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  1. opacic

    PSA: ABC2 is airing Code Geass

    Never was a fan of Code Geass |: Good to see ABC2 are picking up their game, in a manner of speaking.
  2. opacic

    The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena.

    I watched Pitch Black again a few days ago (which hyped me up for some Riddick awesomeness), then read the review of TCOR in Atomic. I'm picking it up for sure.
  3. All of that exercise probably means they use up a lot of what they eat.
  4. Because that would be immoral for those poor bats >:
  5. http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/story...35-7484,00.html Haha oh wow. Fuck PETA, seriously.
  6. opacic

    Equal rights for wimminses in the workplace.

    What. There's never going to be a 50/50 mix. People have different work ethics and all that jazz, there's obviously going to be some favour skewed to one particular sex.
  7. opacic

    So... Who's Playing Eve-online?

    I've had a crash or two today, nothing that bad |: I'm more worried about finishing this mission, I keep being one shotted by some sort of radiation cloud or something whenever I warp in. It just says "'something hotel' hits you for 400 damage". I hardly have time to yell out "WHAT THE FUCK" before I'm stuck in my lifepod >:
  8. opacic

    Just received the 100th edition

    Good, they put that there JUST to piss you off. <_< >_> It was a poll dude, you know, popularity, it doesn't matter how much you hate something, one very emphatic vote is still only one vote, among thousands, who ovbiously think your taste sucks. :P Or everyone else's taste sucks :P Popularity doesn't denote good taste.
  9. opacic

    Easter & The family

    I'll be visiting my mother and family tomorrow, for about an hour or two. Then it's off to a LAN party :{O
  10. opacic

    I'm dying of firetrucking irony here!

    Technically yes. BUT DIS IS DUH BIG BAD MICRO$AWFT HUUUUR Lolwut.
  11. opacic

    Tina Fey earns very little

  12. opacic

    Bin Laden Court case over

    Oh great, now the 'Bush Did 9/11' retards are going to use this as more ammo.
  13. opacic

    Tina Fey earns very little

    That sucks >: I love 30 Rock, I figured she'd make more from that being writer and an actor for the show.