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    First Time Fixing iPods

    I've often spent a lot of time looking at smashed iPods and thinking to myself "If only I could fix them". Well the other day I got of my arse and actually looked into it and I was excited by what I found. I found that I can buy parts VERY cheap from the US and Hong Kong. This was a start but I was still unsure on how to go about actually replacing the broken bits. Then I came across iFixit.com. After looking through their guides I decided I would have a crack at it. After looking around for a bit I managed to find some friends with iPods for repair. Three cracked screens and a dead battery. I decided to attempt the 2nd gens first because they are easier to fix than the 4th gen. Here is the before shot of the iPod before my first ever fix. The first thing I had to do was lever off the old cracked digitizer which turned out to be very difficult (and very sharp) but I finally managed to get it off ready for the new digitizer. Installing the new digitizer was as easy as connecting the new connector and pushing the digitizer into place. The end result was an iPod that looked brand new. Feeling very happy with myself with fixing all the 2nd gens successfully I decided to move onto the 4th gen. This turned out to be very difficult due to the screen being so badly smashed and the metal casing being slightly warped out of shape. The before shot of the 4th gen. The first thing to do was lever of the old screen. The difference between 4th gens and the previous generations is that the lcd screen is attached to the digitizer meaning that the two have to be bought together. Also the 4th gens use adhesive to secure the screen assembly to the rest of the iPod. Because of how badly the screen was smashed it came off in peices. The remains of the old screen. After the screen assembly was free of the iPod I then had to remove the mid plate. Once this was free I have access the the mainboard. One of the most difficult aspects of this fix was attaching the new digitizer cable to the underside of the mainboard. This is done my flexing the mainboard up just enough to get the connector under there. After half an hour of frustration it was finally connected. Next I had to screw the mainboard and mid plate back into place. Then came the next difficult aspect of the fix. Because the iPod had been smashed so badly it has warped the metal casing. This resulted in the screen not quite sitting flush with the case. After another half hour of frustration I managed to get the screen assembly stuck well into the case. Apart from the screen not being quite flush it was a successful fix. Here is the end result. (Because of the photo limit I couldn't post the photo so here is the link) http://i1140.photobucket.com/albums/n575/h...pe/IMG_2732.jpg For all those of you out there with broken iPods or iPhones I would encourage you to have a go at fixing them yourself. You can bring back life to your phone with very little money and you don't need to be a professional to do it!
  2. Thanks so much for the advice everyone. So now it looks like I'l be after an AMD Phenom chip and a Radeon 4870x2 or a GTX 480. I figure that if I end up getting the 4870x2 and he really gets into it I can upgrade the GPU later.
  3. Hi all So here's my problem. I have a friend who is interested in getting a gaming pc but won't pay anything over $450 for the whole thing including monitor and peripherals and it's up to me to source parts and put the thing together. At the moment it looks like I'm going to be getting most parts second hand off OCAU. Below is roughly what I wan't to get. CPU - Any Core 2 Quad Motherboard - Any half decent 775 board that can handle overclocking RAM - Anything that's at least 4gig GPU - Need suggestions PSU - Anything I can get second hand that's decent HDD - Any second hand SATA 500gb drive Case - Bitfenix Merc Alpha or any half decent second hand case I can get Monitor - Anything around 22" but may not need one Keyboard/Mouse - Some cheap Logitech combo So my questions are will the above be able to play any <a class="ktg6us78hf8vdu7" href="#">games</a> he throws at it even if it's on relatively low graphics settings, how long would you expect it to be decent enough for gaming for and could I get anything newer for a similar price with the same level of performance or greater?
  4. What AMD chip would you recommend looking for?
  5. hutchpe

    First Time Fixing iPods

    Sorry for the late reply but NEVER purchase the LCD or digitizer separate with iPhone 4 and 4s and iPod 4th gen. You need to buy them as one package like in the second link otherwise you will have one hell of a time trying to glue the two together. Hope this isn't too late.
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    DayZ: An ARMA II zombie survival mod

    Played it for the first time today and really enjoying it so far. The only thing I'm struggling with is finding weapons.
  7. hutchpe

    DayZ: An ARMA II zombie survival mod

    I'm looking at getting ARMA II and DayZ mod but I have big issues with the amount of internet I can use (Only 8gb a month). Do any of you guys know how much it would consume playing for say an hour?
  8. hutchpe

    Incomplete boot

    Even though you have probably tried this did you clear CMOS? [Edit] Wait never mind it couldn't have been that seeing as it was happening on the new board.
  9. hutchpe

    First Time Fixing iPods

    Ah yes I remember reading that they sometimes need a hard reset once the screen assembly/digitizer has been replaced. I acutally did use tape on the one that was really badly smashed.
  10. hutchpe

    First Time Fixing iPods

    Going to be fixing another iPod 4th gen and an iPhone 3gs in a couple of weeks. Will post pictures.
  11. hutchpe

    First Time Fixing iPods

    Unfortuanetly yes replacing the headphone jack does require soldering. Yes considering that Apple and other repair places charge over $100. I was thinking of charging say $65 a fix. That would leave me with a profit around 40$. The only problem is that buying broken ones of Ebay is risky because you don't know whether you are buying one with a simple problem or whether there are more problems that haven't been picked up or it's a failed repair attempt.
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    Planning secondary pc

    After a bit of searching I found this. Hope it helps.
  13. hutchpe

    Workplace Comms Rooms

    Im doing my work experience at the HP datacenter in a month or 2
  14. hutchpe

    Getting an Upgrade

    Thats a decent system you have there. If it's not struggling to play games atm there isn't much point upgrading it. If I were you I would save up more and do a major upgrade say 3 years from now.
  15. hutchpe

    Nerdy Pet Name

    One of my friends named his rabbit Fluffycus the Carrot Slayer
  16. hutchpe

    And What Are You Listening To?

    ENR Dubstep Season 6 - We Can Live Forever
  17. hutchpe

    Incompetent staff >_<

    I've only had it happen once before and it wasn't the fault of any staff. The lock on the DVD was just screwed and I ended up getting a replacement.
  18. All I have is extremely overpriced Telstra Next G crap. $59.95 for 8gb a month.
  19. Hi all I have an issue with the Vista boot screen being shown when my pc boots up even though it's running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. It all started after I intalled an update for Windows. I have tried multiple things to fix it including doing a fresh install of Windows but nothing has worked. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing it and what I can do to fix it? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  20. Today I tried using a DVI to VGA adapter and what do you know, the normal boot logo is shown, it detects the monitor and it shows 1920 x 1080 as the native resolution. I had previously been using a mini HDMI to HDMI adapter as the screen doesn't have any DVI inputs. Does this mean I should ditch the mini HDMI and get a DVI to HDMI cable?
  21. Ok I uninstalled the Nvidia driver, ran driver sweeper and then re-installed the Nvidia drivers and it's STILL not fixed and 1024x768 is still the native resolution. I had a look under devices and it is picking up my AOC 2434pw as a Generic Non-PnP monitor. It sometimes picks it up as an AOC monitor but only when I turn the monitor on during the post boot screen. If I turn the PC on when the monitor is in standby it will pick it up as the Generic monitor. Anyone have any ideas what is causing this and what to do now?
  22. I have the most up to date drivers for the screen
  23. I'll try it tomorrow cause my internets capped at the moment.
  24. From memory I think I got the latest drivers through windows update.
  25. I think I have found the issue. As well as this issue I have been having another one where if I turn off my monitor with the computer running and then turn it back on it would change the reolution from 1920x1080 to 1024x768. When I go into Nvidia control panel it shows 1024x768 being the native resolution. Maybe it is using this resolution when booting up. So now my question is how do I set the native resolution to 1920x1080. Also the commands didn't work.