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    So people have been giving me funny looks all day...

    Hahaha. Havn't done something like that yet, but have walked around with my fly undone many a time.
  2. kraftergnome

    How do I open and view PHP Source Code.?

    +1 Provides indentation and line numbering.
  3. kraftergnome

    mods and case pics

    I think it looks very good.
  4. kraftergnome

    Put down that hot cup of tea !

    Breathing air raises your risk of cancer too.
  5. kraftergnome

    Lines of work for a Uni student?

    Personally. I think that a petrol station would provide the best income for a Uni student. Every job I tried wanted me to either work in the middle of the day when I had lectures and turorials on or payed too little. After a while I got a job at a shell servo. The pay is quite good ~$19 on weekdays and ~$21 on weekends @ 18 years old. Since it is open 24 hours you need the hours are very flexible and I was able get the hours I needed at the times I wanted. So yeah, I reckon you should give a servo a shot.
  6. kraftergnome

    Best War Movie

    Stars Wars FTW Oh, and Saving Private Ryan.
  7. kraftergnome

    Stolen number plates

    It's mainly for petrol runs. I work at a servo and I had a driver try and steal fuel up to 4 times in one day, each time with new number plate. It's quick and easy and almost impossible to find out who did it.
  8. kraftergnome

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Kids - MGMT
  9. kraftergnome

    Picking up...!

    Bahahaha. Awesome.
  10. kraftergnome

    I've developed a twitch/spasm ....

    Just lay of the drugs a little ;)
  11. kraftergnome

    Your height

    182cm here. Never had any back problems or joint pains. I did dislocate my knee but I dont think that was height related.
  12. kraftergnome

    Twisted Ankle

    Eh bad luck mate. I' been very unlucky with injuries also. I played tennis seriously a few years back, and just before a tournment I dislocated my knee. Putting me on crutches for about 4 months. Then about a year ago, just as I was about to turn proffessional i did it again, this time it was far too fucked up to even think about continouing with Tennis. I guess thats life hey.
  13. kraftergnome


    The way we used the terms back in High School was: -Nerd: A smart anti-social being -Geek: A dumb anti social being. It seems that all regions/ individuals have different interpretations.
  14. kraftergnome

    Perhaps I've been overreacting

    Or maybe I just feel bad about making other people feel bad? Dude, its what the internet is here for. To make people feel bad :) Look, I just felt the need to apologise for acting like a fuckwit. What has everyone got against that? Dude, what everone is trying to tell you is that no one was offended by your comments. You have your opinions and thats it. If you hate something then you hate it, no big deal! :D
  15. kraftergnome

    Slow day at Work

    Haha, way cool.