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    UK Content reproduced in Atomic

    Having heard from David, I thank him for being honest and open about the issue which I originally raised. This was not meant as a tirade against the staff at Atomic, nor to call them individually into question regarding the content sharing arrangement. I can appreciate that certain decisions can be made at levels higher than the content producing staff. This does not mean it is acceptable or excusable but blame should be apportioned where appropriate. However, my original concerns still stand and stem from the implications of this content sharing. These are, one as a subscriber to both magazines (I was an Australian living in the UK) and thus seeing content duplicated; and two, the reviewing of products not available locally in Australia. It would seem many people agree with these issues and the next question is, how, if possible, can a solution be found? My thoughts would be that I can understand the sharing of tutorials and other non-review content but I think I'd like to see reviews done on products available locally (and AWESOME imported products where applicable). Secondly, if content is imported/shared perhaps some mention of that should be made. I know in my field of work, the written work of others must be acknowledged as such. It would seem simple enough to include this in the article rather than omitting authorship. Thirdly, perhaps the management level people who've had roles in reducing the level of local content could be made aware of the concerns of the readership. Admittedly we may represent a small segment of this market but this does not mean that our concerns are unjustified especially as we represent ardent supporters of the work through our previous subscriptions. Continued erosion of the magazine content through cost-cutting exercises such as content-sharing can only lead to an attrition of the readership as local quality issues become increasingly difficult to manage. Perhaps other people have thoughts on this?
  2. dr_zero

    UK Content reproduced in Atomic

    Glad to see that I'm not the only person to be disappointed by the content sharing aspects. Especially at the price of local talent - and I mean that as when I originally subscribed it was because I was very impressed at the quality of the magazine. Custom PC is OK but I've always thought it was inferior to Atomic. However, it would appear that economies of ownership have no regard for that way of thinking. And as for this being a strategy to bring more content to us, its not and I find it a very disingenuous comment to the readership to portray it that way. Its solely a strategy to reducing the costs of producing reviews on products none of which are available locally. That is to say the imported reviews are on UK products not Australian sold or distributed products, although they may also be available locally they will be from different batches possibly produced at different times and/or on different product revisions (i.e. a UK TV is not an Australian TV despite similar model numbers and its behaviour can be different - a simplified example admittedly). Consequently, how can we know whether or not the review accurately describes the locally available product - if it is even available locally that is. Without being seen to rant on about this, how can we be reasonably expected to buy a magazine for local content when many of these reviews include products not available here. And to do this as a means around the loss of local and talented reviewers. Without seeming to be overstating the matter I think this is a very concerning route for Atomic to be heading in and I will be seriously reconsidering whether or not to resubscribe. I was happy to support the great work done before, but to pay money which is essentially being used to pay overseas reviewers to do work for their own magazine which is then to be shipped here a couple of months later.... Perhaps I should write to the editor and tell them I've entered into a subscription sharing arrangement, whereby I'll be using my Atomic subscription fees to subscribe to Custom PC as I know that Atomic's great content will appear there, as written by the original authors, a couple of months in advance of it being published in Atomic.
  3. dr_zero

    UK Content reproduced in Atomic

    Interesting thoughts from some of the posters. However, I suppose the point I was trying to make was that when I originally subscribed it was because the Australian content was unique and distinct from any other magazine. It was Australian in perspective but with a view on games and computing in general. This would seem to be eroded by just localising foreign articles for the Australian market in an effort to keep costs down. I think the recent round-up of fan controllers is a good example of my concerns. Many of the controllers have no local distributor so they've just left the UK prices and distributors. Perhaps I'm in the minority when I say that I think its a real detriment to the magazine to recycle someone else's content in an effort to keep costs down. If it had been a local review of these products, maybe they'd use a slightly different testing regime to give different results. They'd more likely review products only available locally and give us a more accurate view on what to buy. And isn't that what the whole basis of the magazine is for, to advise us on how to spend our money. This might seem fanciful but in the longer term, short of the editorials why produce any local content when you can just recycle an entire magazine from another country? Especially when they've printed it a month or two beforehand. Its hard to be on the cutting edge in the technology industry using the print media given how far in advance content has to be provided to the printers. But to print articles that were already printed two months ago in the UK is a bit of a disservice to the readers in some way. You wouldn't keep checking an Australian website that was two months behind an international one just because it was Australian.
  4. dr_zero

    UK Content reproduced in Atomic

    As a subscriber to both Atomic and Custom PC (a UK magazine) I've been surprised to notice a reasonable amount of content from the UK magazine reproduced in Atomic recently. This seems to be a recent event and I was wondering if it was going to continue. The graphics card round-up, the guide to optimise game settings, fan controllers round-up were all printed in Custom PC a month or two before Atomic published essentially the same articles with minor editing for prices (although I noticed they missed one of the £ signs in the graphics card round-up) and vernacular. Is this a trend that will be continuing? If so I guess I need to decide whether I need to subscribe to two magazines that are now publishing content some major pieces of which are identical.