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  1. andyhoughton

    Ideas for new system

    Love simos build but don't agree on PSU - even with future crossfire (5970x2?) I would think that 1kw is overkill. Try one of these coolers http://www.megaware.com.au/index.php?main_...oducts_id=92124 Thermalright TRUE BLACK 120 Heat Sink Revision C I've read a lot of reviews and this one is still in the top 5 in most of them http://www.hardocp.com/article/2010/07/15/...ooler_roundup/7 and make sure to add a SSD - theyre gold also have the HAF932 - nice case
  2. andyhoughton

    new build 2-3k mark

    point taken - his rig will stand the test of time better and he has the cash for it so....
  3. andyhoughton

    new build 2-3k mark

    ahh frothing over that build mate looks really nice - not sure if you need to buy a 2.5 to 3.5 bracket. the ocz drive comes with a mounting bracket included. and im not sure about Dasas comment about the 5970...dont bother? fuck that def bother. you'll find something to chew it up with max settings before you know it.
  4. andyhoughton

    new build 2-3k mark

    your build looks pretty solid to me... if i had my time again i wouldnt buy two mid range cards (5850) at the same time. I'd spend the same cash on a single card and look to upgrade to a second card 6/12 months down the track. Say...5970?
  5. andyhoughton

    Help me buy some good parts

    Option 2 is very good
  6. andyhoughton

    New PC Build Advice Needed!

    Hi Mac 07 Are you studying or have a friend at Uni? Microsoft have a $49 upgrade version of win7 pro 64bit on their website. Its VERY easy to install (you dont need an existing OS - I know, i installed to a fresh drive) go to www.itsnotcheating.com.au or do google search for that if the address doesnt work. I recently built this for a friend of mine. I just searched at PCCASEGEAR but you could get everything locally - where do you live? The rig is reallllly nice and gives you a super solid foundation to build from (very important IMO) ie. you can add cpu coolers and an extra graphics card when you have more money and feel that way inclined. Edit: LOL sorry i forgot you needed a case....um stretch the budget an extra $100 and maybe drop the HDD to a 500Gb
  7. andyhoughton

    StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

    I've got my copy on pre-order - have been watching all the beta tourney games. really looking forward to it....anyone care to team up for a little 2v2 after launch?
  8. andyhoughton

    Bad Company 2 : Clans

    yeah for sure, tag is andyhoughton i think. Really enjoy rush as it seems to be the most compelling reason to work towards a common objective. Usually find the best games are 1-2am with small 2 squad teams funny thing happened to me today, was driving and saw a cop...my first instinct? to hit the Q key and tag him so everyone knew he was there. quiet lols while driving
  9. andyhoughton

    My PC, final design. Halp needed...

    Yep it is everything. Games load super quick. windows 7 loads in 40 seconds. everything you do just appears and happens...very very quickly. itunes doesnt load its just there....programs install faster.its the drive that just keeps giving
  10. andyhoughton

    My PC, final design. Halp needed...

    So...you decided what youre doing yet? Take a photo of all the boxes together when you buy them...always like that part
  11. andyhoughton

    Bad Company 2 : Clans

    Hi All, I've been playing BFBC2 for a little while now and have rage quit a million times at the lack of team play. I bought a G35 headset the other day and really wanna use it in a good team game. Does anyone know of a good clan or something that I can join to play with other like minded team players?
  12. andyhoughton

    Spreading thermal paste - 'The Spread'

    yikes, razor blade?
  13. haha thanks cpt obvious, you can go back to obvious-ville now :p
  14. Hi All. I'm running two Gigabyte 5850s (OC edition) in Xfire on an X58 UD3R The top card is running really hot (48 Degrees) at idle and BFBC2 is crashing on me with settings at max. I havent measured the temps when the gpu is under load so im not 100% sure its heat thats at fault. (or even how hot it gets under load) My concern is that the second card is sitting millimetres from the first and the heat distribution is lousy. Any solutions?
  15. andyhoughton

    Sound cards

    Thought it worth mentioning that my $50 creative card is much better than onboard audio - sound is 'crisp' and 'tight' Will always have discrete sound from here on in