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  1. Ok so the other day i got given a sim card from a mate, telstra one with freedom plan on it, where you get 5 ppl mwho you can free call and text too, this plan doesnt exist anymore unless you already had it. and i just have a telstra 1c text plan on my sim, (there both pre paid BTW), and i want to use his freedom SIM, but with my number, is this possible? im going into town on thursday where there is a telstra shop and want to know by then. Cheers chessnut, if i get any help it will be muchly appreciated.
  2. ch3ssnut

    Upgrade from VGA to DVI on 24" 1080p?

    Ohk then no worries mate, might have a look for one then. And i run it maxed out on the game settings, but i'll have a muck around with the CCC settings and see how it goes. Thanks. Would you get as much improvement from going from VGA to DVI, as you would going from the AV cables too the HDMI cables on PS3? cause i noticed a huge difference on the PS3 going from the AV cables or whatever they are to the HDMI
  3. Hey so ive got a 512mb 4670, with two DVI outputs, and currently it has a converter to VGA then a regular VGA cord running to the 24" Acer monitor. So it goes like this DVI > VGA Converter > VGA Cable > VGA monitor Port. So yeah its running on VGA, and i was wondering if it is better when you use DVI cables instead? It's a 24" 1920x1080 ACER monitor, so yeah just hoping someone could tell me if it will be better cause comparing my computer to a PS3 with HDMI cables on COD4, PS3 looks shitloads better, and the PS3 is only on a 32" 1080p TV so nothing special, and when i tried my 1080p 32" with VGA cables it still didnt look as good. So yeah just wondering if someone could help me out with that, thanks
  4. ch3ssnut

    New Pc Problems

    nope cant get to bios at all. and yeah i have tried that adn just tried it again and still no luck :(
  5. Ok so i just put together my new pc im building for a friends, installed windows 7 on it. only had one 1gb 667 A-Data stick in it, all going fine, nice setup. then thought may as well put the other stick in, so i put the other one in, exactly the same as the other one, and it didn't wanna start up, didn't post. the pc speaker got removed cause i painted the case and didn't think I'd need it. so it might be beeping dunno though lol, and yeah i pulled it out, left the original one in. did the same, reset the bios with the jumper things, no luck still not working with one stick. so now its pretty screwed, wondering if anyone could help me, cheers Oh and here's the specs: E4400 dual core 2.0ghz Radeon 512mb 1300xt A-Data 2 x 1GB 667 cheap yumcha 320w PSU 20GB HDD that i found somewhere (dont worry its just a temporary) MSI G31M3 V2
  6. ch3ssnut

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Im In Miami Bitch - LMAO ft. Pitbull
  7. ch3ssnut

    PC vs Console(GAMERS)

    well if people were smart with computers they would buy one over a console, cause they would realise that ya dont need to spend $600 to get a computer to run say COD4, i built one for $250 that runs cod4, 5 fine. but people just buy em from the local computer shop and it costs so much more. Also people should take into consideration that if you already have a computer, all it is, is a matter of getting a new graphics card and maybe even paying $15 for installation. which is alot cheaper than going out and buying a PS3. I used to be a xbox gamer and was looking to get a 360, but then i started learning about pc's, and how easy they are to build with a bit of research and help from friends. and i realised a PC can do so more other things, even if it is more expensive, and u dont need to pay to play online, games are moddable, but yeah i guess some ppl just dont realise
  8. Yeah i have a athlon II x4 620 2.6ghz, runs great, loves all the new games that support quad core and they are currently $115. it performs pretty much equal with my older x2 6400 3.20ghz in games like cod4,5, crysis etc. but games like GTA 4, dirt 2 and thats the only new ones i currently have it runs awesomely good with the new quad core support
  9. i know that when ya see cars like this for cheap and that have been done up nice ya just wanna buy it, but in the long run, it probably will have something happen to it and it wont be worth it. Like my mate, got a 300zx twin turbo for $8000 (fairlady twin turbo's apparently) and it had like 250kw or something, and it blew on the drive home, cost $2000 to fix. and then it was fine, nice car, flew around being so small and light, and now its not running again, not sure why this time but its just a good example of what can happen
  10. ch3ssnut

    New Screen goodness

    yeah better thats how i got my setup
  11. Awesome nice setup, And 2 SHY its an Aerocool Modern-V LCD Display, found here http://www.aerocool.com.tw/peripheral/modernv.htm Also nice kitchen lol
  12. if you get random spikes, to like 800 ping plus, depends what game ya playing they all seem to read different. I used to have this problem with wireless, go into start, all programs, accessories, run and type in "services.msc" adn stop umm shit, i only knew how to do this on xp, i have recently upgraded to win 7 aswell, and teh services have different names, it's one of the bottom 5 that ya stop anyway lol. I can't remember what it was called but apparently it was a windows thing for wlan that automically searches for more wlan connections at random times, so everytime ya open up windows i used to have to stop it but ya need it to get ya first connection so ya have to wait until it gets connected first. Also what is your internet speeds? cause when i did this it didn't completely fix my problem as i was on 256/64 12GB a month which was fine, but the upload was shit, and apparently every couple of minutes ya have to upload info to the server in online gaming and that would cause lag with my low upload speed. But recently telstra updated there plans so i upgraded to 1500/256 with no more fee's or anything. Hope this helps cheers chessnut
  13. ch3ssnut

    Gaming Mouse and Pad

    I like the speed, and have only found it to increase my accuracy. One of the things that frustrated me enough to spend stupid amounts of money on the mouse pad + mouse setup was that it was never fast enough. Now in TF2 I use 2000dpi a lot. The mouse pad could be a lot better though, it's the same as just a standard cloth one you’ll find for $5. 2000DPI????? shit lol i find 1200dpi fast enuf lol
  14. ch3ssnut

    3d gaming monitors

    have a look on youtube and see what you think, it shows what it would look like, i wouldnt bother until it gets better and not so blurey
  15. ch3ssnut

    New Screen goodness

    nice setup man, gotta love multi monitor setups