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    128gb hard drive limit.

    I had it working fine on XP SP3 (And SP2 before 3 was released). I now have XP SP3 installed from a retail Windows XP SP3 disc. And I do not own Windows Vista to test it.
  2. parasitic

    128gb hard drive limit.

    At the moment, I don't have another computer to test it on. I will try hunt one down. My fat23 USB External 1TB is working at full capacity if that means anything..
  3. parasitic

    128gb hard drive limit.

    I run the seatools, ran pretty much everything I could. Nothing worked anyway. Still shows up as ~127gb drive. I run a Ubuntu live CD to see if windows was letting me down. But it was the same.
  4. parasitic

    128gb hard drive limit.

    Gigabyte GA-k8nf-9. Bios is stated as: "GA-K8NF-9 F6 AWARD BIOS" This was my orignal BIOS version. I upgraded it hoping to fix the problem. It didn't, so I downgraded back to my original (F6) EDIT: Perhaps me formatting with the original XP (No Service Packs) didn't permit more than ~137 gb due to the lack of LBA48 addressing. I will try a low level format with the seagate tools. See if this rectifies the problem. (Thanks so far for the help).
  5. parasitic

    128gb hard drive limit.

    Bios says no. Yes I am, it was working fine before the format. A search on the model number shows: Barracuda 7200.11 SATA 3Gb/s 500-GB Hard Drive
  6. Hey all, I wanted to change my windows install from my 120gb IDE with a 2mb cache to my 500gb SATA with 32mb cache. I did the normal process: Format the SATA. Remove the IDE drive. Install windows on the SATA, but I installed an SP1 copy. I then installed SP2. Reformatted due to hdd limit. Installed a SP3 copy of windows. I updated my bios to try fix it and it didnt work. So i downgraded it again. Been trying to correct this for two days now. Please help :) Thanks in advance. EDIT: I plugged in my 1tb external drive and it works fine (at full capacity).