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    too all blaz blue players

    SSF4 is what the cool kids play
  2. ayefkay

    Hot Monkey Love

    you know those french frogs are totally into that shit
  3. ayefkay

    Hot Monkey Love

    i was planning on having a fap in about 20 minutes or so......but this has just ruined the mood for the day
  4. ayefkay


    But you are sent back to shoot your self so he will die... but then after that ending when you kill yourself, you apear again at the start of the game in the helicopter with the not nolan north but sounds like nolan north guy EXPLAIN THAT!
  5. ayefkay


    ugh, i see....i think...lol after a while i stopped paying attention to the story
  6. ayefkay


    agreed with the ending. and it also fails the most basic of time travelling rules. if youre going back in time to change the future, and youre following the footsteps left by you before, then youve already gone back in time and changed the past, so you shouldnt have to go back because it shouldve already been fixed! a rookie mistake, made by many movies and games about time traveling
  7. ayefkay

    PS3 Games

    pretty much any PS3 exclusive from 2008/09 uncharted 2 (also play 1): third person shooter 'tomb raider' style adventure, very cinematic, great voice acting inFAMOUS: open world city, electricity based superhero/antihero character killzone 2: decent console FPS heavy rain: pick your path 'interactive movie' that uses gesture based control movements to play, very interesting concept but you have to have an open mind for this. metal gear solid 4: snakes big epic finale, you wont understand any of it if you havent played the previous ones.
  8. ayefkay


    finished. decent game, as said here before, was interesting at the start, felt like a survival type game, picking up scarce ammounts of ammo, finding notes, tape recordings and clues left by characters in the past for you to find. but then once you get into it, it becomes your standard fps, shoot everything that moves and reach your objective. big disapointment on the puzzle element, there were literally only 3 that were reused the entire time. Havent tried multiplayer but i probably wont bother, got it for $65, definately wouldnt spend any more on it. But if you've got nothing better to play during the midyear drought its a decent ride.
  9. ayefkay


    yep, heard of this a while ago. what got my attention initially is that theyre implementing this tech that pulls actions and events towards the player, so for example if a plane or rocket is falling from the sky, the AI in game will steer them towards the player, so the plane would swoop just over your head and crash, so you never miss any of the action. Saw this in a very early development video, not sure what its called. and the fact theyre taking extra consideration with the story is excellent. Setting looks amazing, definately wanted to see more of the 'enemy occupied U.S.' theme from MW2, will give this a look when its out.
  10. ayefkay


    if it wasnt, it sounded so much like him... maybe because hes been in almost everything from the past 5 years, i subconsciously expect him to be there somewhere :P
  11. ayefkay


    i know!!! its bloody rediculous, also in the disc i found files for PhysX, but other than a few jars and boxes, i dont see anything impressive, batman AA used physx on pc and the difference is huge, adds alot of objects and particle effects you dont even see without it. im just up to when i came back from the future, so far its been pretty good. And no offense to Mr. Nolan North, hes very talented and an awesome nathan drake, but i was so glad to see him get shot in the face in the first half hour of this game. He need to stay away from voice overs for a while so we dont get sick of him (but i think its waaaaaay past that point)
  12. ayefkay

    XBOX360 HDD Data Transfer question

    ive got the halo3 edition 360 army green and orangey gold, i prefer it over the new design tbh
  13. ayefkay

    Top Deer

    their test driver could have been called "the stag"
  14. ayefkay

    What's your Toy Story?

    Same really, my most memorable childhood toys were either video games or pokemon cards. And i pretty much havent stopped either to this day, still play alot of video games, and theyve pretty much influenced what i chose to study at university, so i definately dont see myself "letting them go" in the forseeable future. Got into pokemon cards when there was just the original 151 Stopped 'collecting' them when they started introducing absurd and unimaginative ones. Dont really collect cards any more but i still enjoy the odd magic the gathering game when my brothers or friends want to go down nostalgia lane every now and then and i still buy plastic figurines sometimes, only instead of plastic toys theyre called "collectables" cant wait to see toy story 3, again, i could probably say that the first one is what first got me hooked into 3D modelling, never seen anything like it at the time, but i am very glad i did
  15. ayefkay

    In the bar...