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  1. eveln

    What a joke

    https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-12-08/why-the-workington-man-could-decide-the-uk-election/11772452 "... "I think the Labour party no longer represents the working man of the north, so that's why I'll vote Conservative. ..." "... "I always voted Labour until Mr Corbyn took charge," one man going about his morning shopping said as he declared he'd be marking Conservative at the ballot box. ..."
  2. eveln

    NSW / QLD fires

    What are your neighbours doing ? Don't be a hero now please
  3. eveln

    Mindless ramblings

    I was just thinking when i saw the news of snow at Thredbo that I could just about handle five minutes of that temp and snow just now ... would like to just zap in then zap out
  4. ...and I can be a right bitch ... so thanks, but really, I was trying to explain my inane posts is all
  5. eveln

    My leg and the last 2 months

    um. ... you'll get waited on hand and foot yup QFT !!
  6. eveln

    Mindless ramblings

    30.4c in here ... all vents open and a shade cloth hanging from the roof over the back entrance which actually helps a lot, as the afternoon sun is full force there.
  7. eveln

    Mindless ramblings

    you know today there is snow at Thredbo, or so my news feed told me this morning I don't do margaritas but am really thinking about heading to the club earlier for some air-con and a schooner of carlton black x3. I'd rather the humidity strange as that sounds. Spent some time in the pool this morning, now the sun is just toooo intense
  8. eveln

    Mindless ramblings

    And you'd be right about that
  9. eveln

    What a joke

    look at you ! ... that's what you be sayin' right ?
  10. @datafast69 when I start referring to the moon as a planet then it's probably best to consider what day and time of night it is, lol.
  11. eveln

    What a joke

    And I reckon that's what the EU powers that be are really banking on.
  12. I've no clue as to what their thoughts were, I wasn't there. It's sort of weird how we as a species have been either idolising or rejecting a " fictional sky person " for centuries. Meanwhile we've put people on outer planets. the moon .that's pretty extraordinary. And that's because people read shit that was written centuries ago that sorta let their minds breathe and expand and evolve ...
  13. eveln

    Mindless ramblings

    Yes it's hot. Summer has arrived up here in the Far North. Maybe it's that I'm a bit older. Maybe it's that the cool nights changed with the click of a finger to nights barely survived with the fan on the number two setting Right now, the night has passed with three incidents of water type stuff leaking from the sky. It will be worse come February. Today this couple from Darwin told me how this heat meant nothing to them here - sitting in the air-conditioned lobby as they were, having come from their air-conditioned room. Waiting on the air-conditioned bus that would take them to town, this summer in Port was less than a breeze for them, after all, they were NT people used to the heat in their air-conditioned life. What a fucking wank ! Truly.