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  1. martyr

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I saw one of these f1 cars at the Ballarat Festival of Motoring (link to news story). It's a beautiful thing and I spent a good amount of time just staring at it, taking it all in.
  2. martyr

    Gran Turismo 6

    Damn it, now I'm gonna have to go back to it again tonight and try and get it sorted. I'll give the other view options a go. I usually role with as little electronic assist as possible but it did seem to help with this challenge. Like you said, so many walls! and man, they come at you quick in this thing! Now I've just gotta get gold! Were you using controller or wheel Mademan? I tend to think controller adds a fair bit of difficulty due to the on/off nature of the buttons where driving requires more progressive throttle control. Either way I'll keep at it. To be honest I hadn't played GT6 since I last posted here until last night so still need to get my eye back in. Talking of cars, I think they've made some effort to not make every car sound the same this time round but they could still go to a lot more effort on that front I think. The sound could be a lot better or more varied at least. I haven't unlocked a lot of cars but I'm particularly happy with the Corvette Racecar Concept ('61 I think) the AMG Vision GT Concept, and the X-BOW. I've been trying to do as many races as possible without having to purchase a car, except for the seasonal challenges which are a good bit of fun and good source of cash. I finally bought my old favourite though, the Skyline GTS-R '87 - the closest thing I could get to a VL Commodore :P
  3. martyr

    Gran Turismo 6

    Yeah I'm on controller. Probably not the way its meant to be played but no space for wheel and stuff. I found turning all the electronic assist stuff up to 10 (except the traction control because it gets bogged down so that's at about 6 I think) helps get the thing pointed in the right direction. I only had time for a couple more goes and didn't manage to top my bronze time yet though. One day I will build a dedicated racing system...probably in 15 years when people are playing GT12.
  4. martyr

    Gran Turismo 6

    Ha ha ha. Im the same. That launch at the start! Its like a slingshot! So fast! First corner I found the most difficult then the third onto the straight. Not.sure if its humanly possible to do this one at full pace, its just blurry quick with pedal to the metal. Scary
  5. martyr

    International TV

    I ended up opting for something similar Nich..., basicly avoiding scores and downloading the match after - means I can watch it at an appropriate aussie time. Discovered some good subscription services too. Ended up being an easier answer than stuffing around with a dish and all that :)
  6. martyr

    What are you playing at the moment?

    terraria.... still... and bf4, but now that the weather is coming good there will be less gaming and more outdoor activities :)
  7. martyr

    Spying on the neighbours

    Oh I don't blame Abbott - I'd heard that they had traced it back to 2009 or something, but just wondered whether his statements on it were enough right now. AD, it certainly gives Indonesia a one-up on us at the moment. Do you think it will blow over after a couple of months or do you think it might damage our ability to negotiate with Indonesia into the future.
  8. martyr

    Spying on the neighbours

    The whole spying situation is something that I assumed was going on in the background between all governments, but when it becomes apparent to the party being spied on that its happening I can imagine the anger and its an awkward situation. Hopefully this doesn't have any long term damage on the relationship between Indonesia and Australia. Do you think that Abbot's stance so far of "Everyone was doing it" is adequate? Do you think that its reasonable for governments to be trying to listen in on the conversations of other government officials? http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/2013/1...tp-apologise-pm I could be wrong, but in another show of excellence in journalism/editing - in a move that rivals china's photoshopping efforts it looks like ninemsn used a photo of the pm with president Yudhoyono with a black hat that looks like it was drawn in using MS Paint. Pretty sure black hat is a symbol of spying... so is this a stuff up where an opportunistic journalist just grabbed the first photo they could find or is it more deliberate? I'll be shocked if that is a real hat, it just doesn't look right in the lighting of the photo.
  9. Debt would go straight to the balance sheet as a liability and the funds received would be added to the cash balances. The expenditure of that loaned money on non capital items would go to expenditure - increasing the deficit (assuming there was no other income to fund that expenditure, but if that were the case why borrow?). Capital expenditure would be on the balance sheet - added to assets i.e. not affect the deficit directly. However I imagine they amortise/depreciate the assets which would be charged as a non-cash expenditure which indirectly increases expenditure (and any potential deficit). edited: for further clarity.
  10. I've gotten more pessimistic of people as I've gotten older. The above is the truth. Your just as likely to find idiot drivers as you are cyclists as you are pedestrians.
  11. martyr

    Green Room Pics Thread

    I laughed far too hard at that polis one. Bloody Good!
  12. martyr

    Ford versus Holden

    I believe the new entrants to the V8 Supercar series have also found it difficult to match the pushrods on power and efficiency despite them using newer engine setups... I've usually been a Holden man myself, First car was a Holden. but agree with Morg on the utes.
  13. martyr

    Trans Pacific Partnership agreement leaked

    I'm sort of starting to wonder what the tipping point will be now. But whatever it is I'm pretty sure it's a long way off. The problem as I see it is that the public expects the government to be trying to erode our privacy and our rights to make decisions for ourselves, so when this stuff happens everyone just nods their heads, accepts it, and on we go. I'm starting to sound like a conspiracy theorist. Damn.
  14. martyr

    What's on your mind?

    Welcome to team red!
  15. martyr

    The Australian car industry

    no no no, ninemsn answered the question with a simple yes/no poll on whether the car industry should continue to be supported and most dickwads answered no. So there, problem solved, no we shouldn't support it. (I'm with xyzzy on this by the way) And its not just the car industry that struggles either its a majority of Australian manufacturing that's struggling. The problem is the Australian manufacturers are put at a disadvantage through the importers receiving generally favourable importing terms when they've paid someone $1.25A an hour somewhere else to make the item, compared to $25/$30A per hour for labour here. We're priced out of our own market. Meanwhile we have high labour costs and higher costs to export due to shit negotiation for trade by the gov so we're at even more of a disadvantage overseas. (I don't really know much about this stuff but that's my take on it)