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  1. Ok im glad i finally fixed it and got it to show up in the vista installation... =) all i had to do was make my optical drive the slave of my hard drive, with my hard drive being the master and that seemed to fix it... thanks everyone for their consistent help! =) does it matter that i dont have a partition for my operating system files? is there any difference or reason why i should? cause since i already formatted my hard drive in my mates computer, it didnt give me the option to partition it during the vista installation i believe, atleast i dont remember seeing the option... not sure if it matters but just wondering whether i should bother reinstalling vista now so i have a partition specifically for my system files, before i start installing loads of stuff onto the computer. is it worth it? cause i would rather know now than later... Thanks!
  2. i don't have to set up a raid configuration if im only using one hard drive tho right? like i said before, i haven't configured anything yet so i doubt i would of set up a raid configuration and to be honest im not fully sure how to. I only have one hard drive at the moment and i cant get it to show up in vista installation... am i meant to configure something? and yes i can see it in my bios, like i said previously. by trying a different disc, are u referring to using a different hard drive? if so, i can't because i don't have any others to use. I would also like to mention although im not sure if it's important. is that when i first got the system built and i didn't have an operating system yet, i put in the gigabyte utilities disc that came with the motherboard to just test out the optical drive and see what would happen, and it ran xpressrecovery2 i believe it was called. im not sure if that may of screwed something up but i sure hope not. also if it may of, i also took the hard drive to my mates place and tested it in his system which has 64 bit vista already loaded onto it and it made him have to format it, to use it. after he formatted it, it worked fine in his system. but then i took it home and tried it in mine and it still wouldn't show up in the vista installation process. I realy am unsure on what to do.. also is there a specific way i should have the sata cables plugged into the motherboard, for both my optical drive and hard drive?
  3. Hello everyone i previously posted this issue before in my old building topic but i thought i might just start a new one to save from people answering on what i should buy... Ive recently built the computer with these listed specs: Motherboard: Gigabyte-X58-ud5 psu: Corsair tx-750w power supply ram: G.skill 3x2gb 1600mhz ddr3 sticks cd/dvd drive: Pioneer 216 black sata dvd-rw cpu: Intel core i7 920 2.66ghz hard drive: Western Digital 640gb caviar black hdd (at the moment i only just have one of these, but i am planning to get another sometime later for raid 0) as for graphics card and monitor, i am just using an old CRT monitor and like a 10 year old graphics card that my dad lent me for the time being until i order my own tomorrow. so i at least can start installing stuff to save time later. but i have a problem when trying to install 64 bit vista. My problem is when i try to install vista, it doesn't recognize my hard drive... although in the bios it shows up fine and when i tried the hard drive in my friends computer it recognized it and he was able to use it fine... At the moment my computer is completely the same as how i got it... i haven't updated my bios or anything, or edited any settings in the bios for that matter. i have tried using different sata cables but had no luck and i also have tried plugging the sata cables in different sata spots on the motherboard.... hopefully one of you's know my problem and hopefully i can get this fixed soon. I would also like to mention that this is my first computer build and i am still new to quite a bit and still uncertain what some things mean in the bios, so im not quite sure if i have to change any settings in the bios. Also i am not fully sure which ports on the motherboard the sata cables should be plugged into. whether for example into g_sata-0 or sata-0, at the moment i have three sata cables that are need to be plugged into the motherboard... they are my optical drive, hdd and esata for my front i/o panel on my case. Thanks for any help in advance.
  4. Hello everyone... Ive recently built the computer with the specs as mentioned above, but i have a problem when trying to install 64 bit vista. My problem is when i try to install vista, it doesnt recognise my hard drive... although in the bios it shows up fine and when i tried the hard drive in my friends computer it recognised it and he was able to use it fine... atm my computer is completely the same as how i got it... i havnt updated my bios or anything, or edited any settings in the bios for that matter. i have tried using different sata cables but had no luck and i also have tried plugging the sata cables in different spots on the motherboard.... Im not sure if i should start a new topic on this but ill ask here first... hopefully one of u's know my problem and hopefully i can get this fixed soon. just incase you's cant be bothered reading above, my motherboard is the Gigabyte-X58-ud5. Thanks for any help in advance.
  5. Ok well very soon im going to be ordering my computer now that the money from kevin rudd has came through, hopefully in the next few days ill be doing this. Thanks everyone for the help so far, ive been continously reading other build posts to try and keep up with what hardware is the best choice. Ok so far I think i will stick with what i have posted before except ill be purchasing the noctua 1366 u12p aswell. also i found that i can order all my parts from the one store in ACT, so ill be doing that as it is more of a convenience for me. One thing i want to know and have been uncertain about is if theres any difference in me getting the G.Skill 6gb 12800 1600mhz kit over the G.Skill 6gb 10666 1333mhz kit. as ive read other posts, ive found out the ram will only run at 1066mhz by default without overclocking. Although i am planning on overclocking, i would like to know if there is any advantages/disadvantages in getting the 1666mhz over the 1333mhz kit? and if it's not much of a price difference between the two, shall i just get the 1666mhz kit? also i think i read somewhere in another topic, that someone was not able to get the full 1666mhz out of this ram, whilst trying to overclock the cpu. im not quite sure if it was only that individual thats getting this problem or what, so any more info would be good on this. Also i noticed that they also have the ud5 motherboard, which is what i am planning on getting not sure if it had somewhat to do with the problem. I think i also pretty much copied nesquick's build with the hardware, so would be good to hear from him on his view since he should know what issues he's had with the build and if he would change anything if price wasnt a factor. Anyway thanks in advance for any more info u guys have.
  6. well i know the main problem for me with the haf 932, is that it does not have any dust filters and my house gets pretty dusty. also with the storm sniper, i really like the led light switch because as much as i like the look of them, there are times i plan to have my computer left on whilst i sleep and with this function it would make things alot easier. also another point is the handles, personally i plan to take this computer every so often to mates place for lans so this feature will come in handy for me. and i think theres about a 40 to 50 dollars price difference between those cases. also with the hx-620 power supply im not sure if it will be sufficient to run a 4870x2 and a 4870 in crossfire, which is what im planning to do sometime down the track so im simply being a bit future proof with this, and also with a 40 to 50 dollar price difference it doesnt bother me to much. Thanks again for the help =) and keep the feedback coming!
  7. ok i think i have finaly come to a conclusion on what parts im getting and from where, these are: From a local shop i found called "the pc professional" in ACT which is where i live, i will be getting the following: cpu: intel core i7 920 for $492 motherboard: gigabyte x58 ud5 for $475 graphics card: his hd 4870 iceq 4+ 1gb for $420 optical drive: pioneer dvr-216 black for $39 psu: corsair tx750w for $238 (note only getting this one cause im planning on running multi-gpu's in the future) hard drive: western digital wd6401aals 640gb caviar black for $139 (I am just planning on getting one for now and add another later at some point) operating system: windows vista x64 home premium oem for $199 (or could pay $1 more and get it with sp1, which im guessing u can download anyway for free but at that price difference might aswell get it) also probably just buy a cheap keyboard and mouse from here also for now. from a shop in nsw called "maco technology": ram: g.skill ddr3 1600mhz 3x2gb kit for $230 monitor: benq 22" e2200hd for $275 and lastly form another store in nsw called "aus pc-market": case: coolermaster storm sniper for $269.50 so to a total of $2776.50 I am planning on purchasing all of these parts in about a weeks time (hoping that kevin rudd's stimulus package money has come in by then) and tommorow i am going to "the pc professional" store to ask about stock avalability and maybe discount or deal of some sort for buying majority of my parts from there (well atleast im hoping so anyway) =) thanks so any last inputs on my build choices before i start ordering/buying these parts would be great!
  8. antony

    CMD prompt

    Just curious, are you the administrator by any chance? because i know when im using the computers at school and of which i dont have full privileges, its does exactly as what u explained. not sure if this is of any use but i thought i might as well mention it. =) also on that note, i think theres more there one type of command screen. cause when typing in cmd in run it brings up the screen differently to when typing command in there. i know they must be different in some form because i am blocked from using command one at school but not cmd.
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    Portable HDD

    Yea i personally have a Western Digital portable hard dirve and i think its really great! have not had any problems with it and its both small and perfectly silent. Although i dont know how big of storage you can go up to with them, without the need of external power. I have a 160gb version i got about a year ago and use it frequently and my dad also has a larger capacity storage western digital portable hard drive and has had it for about 2 years or so and also hasnt had any issues with it.
  10. oh ok thanks. although i thought all the x58 motherboards had atleast 2 pcie slots running at full x16 speed, like the x48 boards, unless i am wrong about them both. cause by viewing this link to the gigabyte website, it shows the ud4 and ud3r with two pcie slots that run at x16 speed and the ud5 has three with 1 that runs at x16 and 2 that run at x8. So my interpretation to this was that they all have atleast 2 that run at x16, but the ud5 has a third one but when running all three in either SLI/CF the second and third one gets there speed halfed to x8. I hope what i just said makes sense to you and hopefully someone can fill me in on whether my thoughts on this is correct. Also yes i am planning on using two GPU's sometime down the track so a mobo with atleast two pcie slots running at full x16 speed is needed. Another thing i noticed when comparing these gigabyte motherboards is that they all have a memory type of 3 channel ddr3 but in the memory socket it shows the ud3r supports ddr3*4 and allowing up to 16gb and both the ud4 and ud5 supports ddr3*6 and allowing up to 24gb, im guessing by this that there is 4gb sticks you can buy cause thats the only way i can think of this making sense to me, although ive only seen 2gb sticks i believe. As i noticed with the ud3r version, it only has 4 ram slots, does this mean that you can still have 3 in at one time and can add another one later or can you only have either 2 or 4 ram sticks in at a time? thanks once again for your info =)
  11. oh ok thanks. well i will be using fans to cool my system so yea. umm with the ds4 and the ud3r version, just wondering whats the main differences between them? because there so similar in price that it gets me thinking surely there must be something different about each of them and if so what? and also another question aimed at osama_bin_athlon or anyone who have been in the same situation. just was wondering what was the reasons that made you want to upgrade to a more expensive motherboard? because i tried to work out the difference between the cheaper gigabyte x58 mobo's and the more expensive ones ( through there website), but i mainly only noticed the dual ethernet ports and the rest to me either i didnt understand what the feature did or didnt seem as much of a difference from my view.
  12. Hey im looking at building a intel core i7 920 rig soon and was wondering whats the best motherboard to get for overclocking. ive mainly only looked at either gigabyte and asus motherboards, and atm im looking at getting a gigabyte motherboard for the sake of being cheaper and by what ive heard are good motherboards. I am thinking of getting the gigabyte-x58-ud3r or ds4 version because there the cheapest ones out, but unsure if they arnt as good for overclocking or are missing out on some added usefull features. I could go for the ud5 version but if not needed for me to overclock with more stability or anything than theres no point. Anyway I hope i can get filled in with this information, any thoughts on this would be great!
  13. oh ok thanks for the responses =) I think ill go with the Intel core i7 and overclock it. maybe not straight away because i mgiht not have enough money to buy a better (aftermarket) cpu cooler. I was initially considering getting i7 cpu but wasnt sure about overclocking, but im thinking now that surely ill b able to get help with deciding on a good cooler and help on how to safely overclock since it would be my first time trying. Also as ive noticed, you can safely get 4ghz with the i7 920 on air which is crazy! hmm i dont know how u got $175 for 6gb ddr3 kit. the cheapest i can see for 6gb kit is around 270 dollars. Also whats a good motherboard to overclock with in the x58 series (which i think are the only mobo's capable for the i7's lga 1366 sockets), and whether gigabyte or asus is the better choice to go. Also just wondering if any of you's know the performace difference between 2x4870 1gb in CrossfireX and a single 4870x2 2gb card, because i might have to consider getting a singe 4870 1gb card now and get another later, depending on how much money ill have to spend or possibly just get the 4870x2 later down the track to go crossfire with if i have the money and maybe the price might drop a bit by then. With the WD 640gb hard drives, is there a specific one you's are talking about? becuase i noticed theres the cavier black and some called green or blue if i remember. also is the hard drive u talking about: sataII 7200rpm 32mb cache? Thanks =)
  14. Hey im planning on building a new computer shortly that will be designed for gaming mostly and some 3d software. After doing a fair bit of research on various computer components i came up with these parts: cpu: intel core 2 quad q9650 3.0ghz 12mb cache motherboard: asus rampage formula x48 optical drive: Pioneer dvr-216 20x dvdrw sata ram: ocz ddr2 pc2-8500 platinum 1066mhz 5-5-5-18 2x2gb kit graphics card: his hd 4870 iceq 4+ turbo 1gb psu: the psu is one of the things im uncertain about, but after doing some research i was thinking of getting the corsair tx-750 750w power supply. Also with that said im planning on getting another graphics card to go crossfire with in the future. probably with the hd 4870x2 or another 4870 1gb card. hard drive: the hard drive i have a rough idea but unsure on whats the best to get. i was thinking of the western digital green 1tb 7200rpm 32mb cache wd10eads, just not sure if its best to get 2 HD's (one for main storage and the other for system/operating system files), or get just 1 and partition it to use for both. The case is the biggest issue ive had on deciding, mainly because i only have a certain amount of space to fit the case. Im hoping to be able to fit multi gpu's in the case in the future so that needs to be considered. The computer desk i have currently only has one spot i can place it which sucks and therefore im restricted with space. The area of where the case will go has a height of around 61cm's high, so i will need to get a case that is preferably a bit lower height than that and still able to fit all the components fine with still a bit of space for good air circulation. Also my house gets pretty dusty, so a case that keeps out the dust would be really good. Also this is my first computer build and therefore i am not planning on overclocking it, but i may consider it in the future when i feel a bit safer about doing so. Hmm i think i covered everything, any help would be much appreciated. =)