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  1. Thanks guys. i'm using the corsair AX760i and i forgot about the self test switch at the back until i took out my tower to take a look. and the verdict is that my psu is dead. the self test is blinking red which means warranty time!
  2. okay here's the problem. my computer won't start up, it won't even get into post. when i press the power button, everything starts. fan spinning and shit then almost immediately it just dies. hitting the power button again doesnt do anything. the fans dont start spinning. only way i get the fan spinning and power cutting out is by turning the power off at the wall. turn it back on and then the same shit happens again. fan spins and then dies. funny thing is that i was just using the comp 2 hrs before and i had left it on when i went out and returned to a dead computer with the keyboard still lit up. HELP!!!! thanks. :)
  3. frogmen

    Screen is jumping.

    so i recently put together a new comp and everything is fine except for the monitor. when i'm on the desktop surfing the web or just on words or excel. the image on the screen jumps or flickers, like the whole screen. funny thing is when i'm gaming black ops 2 or dota or even sim city. no problems when i'm in the actual game. but when i'm on the main menu it still jumps. help pls cuz its driving me crazy. i've got a 7970 hooked up through the mini dvi to hdmi to a 27inch samsung series 7 750 led monitor running at full HD
  4. frogmen

    Varying internet speeds

    i'm using Belkin DB750 for my router. there shouldn't be a problem getting a decent signal. my mac air sitting right next to the desktop doesnt have any issues with signal strength fluctuations. also can't force the card into N only.
  5. frogmen

    Varying internet speeds

    yeah, the router is N+ on the box of the card is supposed to be 300mbps, but when looking at the network connection it says that the speed is only 144.5mpbs and the signal strength keeps fluctuating. tried to look to lock the card into N only, but i cant seem to find it.
  6. Hi guys, i just put together a new desktop with a wireless pci card in it. i've got the asus pce-n15, and the connection is slow. my laptop has better speeds than the desktop, and its taking forever to load anything up on the desktop. this stupid issue is making installing drivers and updating win8 a pain. any solutions guys?
  7. frogmen

    which one?

    Thanks! i'll probably pick up the matrix its a lil bit extra where i am.
  8. i'm considering between the asus 7970 3gb DCUII top against the asus matrix 7970 plat 3gb. which one shld i get?
  9. frogmen

    Win7 or Win8?

    hahaha, not hating on 8 guys. just that when i went to pick up a hp all in one for a friend and tried setting it up for him. i was totally lost. and i haven't been following much about win8 so i have no idea what has changed. i'll probably get win8 since everyone says its a better OS. thanks!
  10. frogmen

    Win7 or Win8?

    so i've been away from a windows pc for months and now that i've decided to built a new desktop, i was wondering which OS i shld get. my previous set up was a win7 ultimate and with the new win8, i dont really like the new win8 set up with the whole dual desktop thing and not to mention the missing start button!!! shld i just stick to getting another copy of win7? or shld i get win8?
  11. any advice on which brand of 6990 card i should get?
  12. frogmen

    Would i have enough power?

    think it was a seasonic 80plus silver or gold. but its 3yo. so it should be fine yeah.
  13. frogmen

    Would i have enough power?

    yeah i know, but looking through the power consumption thread. stock 6990 averaged at about 252W.
  14. i'm about to switch to a 6990 and i was wondering if i've got enough power to power the card and the rest of the comp. i'm currently on a 750W psu. would i have to change my psu to keep everything going and have a comfortable buffer?
  15. frogmen

    What should i do?

    But that mobo has 4 pciex slots so with the heat issues, just put one card in the top 16x slot and the other in the bottom 8x slot you will not see any performance difference, and heat will be much less a problem. yeah, i just check and i think you thought my mobo was the X58A-UD3R, i've got the X58-UD3R. so it only has 2 pci slots and not 4. also i've cleaned the fans before its just there isn't much space between the boards to have decent airflow. guess i'm changing to 6990.