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  1. matteh

    HTC Droid DNA

    It's also $200 upfront + 24 month contact
  2. matteh

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Did you get one of those yesterday? I just checked the store again and they are still out of stock. Nope, I saw it up for sale Tuesday so I bought it then and went to lunch.... when I came back there were internet-riots about it selling out on whirlpool and a frenzy building so I must have been lucky.. ::EDIT:: I think new stock is a week or so away unfortunately...
  3. matteh

    Android 4.2 and new Nexus devices

    Ordered my Nexus 4 on Tuesday and I'm installing 4.2 on my Nexus 7 tonight can't wait :D
  4. matteh

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    One of these. Now I need to decide whether I'm staying with Telstra.
  5. matteh

    Borderlands 2: Get your co-op on thread

    I haven't had any issues connecting since myself and a friend forwared ports 7778, 50000-65535... Don't know if it is just luck though haha bone_marrow is my Steam ID, feel free to add me.
  6. matteh

    Diablo III

    Anyone want some Guest Passes?
  7. matteh


    I'm having some similar issues. Those and the frequent lock ups I'm getting are giving me the shits. I shouldn't have to power cycle my PC every hour...
  8. matteh


    Started a new character because I wanted to do things a little differently. I've gone straight to Windhelm and I'm getting a heap of crashes/freezing of the game. :( Updating all my drivers now to see if I can sort it out...
  9. matteh


    Finished downloading it on steam this morning just before I had to leave for work... Can't wait to get home and start playing.
  10. matteh

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    Seem to have solved my drop out problem by disabling UPnP - if anyone has the same problem I: *Forwarded Ports (using the PortForward.com listing) *Disabled UPnP *Disable Network discovery Using Win7 x64. I'm also using a Thomson router supplied by Telstra which I think is my main problem...
  11. matteh

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    Anybody else having issues with dropping out a lot? I've tried updating punkbuster and even forwarding ports but I've had no success in stopping my frequent dropouts... It's not my connection as my roommate doesn't dropout at all... I'm loving the game, it's just annoying to rack up a good score and then drop out and lose it all -.-
  12. I don't really notice a difference around town, but highway driving 95/98 drops 2L/100kms off compared to 91. I haven't tried E10 - and I'm not going to.
  13. Thanks mate, I've tracked it down to being a hardware issue, the boss isn't worried about it so he's just going to use it til it dies. I'll run OCCT on it next time he's in.
  14. Hi guys, I have a Toshiba M300 that has an odd problem. Every second boot the keyboard and touch pad are unresponsive and the resolution and graphics settings are set to minimum. Any ideas? Windows 7 Professional Clean install - Problem was happening on Vista and 7 after an upgrade. I was hoping this format would fix it... Cheers, Matteh
  15. matteh

    Little old lady cars

    I have a Forester. 10L/100 around Town, 8L/100 on the Highway. It's a 2003 XS though, and any Foresters around $5000 are going to be from the first generation so YMMV. They're not too bad to park etc, bit of a shitty turning circle due to AWD but they have a short wheel base and its very easy to tell how far the front or back are from things.