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  1. Only the very latest version of ghost copies across the BCD from windows 7 (what used to be boot.ini) Best method for you is probably to plug the SSD into your full laptop, and run the windows 7 recovery, so it rebuilds the BCD. Otherwise you would need a usb cd drive or Bart PE (or something similar) running off a bootable USB stick.
  2. theunknownsoldier

    Hardware Horror

    Knowing her, she was probably happy the computer died. Probably figured you and her son would pay more attention to her
  3. theunknownsoldier

    Hey math nerds

    That was my suggestion, but I'm not sure if it's quite as simple as the alternate solution above. e = sqrt(r^2 - c^2) - b requires 5 steps, whereas (r*cos(x)) - b only requires three steps.
  4. theunknownsoldier

    Hey math nerds

    Sorry, it's actually : (r * cos(x)) - b
  5. theunknownsoldier

    Hey math nerds

    If you know x, isn't it just : (r * sin(x)) - b (or is that cos(x), can never remember)
  6. theunknownsoldier

    OMFG.....I cant believe this....Been waiting years.......

    "Jay is away this week, so Silent Bob will be doing the show on his own." 60 minutes of silence "Well folks, we hope you enjoyed this week's podcast
  7. theunknownsoldier

    Any excel gurus around?

    Convince the most senior manager's PA to take on the responsibility of entering the times for you.
  8. theunknownsoldier

    Second small monitor

    I use one of these all the time for my work: http://www.lilliputweb.net/ Not sure on the model or where you can order them from in Australia, but Amazon and ThinkGeek seem to supply them
  9. theunknownsoldier

    The greatest chef you've never heard of...

    Manhattan seems to only have obscenely cheap, and obscenely expensive, not much in between. 200 dollars for something like that seems like it would be normal fair. Their are places in Sydney that charge the same. And Manhattan does have some great "in between" places. I'd recommend Pinocchio's on 1st Ave, around 90th St. Absolutely delicious italian food including a homemade truffle tortellini a la vodka that is unbelievably good. Costs about 25-30 dollars for main. If you are prepared to be a bit adventurous, Manhattan has great food at all ends of the money scale.
  10. theunknownsoldier

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    Ummm, that may have been me... Not much I can do when my 6 week old daughter starts bawling right after the match starts :) Sometimes people have internet connection dropouts or have to go AFK, so your suggestion is a bit harsh
  11. theunknownsoldier

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    Just found this interesting tidbit for those sick of people spamming in chat in the middle of a battle, and for griefers Will you implement the option of ignoring teammates who spam in battle? “You can already do it by pressing Ctrl and then moving the mouse over their name on the team list. Right-click their name to open a drop-down menu that provides the ignore option.”
  12. theunknownsoldier

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    Looks like an outdated version of POGS mod, Shyne. Normally it should show that "funky icon" for all the tanks. And also does the same when you are in battle It's worth installing
  13. theunknownsoldier

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    Some nice bonuses for the next few days for the 1 year anniversary Surprise #1. Each player will receive one day premium account by activating the special promo code at any convenient day between 11:30 UTC August 12th and 11:00 UTC August 22nd! Surprise #2. Starting from 11:30 UTC on August 12th and till 11:00 UTC, August 15th, all World of Tanks players will enjoy the following tempting bonuses: 50% discount on slots. Fill the shed with new steel monsters! 50% discount on additional equipment. Stock up to struggle nobly! The exprerience for the first win of the day increases by 5 (!) times. Do not miss the epic chance to earn five times more! Surprise #3. And starting from 11:30 UTC on August 12th and till 11:00 UTC, September 12th, all our tankers will taste the following bonuses: 60% discount on all consumables purchased for gold: Fire Extinguishers, First Aid Kits, Chocolate, Cases of Cola, Repair Kits, and etc... Pump your tanks up! Save up to 58% on all premium shells! Surprise #4. All players registered on the North American server before 23:59 UTC on August 12th, 2010, will get a premium account for a week as a bonus.
  14. theunknownsoldier

    Thermal grease and clothes

    Usually from replacing motherboards, where I will attempt to clean the absolute crapload of old thermal paste off the cpu and heatsink before reapplying some new stuff. Some people seem to put half a bottle of thermal paste on cpus.
  15. theunknownsoldier

    Thermal grease and clothes

    Did they finally move you up from level 1 phone monkey mudge? So glad to get out of that place