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  1. Well in that case I apologise to everyone for my inaccuracies, and will leave the expert Maverick to help everyone from here on in because it has now become clear to me that my opinions are wrong and I was foolish for ever thinking them. Thanks for showing me the light MavAMPC. Goodluck everyone I sincerely hope this gets worked out for you all.
  2. If that was in response to suburban100's prior post, then I think you've misread it. everyone's entitled to a view but the facts simply don't bear that out. He has "left the site up collecting money", we don't know where he is and he did not 'become' a crook mid-scam. It's clear what has transpired. He collected money under false pretences with intent. If he was a poor chap who just got in over his head, all he needed to do was return all the money & swiftly. If he was honest, it's not as though the money he improperly collected should have been used for any other purpose, plus he hasn't got any overheads to speak of, just 2-bob rent and a website - peanuts compared to what he's raked in. From the very beginning, he lied blatantly when responding to requests re goods being delivered before Xmas and used multiple false names when responding to emails to create an impression of a large staff - it would be laughable if it hadn't had such real consequences. He has lied through his teeth since mid December - well before any proverbial shite hit the fan. I could possibly understand this type of comment coming from someone who is just an onlooker with no direct knowledge but from someone who has gone through what you have and know what many are still going through, it's pretty dumbfounding. I appreciate that it would probably sit better with you to believe he was an honest incompetent who "turned into" a crook, given your original views about his operation, but the facts reveal a totally different reality. Please don't take any of this personally because a lot of what you now write about Yadnum is good material but you should revisit this whole idea of Munday being some poor honest shmuck that went "rogue" under the pressure of the W'pool Threads. It's simply not the case and the facts, plus much of the info that has been dug up about Munday's prior activities, only add weight to the overwhelming irrefutable conclusion that he didn't "turn" shonk mid-scam, he was one from the outset. Look Maverick the reality of this is that none of us have any clue what Mundays intentions were at the outset, all we can do look at what information has been presented and draw our own conclusions. I am well aware of the fact that you believe that Yadnum set out to rip everyone off from the start, was born a crook and will die one, but quite frankly this does not give reason to shoot down other peoples opinions. I am of the opinion that he started out with mostly good intentions but with no clue of how to run a business and so it failed and now he is drowning and pulling his customers down with him, resorting to many unscrupulous and illegal actions in the process. I would appreciate you accepting this and not bringing it up every time I post something. As I have said before it is largely inconsequential anyhow, whether Michael was a crook from the start, or became a crook the end result is still the same, people have lost and still have the potential to lose money because of Yadnum, and the actions you or I may take to assist people who might have been affected arent going to be change because of the 'why' of it all.
  3. Should have asked for a screenshot or some sort of proof. Still the fact he said he has refunded means he is at least trying to placate you which is good. I agree that had Yadnum set out with ill intentions at the start he would have not gon through with the trouble of refunding anyone, govt agencies obviously take months to sort this out he would have left the site up collecting money while he nicked off overseas or something. I dont think he was a crook to start with but quickly became one when he started lying, giving the impression he was managing things, and didnt take responsibility for his actions by informing customers and shutting down the website when he knew he was in over his head.
  4. If the gmail account is no longer active then I think there is little chance of contacting him now that his website and web addresses have been taken down. whilst googling him before i Was refunded i remember seeing a hotmail address of his, michaelmunday@hotmail.com, it may be worth a try but I cant guarantee its active or even correct as I cant find my source again. I think fair trade are the only ones with a number of his, and they wont give it out. The woman I spoke to said she found the number that worked under a previous business application of the same name (yadnum computers)
  5. Everytime I emailed him I used sales@yadnum.com, and cc'd michaelmunday@gmail.com, i also left the email on the website inbox. Even though he never answers I believe he reads at least some of them. PS the other forum is here: http://z8.invisionfree.com/BewareofYadnum/...php?showforum=1
  6. My refund is in my account as of this morning. For me at least this saga is over. Good luck to those still waiting.
  7. I know not all agree with me Mav, and we have clashed a few times over this, but even after all thats happened I think that Yadnum started out with at least mostly-honest intentions. After all thats happened though we can only speculate what might have happened had WP not ran this guy so hard and fast. I think we can agree though that if it was intended to be legit then it was very poorly thought through and ultimately destined for failure with customers losing money, if not now then somewhere down the track. I think now it is really a mute point though, for Yadnum has shown himself to be perhaps the most unethical business owner I have ever dealt with, and the priority should be assisting those who have been affected to get their money back, and warning those who have not to stay well clear.
  8. Medicinebaby I managed to get my refund from him, and a screenshot showing payment made on sat... hasnt cleared yet but I think this time it is the truth. I gave up giving him time for this to clear or that to be sent. I told him straight up that I was going to post my experiences on every website from wiki to youtube to review sites to forums (and thats how we came here) so that buyers would know to stay away from his store. In his mind he can get away from this mess and so he wants to limit bad press is my thoughts, after I dent him the email he got back to me with the refund details in 2 hours. Make sure whatever you decide you get proof. Screenshots/tracking number/phone number of the courier whatever/ Fair trade also found a number of his that actually works and contacted him. I suggest emailing him saying you are fed up and that you will not wait anymore, and provide a clear consequence for what will happen if he doesnt pay up.
  9. I agree that the WP threads probably overwhelmed the business and nailed the coffin closed on this guy, but there is a point where the store owner should have closed the online store to business, and sorted out the orders that were swamping him. IMHO he was not prepared to run a business, and bit off way more then he could chew. Remember that before the WP folk like me started getting really up in arms we had already waited up to a month before even getting communication from the guy. And none of that can be used as justification to blatantly lie to customers.
  10. For those of you that looking for parts for your new system, stay well clear of Yadnum computers Pty Ltd. The owner of the store has been taking money from customers since December but does not send out any product. They are registered as an Australian company and the website looks legit enough, and they have offered hardware at bait prices to tempt buyers into buying from an unknown store (eg i7 920 for $385 in Dec) This store has infuriated so many people that topics involving this store are banned now on the WP forums, as users started doing inappropriate things like posting personal details of the store owner and threatening violence. The owner continually lies to all its customers, and I believe they have no ability to pay back debt, or stock to send. This store is not worth your risk.