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  1. _daniel_

    Your Favourite Insult Names

    cock stock
  2. _daniel_

    pussy power v2

    hmm i think i will keep my door closed tonight. >_<
  3. _daniel_

    pussy power v2

    It was the flash... she always does that when i take flash pics..
  4. _daniel_

    pussy power v2

    Here is a 1 week update on them.. There eyes are starting to open :)
  5. _daniel_

    Top dating site

    I dont get it, why do they cover up there faces, if they are looking for a new partner don't they want to be seen?
  6. _daniel_

    Something I can't get my head around...

    on this topic, Does the grant include apartments or just houses? hope they will offer the grant in 5-10 years when i plan on buying a place of my own.
  7. _daniel_

    Who is Atomic's mayor?

    so what does the at0mic "mayor" do?
  8. _daniel_

    What Are You Cooking?

    how about this, melt 2ltrs of ice cream, remove 20% of ice cream from tub, add 20% coffee in ice cream tub, Stir and freeze it... YUM!
  9. _daniel_

    What Are You Cooking?

    Bananna's & Boiled rice.
  10. _daniel_

    What Are You Cooking?

    sorry that is fail :P You need, Burger bun (i pref tip top 1) 2 fried eggs 6 pieces of bacon 2 hash browns BBQ Sauce.. All in the one burger..
  11. _daniel_

    Anyone got a Orange card?

    Lol library?? Everything seem to be available online now..
  12. _daniel_

    My sweetest overtime session.....

    sleep? watch movies?
  13. _daniel_

    Winston gets the chop tomorrow.

    Hope teh Mr kitty will recover from it quickly. And keep him in doors for a couple of days so the stitches wont get infected. I need to get my kitty de-sexed..
  14. _daniel_

    Asus 4870 fan busted

    mine has not failed yet. i have had it for 5 months and the fan is always on 100% but i think it will fail soon