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  1. lorddalvidiii

    A wireless+lan repeater?

    I was looking at the e series and the n600, but didn't want to spend the money on the off chance that it would work. Sorry if my original description was a little vague. What I wanted to do was continue my existing LAN in another room of my house, that has devices that aren't wi-fi enabled and is too far to run cable without having to drill holes and the like. I decided powerline was the best route, and it's been working perfectly. Thanks for all the suggestions, though.
  2. I know plenty of routers have repeater functions, but what I need is something that not only repeates the wireless signal, but lets me continue the LAN off it. Is this a feature available in your average everyday household repeaters, or is there some specific gear I can buy?
  3. wow, after seeing most of these replies, i guess i just got the lucky pick with my cards to get games with all of them but one... they were mostly the cheaper of the selection, too... like inno3d and the like... and you got an SLI bridge? that's fairly rare.. what brand/card was it?
  4. heh, i paid $650 for my evga 480, and got a code for a free version of cryotasis from the nvidia game store... other than that i got two power adaptors and a hdmi cable. cable was a nice touch, but i think i'd have preffered mafia 2 or something... my mate just bought two evga 460s and received nothing with them, not even the hdmi cable. and mini hdmi > hdmi aren't the most common cables that i've seen around. but you're right, i remember getting tomb rader unlimited (or whatever, i never played it) with my 8800gts, and overlord with my 9800gtx+. can't remember what i got with my 260s, but it was something. i guess because nvidia took too long to release fermi, companies just couldn'tkeep their heads far enough above water to offer the same service...
  5. lorddalvidiii

    sli question

    Same card in respect to sli Just like any refferance card compared to a manufacturer's modified one. Same core, different pcb, and yet they still sli
  6. lorddalvidiii

    Blue-Tac and an LCD screen.

    What I meant by same difference is that they are not LCD panels..
  7. lorddalvidiii

    sli question

    an easy mistake, i've been using my phone to do most of my net as my pc is out of commission at the moment which is bad at the best of times, sorry for the confusion i was sure i had it explained in my first post, i didn't, so i was just taking everything that i thought needed to be said (regardless of others already expressing it) and putting it into one post.. to me it is just easier to get the information you need when it is in one spot i know you can sli a 9800GTX+ and a gts250 (yes, i know they are the same card :P) and i've seen people mention being able to do it with much older generation cards.. i have no idea what, though
  8. lorddalvidiii

    Blue-Tac and an LCD screen.

    glass/perspex, same difference in this case...
  9. lorddalvidiii

    sli question

    nah, that's crossfire that does that.. and in some rare cases SLI will
  10. lorddalvidiii

    sli question

    disregard what nukejockey said... you can only SLI identical cards, the only allowed variable is brand and memory.. if you have an 8800gts it can only be SLI'ed with another GTS, if you have an 8800 GTX then it can only be paired with another 8800 GTX the only "SLI" option that allows for different cards to be used is setting one card to be used as a dedicated physx processor... and for that you do not need a bridge, and the mobo doesn't even need to be SLI compatable but in the case that you have two same cards, but at different factory clocks, with different memory, the rule of thumb is it will automatically downclock *ALL* specifications to that of the slower of the pair. this means that if i SLI my two 260s, one of which has double the memory, but slower clocks, my second 260 will have it's clocks underclocked, and the first one will have it's usable memory halved
  11. lorddalvidiii

    is this an 8800 ultra?

    i have an 8800GTX lying around somewhere that i don't think the cooler covers the entire pcb.. i don't know if it is an ultra or not, though
  12. lorddalvidiii

    A blocked website

    don't come here asking for help, then be a dick when people offer it.
  13. lorddalvidiii

    Blue-Tac and an LCD screen.

    this iphones have a perspex cover over the screen.. perspex =/= lcd panel
  14. lorddalvidiii

    sli question

    yeah, all you'd have to do is SLI them, it will underclock by itself.. you can then overclock them simultaneously after that as for the amount of RAM you'd be losing... essentially what this would mean is you will see a [higher than normal] performance drop at higher resolutions (320mb nowadays isn't much at all) and you would not be able to enable any AA or AF without massive performance drop.. so keep that in mind
  15. lorddalvidiii

    sli question

    Yes it can be done, but the 640 will be reduced to be the dame as your 320... Essentially you would just be running two 320s