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    EVE - finding time?

    Bundy, got any concrete answers like Antraman for me?
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    EVE - finding time?

    Hi Antraman Thanks for the reply, and thanks for being honest. Geez, well that certainly tells me it's not something I can realistically get into with the small amount of free time I have. I suspected as much the times I have tried, but it's nice to get the opinion of a veteran (my definition for a 2.5 year player lol). Would you mind me asking how you actually manage to play so much? Do you work from home and/or have a job/family that allows you so much free time to devote to EVE? Please dont feel the need to answer that question if it's too personal :)
  4. Yeah, but everyone else (neighbours) has similar connections, so why would they want mine? When everyone has the same, pretty much, tis hard to get penile envy :P And as I've realised mine is too large and not getting enough use, I figure I may as well downsize! >_>
  5. So here in Japan I currently have a 200 mbps (or is it Mbps, or MBPS, not sure of exact notation) plan. It's fast. But, as mentioned by TheFrunj in another thread 200 is ridiculously fast for a home user. I've been thinking perhaps I dont really need 200, and might change to 100. The 100 plan is 600 yen cheaper per month. To change I need to pay 8400 yen. So it would take 14 months to recover costs, although if I use 100 from then on for quite some time then recovering costs is a moot point. What is 200 really used for? Do I really use 200, or even 100 for that matter? I would describe myself as a typical home user; I browse the internet a bit (my favourite sites), I sometimes watch online videos such as youtube, I visit Uncle only on the very rare occasion, I game online, etc. How much does gaming take up? I tend to play either MMOs (although I am not currently playing any, and havent any wish to play any atm) or fps games like TF2 (and am eagerly awaiting BF3). So do I change to the lower bandwidth plan? (I dont get exactly 200, but it's close - usually around 180-190. I assume the 100 would be similar - something around 80-90.)
  6. Cheers for the reply, Frunj. I think I probably will change to the lower plan. It will take a year or so to break even but then it's money in my pocket! Haha, not much money, but maybe it can pay for something that I'll actually use, like a new book every month!
  7. Well I'm a dirty miser :) I kind of figure if I'm not using it, why pay for it? Also, if 100 turns out to be more than enough for my needs then I assume I'd use it for quite some time (ie many years minimum) which makes 14 months roi a bit irrelevant. Know if I'd use 200, or even 100 based on what I've said I do on the internetz? I'm not sure what 200 is used for by people who use that much...
  8. atosniper

    Recommended Virus scanner?

    So that's 4 for Avast and 4 for MSE. Anyone else want to weigh in and add their vote to see which one comes out king?!
  9. Well my Master Boot Record isnt infected, although it might be and I just dont know. How would I go about detecting such threats - what scanners etc? And how about removing them if I was? This was prompted when I read this article on the BBC Tech site and wondered if it was true or just fanciful journalism? As an adjunct, does anyone use Hitman Pro? Seems like that software can detect and remove it?
  10. So there's this website I visit, and it has a pic on it that is updated daily. I thought it would be cool to view it from my iPod Touch (wirelessly), but it doesnt seem to want to display!? It works fine on my desktop PC, but on the iPod it just comes up as a blank box with a tiny blue question mark in the centre. How do I get it to display properly? Unfortunately I cant link the page itself as it's a paid member section of the site.
  11. atosniper

    Pic on website not displaying on iPod Touch?

    LOL well thanks, but that's well beyond my capabilities :)
  12. atosniper

    Pic on website not displaying on iPod Touch?

    Yep both of those work just fine on the Touch.
  13. atosniper

    Pic on website not displaying on iPod Touch?

    So some added extra info. Looking at the page source code the images are png files. So they should work, surely!? They are sized at 785 (width) X 275 (height) and 784 (width) X 9087 (height). Also when I Save As... the website saves both a html file along with a folder of various files. In that folder are the two png files. Does any of that help nail the problem? Ie, the png files should be placed elsewhere, or the png size adjusted?
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    Pic on website not displaying on iPod Touch?

    I see your cartoon pic on both PC & Touch just fine. Originally the pic Pleb posted didnt work, but he fixed it up, and I can see it both on PC & Touch just fine. So why does the pic on the site I'm trying to view work on iPads but not on iPhone/Touch?
  15. I tried that TDSSKiller thing, and nothing was found. Interesting nonetheless.
  16. atosniper

    Pic on website not displaying on iPod Touch?

    Well, see here's the weird thing. The guy who owns/runs the site says that it works fine on iPads, but doesnt know why it wont display on iPhones/iPodTouch. Why would it display on iPads but not the smaller devices? If it's solely a Flash problem that would mean it wouldnt work on iPads either, right?
  17. Edited OP a bit. Can you rename the thread "Master Boot Record infected - halp!?"
  18. atosniper

    Pic on website not displaying on iPod Touch?

    Sorry to bump this thread, but this is still an issue I'm having - the website still shows the pic as the blue box (thnx pleb) on my iPod touch. Anyone know of a way to fix this?
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    Book Depository?

    Anyone used Book Depository before? Any bad experiences? Looks like a good place to get books without shipping charges.
  20. atosniper

    "Game of Thrones" HBO adaptation

    The books are superb, and I highly recommend reading them. Unfortunately, the series (books) arent finished either. There are supposedly 7 in the series, and the 5th gets released next month. There has been a long delay between the 4th and the 5th. Hopefully the 6th & 7th wont take as long. Anyway, dont let the fact that the series hasnt been finished discourage from reading them, they are incredibly good books.
  21. atosniper

    Premium forums

    What would people pay for Premium Membership to these forums, and what benefits would people like? I'm not asking to try to stir things up, so try to keep the vitriol to a minimum, please :) I'm asking because I'm interested in what kind of money some of the forums out there make when they have Premium Memberships, or support donations available. (Btw maybe this is better in The Green Room, if so then please move.) For example, the Nissan Forums have a contributor membership available. They also have over 92,000 members. I wonder if they make much scratch from the forum itself? Another example is Elitist Jerks . These guys have close to 330,000 members. It's a WoW based theorycrafting forum. They have their paid section too. It fascinates me that online forums have moved in this direction, as I cannot imagine any scenario whereby I'd pay for a premium account for an online forum, nor give support donations. Some forums use premium content to attract money, others use support donations (seems like begging?). I wonder how much the forum owner/operators make of this system. What do you reckon?
  22. atosniper

    Dying monitor help

    I have a LG226WA-BN Flatron currently. The on button seems to be failing. It takes a large number of pushes before it finally turns on. So I figure the switch is failing. I'll probably take it in to get it looked at. Anyway, can I switch it out for an older Sony Vaio (smaller) monitor I have? No need to buggerize around with configurations etc; just plug & play?
  23. atosniper

    Premium forums

    By official, you mean owned by Nissan? If so, no, it's just a large privately owned forum. There are lots of them for the various car makers. A hobbyist begins one and builds up a user base. There's at least several privately owned Nissan forums, for example.
  24. atosniper

    Premium forums

    Yeah right, but I guess SA is quite unique and has that 'niche'. Whereas, a Nissan forum, for example, is probably just one among many. If a big one fell over, there's almost certainly another big one to take it's place. So compared to something unique like SA it's value wouldnt probably be that amazing. Maybe?
  25. atosniper

    Premium forums

    Fair enough. Guess stand alone forums arent really worth a great deal then.