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  1. rory k

    Bitfenix Colossus Case

    Maybe if it was just the fascia, but I hate how the lines extend along the sides of the case, it's ridiculously tacky.
  2. a good idea mate, but personaly like 4 180mm fans, liek those new silverstone air penetrators, reckon theyd be good for a rad. so what case can actually fit that without modding? lol. Any full tower case!* *As long as you don't want to put anything else in it :P
  3. a good idea mate, but personaly like 4 180mm fans, liek those new silverstone air penetrators, reckon theyd be good for a rad. Oh yeah, realistically the 4 penetrators would be better.
  4. rory k

    Project: RED

    Moar updates pl0x!
  5. "Borrow" a wind tunnel and whack it in there :P
  6. TJ07 ftw, srsly. :P You can fit pretty much everything in it, and it looks good too.
  7. Remove outer case Attach large industrial fan ??? Profit
  8. rory k

    Project: RED

    Sounds great Justin, should be fun to put together. Sleeving... maybe not so fun, or so I've heard. Was that measured at the wall? If so, multiply it by the efficiency of your PSU to find out the actual draw (in relation to the rating). e.g. let's assume you have a fairly new 85% efficient PSU. That would mean your PC is drawing 800 * 0.85 = 680W from the PSU ;)
  9. Looks great, only thing I would change is get a modular PSU, something like the SilverStone Strider Plus 600W (PCCG link, is available at umart) is 100% modular and very well reviewed.
  10. rory k

    So i bought another fan for my Hiper 212+...

    Long story short, 2 fans > 1 fan on Hyer212+, and mattyamdfanboi's temp probes are dodgy (Y) Grr, I've been away for too long. Does anyone want to explain to me mudg3's obsessions with the bladeless fan? :/
  11. rory k

    My first gaming rig

    Yes. That XFX card isn't the original reference design (with volterra chip), I don't think they make the original reference design cards anymore, you'd have to source it second hand. It's not going to make a huge difference though, especially if you want to be able to hear anything else over the stock cooler.
  12. rory k

    My first gaming rig

    I think what matty is trying to say is get a reference design 5850 (or rather one with a Volterra chip), that way you can raise voltages and get a better overclock. Other than that your system looks good mate, and yeah I'd wait for the 6 series to come out first, even if just so that prices go down on 5 series cards.
  13. Except it's DDR2 RAM. I'd still recommend the above build, just sell the DDR2 and get some cheap DDR3.
  14. rory k

    Bluebird AR

    Anyone seen this yet? abc.net.au/bluebird. It's the ABC expanding into the world of the internet. I had a lot more than this before, but my computer crashed and I cbf retyping. Discuss!