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  1. eveln

    So - who's around these days?

    righto ... on a personal scale Iv'e been here for one maybe two updates and to my knowledge sailed through just hunky dory ( thanks to whichever godness is responsible there ) ... so I was curious as to why some don't sail through quite so cleanly ... is all. Having dutifully read my FAQ and subsequent updates I am conversant with the first of your lists above. Thanks for the second one, as I think that's the one presently undergoing tweeks, yes .
  2. eveln

    What's on your mind?

    LOL ^^ could do ?... 'specially if he has any NZ blood in him .
  3. eveln

    Oohhh my golly goodness gracious me :\

    from your link scruffy ... " The judge also noted the possibility of undue media influence on the case. “This is not a criticism of media, but intended or not, the mere presence of large amounts of media from all around Australia and the world carries with it a certain amount of pressure on the court,” Ellis stated. The heavy media presence “may amount to perceived pressure for a court to reach a conclusion which seems to be consistent with the direction of public opinion, rather than being consistent with the rule of law that requires a court to hand down individual justice in its decision-making processes.” “The potential for media pressure to impact judicial independence may be subtle or indeed subversive in the sense that it is the elephant in the room that no one sees or acknowledges or wants to see or acknowledge,” Ellis said. He added that Wilson could not be convicted merely because the “Catholic Church has a lot to answer for in terms of its historical self-protective approach” to clerical sex abuse. “Philip Wilson when he appears before this court is simply an individual who has the same legal rights as every other person in our community." A bit of a catch-22 ain't it ? I mean in the past all this was kept out of the public eye in order to protect the ' good ' name /s of the church/es ( regardless of denomination ) So now the pendulum is sorta a bit chaotic in it's movement, and no-one can really be quite a hundred percent sure of the various findings ... whether they be for the prosecution or aquittal.
  4. eveln

    Oohhh my golly goodness gracious me :\

    And the Pope retires three ageing Cardinals from his retinue ... coincidently two of whom have been openly tarred with the horrid stain of child sexual abuse issues ... of course one of those is Pell. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-13/george-pell-no-longer-part-of-vatican-council-of-cardinals/10614092
  5. eveln

    So - who's around these days?

    [ disclaimer : to my knowledge I've not been subject ( yet ) to any of the issues below ] moar thoughts ... Often one reads and notices that peoples levels have changed usually due to updates. Why ? For instance that member @Muinztar Had his question in the "roll call" thread . He's certainly not the first and it seems won't be the last to ask the same type of question :) Over my time here I've read lots of members say they've been a Guru or a Champion or Titan < or name your pick > a few times over in their life span on here ... I've always wondered why that is ( for some of us ) the case and not for others . Of course none of this is 'end of the world' or even 'first world' critical, but the fact that people comment on it means they do have some ( minor perhaps ) care about it. Some have issues with post counts between updates too ... I notice @Chaos.Lady has lost about 70,000 in the last one ( bummer for her ) but @Nich... seems to have held on to his 40,000 -ish counts ... no idea whether that number of Nich's differs from this update to the last. In case you be wondering ... I have a few days off and today is my allotted totally slack day :) ... also as you can see I was unable to highlight Chaos and Nich as I could do with Muinztar to sum up : I think the various levels are recognised by users old and new and with that they have meaning and should probably stay . Relegating every one to nuclear green or white Atomican is a bit well bland really and boring ... and nobody likes to be boring
  6. eveln

    So - who's around these days?

    Ahh good morning Chaos. yes that clears it up just dandily thankyou. Colour and light is a wonderful thing ... go forth and prosper with it ! I say
  7. eveln

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    So what else to do on a stinking hot night ? Sit and watch the extended version of LOTR- The Two Towers. Thanks to Stan this time. The comfort of home viewing : to be able to take a loo break at one's leisure ... important
  8. eveln

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Yours sounds rather magnificent scruffy. Definitely too much frig for me and Walt, we don't hoard a lot of fresh food. As a result of the intermittent power issues here and our previous frig's ability, we run a light frig Given the way this Beko held it's cold for over eight hours ( cubed ice in freezer remained cubed toooo ) I can see us gaining confidence with our fresh stock supplies.
  9. eveln

    Oohhh my golly goodness gracious me :\

    Merely coincidence I'm sure, but just recently there be some Catholic nuns done for taking church school money in the USA, and here in Aus. a Catholic priest is said to have taken funds from his parish over a period of years ... let's see how forgiving the church is of these heinous crimes https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-11/nuns-embezzled-funds-from-catholic-school-to-fund-vegas-trips/10607050 https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-12/catholic-priest-father-joe-walsh-charged-stealing-from-church/10609808
  10. eveln

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    It's usually the top shelf of the frig. The old frig had a pull out semi-closed shelf for meat. This one well you just assume top shelf of frig would be best for meat ... has the other zones you mention too. Just no fancy shit ... though it does make a 'ping' noise if you have door open too long <<< that's a really new-fangled trick for me
  11. eveln

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    Yep received a T-52-2 ( Russian Tier VI ) and 5 million in credits. Think I'm about 2011 joining time ... would have to go check ... now if it were five million in gold I'd be playing right now on a forever premium account :)
  12. eveln

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    We bought a frig, " Beko ", made in Thailand. Really bog-standard issue with not even a designated meat compartment ... but it has bloody great seals ! We know this because the other day we were without power for over eight hours ... this did not deter the Beko one. little. bit ! no sirreee !! no food poisoning emanating from this household thankyouverymuch !! Our old frig had been with us eleven years, but this last few years it was getting a bit shrill, and frankly teeth-jarring with some of it's noisy machinations. Being yet another secondhand purchase, I reckon the Beko is the bees fricking knees. Almost new with, as I said, iron-grip seals , at two hundred dollars it's a peaceful-god-send
  13. eveln

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    Has @fliptopia flipped orrff again ?!
  14. eveln

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Lord Of The Rings - The fellowship Of The Ring. It's easy to see the rest on Stan, but not the first one, and until Monday we didn't have our hands on a copy ... sometimes a fossick in your local Life-Line shop is worth it cost us two bucks to sit and enjoy it Monday night. Hadn't seen it since one of my last forays to a cinema, and that was years ago. - no scratches or nufink on it either !
  15. eveln

    Oohhh my golly goodness gracious me :\

    And whilst my net was down they let the bugger off the hook. Not that it was much of a hook anyway. A lack of solid proof that Wilson was fully aware of what was happening in his own back yard.