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  1. eveln

    What's on your mind?

    ... Harassment, yes. A scumbag act, yes. Disgusting, yes. But sexual harassment..? I don't think I can make that leap - it has a lot more in common with defamation or libel than rape or groping. I found it a defamation of my sexual character.
  2. eveln

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    So, um, is there a time specified on the 11th, or will it be we just attempt to login and find we can't ... personally speaking, that would be a very dismal way to end.
  3. eveln

    What's on your mind?

    Not recently of course, cos I'm old, but there were those saying such things in my past, it could have been very costly re my job. ... I dealt with it head on. Spoke about the insinuations bluntly. I refused to be intimidated by them . But. ... I didn't rely much on social gatherings it was okay for me ...
  4. eveln

    Atomic Farewell Video Project

    I don't think it will hurt you or the baby. People up here swear by it when going on the big cats to the reef . The staff virtually thrust it at anyone who's looking a bit dubious , lol.
  5. eveln

    What's on your mind?

    agree totally
  6. eveln

    what is everyone gonna do after the 11th?

    become just a little more obscure
  7. eveln

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    A pretty grey day up here so perfect for a binge session. iView gave me, MotherFatherSon.
  8. eveln

    What a joke

    Scenerio : Ohh look a cop has killed a guy while arresting him with the help of three of his police mates ... no matter that the threehave been filmed and arrested and charged .... Perfect time for us all to gather our comrades together and go looting and pillaging wherever and hurt anyone that gets in our way. I mean the cops always look at us funny and don't treat us fairly. But even if this is the twenty-first century and we know we can hound our local Council members and make our own videos about police wrong doing in our own areas, lets just jump on this handy gravy train and go cause our own destruction and yes some death too .... yeah sounds like a real clever plan from a bunch of educated people yeah !!! / end of scenario
  9. eveln

    What a joke

    And this is where you have no fucking clue Nich. George Floyd's legacy, what ever it is matters very much to those very few who actually knew and loved him. regardless of his police record. and for them I bet you it is not in tatters cos they probably couldn't give a fuck about your righteous riots.
  10. eveln

    What a joke

    I have been critical and I still am. So far I live in a country that does not require someone outside my door with a gun ... That might be partly because our population is soooooo fucking much smaller , and just now the protests and marches of dissent have been only held in the cities. No. And they are not going to issue fines to those who break distancing regs. during the up coming march this week ... let's see if the Aboriginals and sypmathisers can maintain a level of decorum so far not shown by the brought in rioters it the USA. why not ? Or who ever else sent in those with caches of bricks at the ready . ffs Nich police are people, just like your family. quite capable of getting shit sooooo wrong. Are you gonna sit there and type that this riot is ALLLL the fault of the policemen and women ?
  11. eveln

    What a joke

    Seeing a lot of this around, and I'm not going to lie, I have less fucks to give about people who prioritise property over life. Another one I saw recently I thought was pretty good: I don't condone riots, but I can see why they happen, in the same way I don't condone the victim of domestic abuse snapping and killing their partner, but I can sure see why it happens. Imagine reading a story about domestic abuse, and thinking to yourself: that's just not right. They could have been a shop owner, and now all those poor people will be out of a job. well that is a real cunt of a way to view my conversations with you. But being end times here I guess you think it's time for all or nothing. A sad way to view it really.
  12. see my brain says this is clever, and sorta funny ... /I do have a grin happening, it's just a little one though
  13. eveln

    What a joke

    Well it seems Aus. is feeling left out and so there will be an Aus version of BLM ... 'cept the police have already stated quite clearly ahead of the march that breaking the social distancing laws is illegal ....
  14. eveln

    What a joke

    https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-06-02/what-curfews-are-in-place-in-the-us-after-george-floyd-death/12313140 So yeah the article is apparently the low-down on curfews and restrictions being enforced in America . I'm just gonna quote one wee line ... "... But not everyone is happy about the curfews. ..." FFS about one hundred and eighty odd countries haveing been living in more or less forced lockdown for our own good, for months and months .... A very fine example of the type of media shite Leonid so eloquently expanded on just before ...
  15. eveln

    What a joke

    ... you told me yesterday of your concern for family over there and issues involving them and possible police harassment. So that is rightly your focus. And from where I sit reading some responses you seem almost unconcerned with all the rest. I wonder if all the destroyed and looted business owners in all the communities can spare a thought for your concerns. I mean ...