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  1. Heya mate, sorry to hear you're in the same boat. It's understandable that you'd want to just move on. Do whatever suits you. I do think you should follow up on it a bit further though. It aint over 'til it's over and all that. There are avenues still being explored in regards to getting our money back and if they don't pan out, it may still be possible to make sure (legally) the guy in question is left in no position to do this sort of thing again. So who knows what might happen? As I said, this isn't over yet, and in some ways it's just starting. I'd say at least register here - http://z8.invisionfree.com/BewareofYadnum/...php?showforum=1 even if just to monitor other people's progress in trying to see that justice is done. At this point the more people who come forward the better. If you just can't be bothered or whatever, thanks anyway for sharing your story here.
  2. Come on now. Ever heard of buyer beware? Do you take everything Google shows you to be the absolute truth? I didn't think so (to the second one that is). These people make money by aggregating sites, not by protecting people who use their services. You have to take some degree of responsibility here or we will end up like the US where they will sue anything because they don't want to accept some part of the responsibility. I appreciate you've been stooged, but making wild comments like that doesn't help anyone. I've edited my original post in case my comment was actually 'wild' and unhelpful. People can make up their own minds about that, about whether or not a dodgy 'business' gains some legitimacy it wouldn't otherwise have by being included with legitimate businesses on price-search sites and about whether those people making money off those sites are doing enough to promote 'buyer beware'. And in the meantime people (ordinary people, who don't know things like how people make money by aggregating sites, not internet veterans) will continue to get stooged. I won't argue with you (here or privately) over the other points you've made as that wouldn't be helpful either. I admit I did inadvertently introduce a side-track issue, sorry for that, that's the last I'll say about it here.
  3. Dude, I did the Google search and came up with nothing. The same would happen again with any new store. So I'd add to the warning by saying, if you do a search and don't come up with anything, positive or negative, assume the worst and at least go as far as asking around until you do find someone that can give you feedback before committing any money. Further, do as I also did and try to contact the store to verify their legitimacy. Maybe even do a small test purchase. But under no circumstance do as I finally did and continue with a large payment without having heard back from the store, regardless of their being on holidays or any other excuse. Also, trust your instincts, if it feels like a gamble, as it did to me at the time, don't do it. Buying online isn't meant to be a gamble! You're not supposed to just click the button and hope for the best. If in doubt leave it out. If you can't ascertain for sure whether a store is legit or not, go elsewhere, regardless of whatever bait's being dangled before you. And if you decide you haven't got time to do any of that, then at least consider the time you'll be wasting later on if your gamble doesn't pay off, and think again. I should add, I also took the fact that the shop was listed in price-search engines as some kind of verification of the shops legitimacy. Something else people might consider is that it may be possible to join in as a co-claimant (or whatever you'd call it) on the CTTT hearing(s) that hasn't happened yet. A solicitor I got advice off suggested this to me. I've yet to contact the CTTT to find out how this would be done, but the idea is these hearings don't have to be one party against another, it can be several parties against one. It could save the hassle and time delay of every one of us starting separate hearings.
  4. Hey all, another one here waiting for a refund ($608.95 direct deposit). Got caught up in the early January phase when a google search revealed nothing about the company. I figured it was just a new company trying to make an impact with those introductory prices. Anyway... Found this the other day- http://esd.cttt.nsw.gov.au/Hearing/Hearing...cationCode=2000 If you scroll down to Wednesday 11 March, you'll see Michael Ho Pty Ltd and Yadnum Computers due for a little get together at the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal of NSW. I wonder how that will go. I've been putting it off out of laziness, but I'll be looking into my legal options myself next week. I don't know what the guys motivations were, and it doesn't really matter now. I've sent him a message stating my intentions while still giving him a chance to work things out. I'm not inclined towards violence or harrassing people into doing the right thing, so I'll have to see what else can be done. Les.