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  1. scarfy

    Roll Call!

    My old username was Shrewd (http://archive.atomicmpc.com.au/viewdetails.asp?u=25840 ) and I'm a 10+ year-er. This second account I made a good 5-6 years ago, after I accidentally locked myself out of my Shrewd account forever... :( I honestly can't remember how or why, but it was probably something angst-related. Great to see a lot of old names too! Lots of good memories and a few points knocked off my GPA because of my Atomic days :) And yes, I'm not exactly 'active' anymore per se, but I pop back in every once in a while and have a look around.
  2. scarfy

    Voter's Regret

    Lock your daughters away and load that shotty -- it's election season. But this time round - rather than talk the politics of the day, let's look at the politics of the past. Remembering previous elections, how often have you regretted your decision to vote for a particular party or candidate? Never? Every single bloody time? And do you accept personal responsibility for voting for the wrong candidate? Thoughts. Regrets. Discuss.
  3. scarfy

    What are your unusual talents?

    I've always thought if humans had perfect memories that life would be radically different. An eight-hour shift in a boring place doing the same thing over and over again would surely feel like torture.
  4. scarfy

    What are your unusual talents?

    That makes sense. So unusual "skills" then. :) As for keeping it secret, well, with dishwashing, it's something I believe I'm truly excellent at it - but I wouldn't bring that up at a dinner party. I've memorised my BSB and account numbers because I lose my bank card on such a regular basis and bank tellers are usually very impressed by that. Otherwise, I can remember a number seemingly randomly for years at a time but then one day - poof - it'll just vanish from my head.
  5. After years of knowing her, I learned that a close friend is a proficient unicycler. As a child, she unicycled everywhere she went. She stopped around the time she gained self-awareness, but today she still owns a unicycle and can ride it to a very high standard. This got me thinking. What secret talents do you have? Are you are a virtuoso piano player? A pro-skateboarder? Are you ace at telling horror stories? Do you have encyclopaedic knowledge about an unusual topic? Let's hear 'em :) Mine are: - I am an excellent dish-washer. Very fast, excellent at staking & I never leave a mark. - I am very good at picking people's ages. Scarfy
  6. scarfy

    Cats inside.

    Oh, I have too many words to write about that Grumpy Cat phenomenon. I'll be saving that vid for one very rainy day.
  7. scarfy

    Cats inside.

  8. scarfy

    Cats inside.

    Hey atomicoids, Sad news about the mag. Good news the forum ain't going just yet! I'm popping back in for several reasons. The first is to present my new blog. When I was a tyke and kinda unofficially living at these forums, I remember regularly calling upon you lot to rip apart my short stories. So this is in that vein. http://catvideoreviews.com/ So... comments... criticism? Secondly... a favour! If you have any cat videos you absolutely love (or loathe) - preferably hosted on YouTube - post 'em up. I'm sort of looking for a Holy Grail. Am yet to find it. Thanks all! - Shrewd.
  9. Sad, sad, sad, sad. I remember his posts plenty, back when I used the forums a little much for my own good. RIP Spamzor -- all the best for whatever comes next.
  10. scarfy

    It's your flippin choice!

    Russel Crowe We could put a different image of him from his various roles for the different denominations. The better his role, the higher the coin. Master and Commander shotguns the 5c piece, of course.
  11. Hahaha my fav so far :) Director, pretty sure the prize is that you get to be the awe of sixty to eighty year olds everywhere.
  12. scarfy

    When social media becomes your headstone

    Twitter @friend Home in 7 days! And Facebook I more post photos than status updates at the moment and my most recent one is an image of a koala toy on a tree in Laos. I'd be fine with anything I post being my last - since nothing I post really warrants being my last, and so what difference does it make. I sometimes ponder what it would be like to be about to die and have an opportunity to say something short to the world. Suppose it would simply be a message to my family - along with a shot at humour. I'd want them to know that I lived a happy and full life, even if cut short, and I'm happy for it.
  13. scarfy

    Define Your Username and Avatar! Please...

    Username: Around the time I created this particular account, I had recently begun wearing scarves. Image: Reactive to my rank.
  14. This place seems a tad quiet, like a crossword on a Sunday morning. Well, put that crossword away -- because it's time to get wild and give the New Yorker Caption Contest a go. Yep, that's right, grandpa ain't the only one who gets to have fun! Here's the link to this week's cartoon. The aim of the game is to win. For the nation.. well er, forum! Good luck! Obviously -- share your captions. My entry: "Could you please point me in the direction of the sales."
  15. scarfy

    So i've joined twitter...

    #alex_penman Twitter's worth is in who you choose to follow.