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  1. anthony5640

    Show us your Rig

  2. anthony5640

    GT220 V.s 5770

    i dont have any credit card. im only 17 and dont have a job. ill go with the 5770 for now untill i can find some sort of income and then move up to the 5800 series or save up enough for the new 5900 series that are coming out. thanks for your help guys. prehaps i could find a good deal in the trade section.
  3. anthony5640

    Show us your Rig

    i love the look of your comet, but i reckon itd look better blue :P
  4. anthony5640

    And What Are You Listening To?

    distrubed disctography xD
  5. anthony5640

    GT220 V.s 5770

    im stretching by budget as it is with the 5770. as im a student and dont have a job, im trying to sell things on ebay and buy things on ebay and sell to mates for a profit. the 460 looks like a much better option. i did some research on the gs250 i think it out performed the 5770 by a fair amount, but its pretty hard to find.
  6. anthony5640

    how far is too far?

    i thought about after market cooling, but im terrible at taking heatsinks off. and i wouldnt be able to afford one lol. i can barely afford a new gpu. i had to sell my ipod touch to pay for all my new pc gear.
  7. anthony5640

    GT220 V.s 5770

    i was looking into a GTX 460 but i primarily use ebay to buy things as i dont have a credit card. and live in australia. all the ones on ebay are 280+
  8. anthony5640

    how far is too far?

    well last time, it was a 1.8 dual E3500 or something, and i clocked it to 2.0 fine. but then fucked uop in the bios and clocked it well above 2.6GHz, the pc didnt start. ill look into those things thanks alot. do you know if you can set the turbo higher? this cpu has an auto turbo that boosts to 3.6 if needed. that would be a better option to use.
  9. anthony5640

    At my Witts End

    shit, never seen anything like that. prehaps try going back a driver? or uninstall the card and re install.
  10. anthony5640

    GT220 V.s 5770

    i know, there old cards but i could only afford a 220 when i last upgraded, and i dont have alot of cash. would a 5770 be a good increase? im playing 720p atm and just bought a 1050p monitor, i dont tihnk my little 220 will hold out with bad company 2. any sugestions on an alternate card for the sub 200 range?
  11. anthony5640

    how far is too far?

    just bought a i5 661@3.33GHz im wondering how far i can clock it on a stock fan. my last cpu i fried going overboard lolz.
  12. if those 4 gpu's did work.. there might not be any performance enhancing but you could use them on four differant moniters couldnt you? have them setup in a big square? some games allow 3 moniters like burnout paradise. heck, he doesnt seem to care much about what its going to cost, if it works go for it. just wondering if the 4 moniters would work?
  13. anthony5640

    Budget build. thoughts?

    umart doesnt support paypal payments does it? so i cant get those things anyway. i think im gonna go for the ebay option, the seller is good. its a shop in nsw. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...=tab%3DWatching after i get a job (if i can) ill report back for a better build. or atleast a gpu upgrade and cpu. i dont know much about these things so im just going to keep it simple. AnT.
  14. anthony5640

    Budget build. thoughts?

    oh, shit.. all CPU's come with the heatsink and fan dont they?
  15. anthony5640

    Budget build. thoughts?

    i dont know too much about computers. but at the time the upgrade pack seemed sweet. the gt220 was a replacement because my 8400GS broke. i was only going on spare cash then. i live in a very small town 800 ppl. and its nearly impossible to get a job. i was going to wait untill i found a job but i realised i can get money out of my bank thourh paypal. i could prob scab a HDD from dad, we have a 30gb sata one, and i have my !TB external. i have 3GB of ram atm. ddr2 i think so i could save $100 on that. plus we are getting another 2GB stick soon. the umart cpu and mobo look exelent. how much is a complete watercooling kit these days? id assume its a bit over my price range? so far im looking into: Product Quantity Price Gst Total Corsair VX-450 ATX 450W Power Supply 120mm fan $83.00 $7.55 $83.00 Intel Core i3 530 Processor LGA1156 2.93GHz 4MB Cache CPU $142.00 $12.91 $142.00 Gigabyte GA-H55M-USB3 LGA1156 4DDR3 GLAN PCIEx16 SATA mATX HDMI 2FW US $119.00 $10.82 $119.00 these are all compadible arent they? lol on umart, can you pay with paypal??