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  1. evo x

    Need a wifi card

    Its a rental so wiring the house is out of the question, hadn't considered EoP but I'm not sure how good the wiring in the house is. Considering how crapfully slow wireless can be I suppose it'd still get better speeds if the wiring was a bit older. Plus spending $120 or so on a pair of "500mbs" adapters is cheaper than getting a high speed wireless router and a wifi card. Have you or anyone else used it that can anyone else who has used EoP let me know how it works compared to wifi. I usually buy my gear from PCCG and these are the 500mbs ones they have. D-Link DHP-501AV Powerline Adapter Starter Kit Netcomm NP504 500Mbps Powerline Adapter Twin Pack Netgear XAVB5101 Powerline Nano 500 Set Gonna do a bit of research on them but I'd imagine they'd have similar performance. Thanks for the tips on wireless.
  2. Hey guys, I'll soon be moving into a multi story house where I won't be able to run a cable upstairs, so I'll be going wireless. I haven't got any real experience with wireless products in desktop computers and need a bit of advice on choosing the right card for the job. I'm running Windows 7 64bit and will be using it primarily for gaming (fps) so low latency is probably the biggest consideration, next is general web browsing and some torrenting. Speed for that shouldn't be an issue but I will use it to move large files say 3 to 4gb over the network and I don't want it to take forever. I'm not sure of the router being used whether it is 150 or 300mbs , however this can be rectified later with a better modem, router or access point so my main concern is just the wifi adapter for now. I'm thinking of using a pci e card, though I don't know if a usb adapter will do the trick or not, is one more reliable than the other. I'm normally very pro cable and I'm quite ignorant when it actually comes to wireless networking and I'm sure its had many vast improvements over the years, seeing my HP touchpad running android seeing only marginally higher latency than my wired desktop reassures me of that and I'm looking to see how that translates into PCs. I'm sure a few of you out there gamers or not have made the switch to wireless and I'd like to hear your experiences, knowledge and advice on the topic but above all else I'm looking for an adapter that will get the job done. If you need any other info on my situation just ask. Cheers. Video streaming of 3-4gb videos of all kinds of formats is on the cards too but I imagine any decent wireless N adapter should handle this just fine.
  3. evo x

    Diablo III

    I also would've preferred a larger full body statue but on my next trip to pop culta or similar place I'll be buying the hell out of a demon hunter statue.
  4. evo x

    Diablo III

    An update from Blizzcon 2011. Collectors edition announced, looks sweet and I'm definitely getting it. No pricing or release dates yet. Comes with the normal boxed copy of the game Sound Track 208 page art book BluRay and DVD on the making of/behind the scenes Smallish Diablo skull with soul stone shaped usb drives that plugs into his forehead And the usual in game items for D3 SC2 and WOW
  5. The yet to be released Kindle is an Android tablet with a skin. They are actually forking Android so there will be no Google apps/store.
  6. Picked up a 32 gb model, using it for couch and bed surfing. I'd like a vnc client and some video codec support for streaming and a document editor. For the most part it works well but I don't know why they were asking $600 for it originally. For those with dual core Android tablets how does it stack up in terms of performance and fluidity, would definitely like some more functionality.
  7. evo x

    Decent set of ear phones for under $70

    Picked up a pair of Sennheiser CX280 for $40 on Catch of the Day, heard they don't have great bass and can have issues with noise coming through the cords from the volume controller being knocked around. The cable sound shouldn't be a hassle, just a matter of securing it to my shirt, but I'll use these as a test to see if they suit my needs. If they're no good I might look at getting a higher end pair, not gonna cry too much over $40. I was looking at another more expensive pair but a look at reviews a lot of people had permanent fitting problems. They did have the Sennheiser MX 980 for $130 which would've been great but apparently you need a small amp to make them sound proper good or at least use some of their potential.
  8. evo x

    Decent set of ear phones for under $70

    I've never used canal phones before, I'm assuming that one of the tip sizes should do the trick. Otherwise how does one go about ensuring that you get a prosper fit?
  9. evo x

    Decent set of ear phones for under $70

    Head phones are out of the question, I don't find them as practical as ear buds.
  10. evo x

    Decent set of ear phones for under $70

    I'd like a relatively ballanced set maybe leaning slightly more towards bass. I listen to alot rock and hip hop but my music tastes vary greatly. I gues the third ones there look alright, spose I should have done more research on price but I spose there wouldn't be the type that would fall apart after a few years of medium use.
  11. Hey guys I'm looking for a set of ear phones that cost around $70 or so. I'll be using them on my phone and my ipod for listening to music and streaming videos from the media center, the music is mostly 320 kb/s. I'll will be listening to music on the go mainly and I don't know much about noise cancelation or in ear canal buds so advice on that would be appreciated. Bottom line what set of buds would be suitable for hearing the quality of the music for $70 or so.
  12. The switch in the router is on it's way out, two of the ports are only connecting at 10mb/s instead of 100mb/s
  13. I'm currently using a Netgear DGN 2000 modem/router and in the last 12 months of using it, it has had a couple of big problems. The wifi drops out when it wants to when there is not a large amount of wifi traffic, dsl drops out but can be solved by rebooting, and generally poor internet performance / jamming while torrenting at relatively low speeds. I'm after a either a combo or separate modem / router which ever may serve the purpose better. There are 3 main desktop computers that will be connected at various times in the day, a mac mini and a file server (will have the server in a few days) that will be on all the time and 3 laptops and 3 phones that will use wifi. The desktop computers and the file server have 1gb/s ethernet while everything else has 100mb/s, laptops use wireless N and phones use B/G. The mac mini is currently being used as a HTPC and a torrent box using automator / transmission to download TV shows, this can be replaced with TED on the file server. Video files will be streamed from the server to the mac including large 8gb+ videos to a full HD TV. Desktop computers and xbox 360x/PS3 are being used for online gaming and the usual downloading/browsing. I am using gigabit switches to connect most devices. Any recommendations / suggestions are appreciated.
  14. evo x

    CoD:BO prices

    JB hifi prices down to $89, was $79 in Ballarat on launch day when I picked mine up.
  15. evo x

    Need for speed MW save issues

    Yea that seems to happen a bit, I've only ever noticed it when I start another career after already finishing it on another. From what I can remember you can still do the normal races/bounty challenges and boss races, you just have to actually drive to the location of the boss race, no warping there. Can't say I've looked out for a fix but I know it still happens in 1.3 which I believe is the latest patch they made.