wouldn't allow your monitors, keyboards and other things to become so encrusted nothing works properly would you ? maybe, but the next time you see some have a closer look sure if you've got one. if not it doesn't matter so much.
  11. eveln

    What's on your mind?

    @Cybes I thought of you when I read this ... https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-02-27/what-is-kanye-wests-sunday-service-can-anyone-go-quick-guide/12001996 I just new you'd be in like Flynn !
  12. eveln

    Pet Peeves !

    I notice people's jewellery . It's part of what I do . When I see a person's hand /s, neck and or wrists with their obviously favourite pieces adorned, and their dull and almost brown ( gold can do this ) and the stones are barely readable it just does my head in. As for the burrito encrusted brooch, no, I've not seen in person, a brooch worn for ages and definitely not a burritoed one . Somehow I don't really see a wearer of brooches eating burritos, but then that might just be my take on it Yeah no, I reckon it's more a case of you and your needs just don't exist.
  13. eveln

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Here's hoping it's over before I do personally know of someone dead or just really ill from it
  14. eveln

    Pet Peeves !

    Following is my current peeve... Wash your jewellery !!! Seriously. Most of us will strive to wear clean clothes, wash our bodies at least once a day. And then put on jewellery . Sure we usually do this through habit and or sentiment. But ffs why put dirty things on to a just washed body ?? It makes no sense what so ever. It's not that hard to do - okay, if it's silver you may need the right cleaning product, but for most other metals, hot water and detergent and methylated spirits will do the job really well. Seriously dull dirty jewellery is not appealling to any one and it feels nasty on the skin too.
  15. eveln

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    It's not actually known to be a thing Jeruselem. It's a random conspiracy that Logicpr0be suggests is all