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  1. half kill

    Bringing back [AC-DC] for Battlefield 3?

    count me in, sounds fun :)
  2. half kill

    favourite browser?

    My favourite is firefox, I just like how you can customize it ect...
  3. half kill

    best upcoming game

    Looking foward to Duke Nukem Forever and Portal 2, after seeing the new DNF trailer today I was like :O
  4. half kill

    What is the coolest Game thingy you have?

    I just bought these items from the valve store. and... If only I had waited a bit longer, than I could of gotten the portal 2 coop poster :(
  5. half kill

    Battlefield Play4Free

    you guys obviously don't understand that this is all for FREE. And by the looks of it if any other publisher got its hands on a game like that they would probably sell it. We SHOULD be grateful that EA are giving us a free game. And who cares if it has micro-transaction. Its pretty much saying "if you like this game, then you can buy this and that and enjoy the game even more, but if its not your thing, then you can leave". ITS A WIN WIN OPPORTUNITY HERE PEOPLE.
  6. half kill

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 online still kicking?

    After I read this I went on Battlefront 2 and played a couple of matches, the fan base isn't huge but there is always people playing on an australian server. I also downloaded Galactic warfare (mod for cod4) which is pretty close to battlefront 2, although there weren't many people playing when I joined, although that was during the day for me. I suspect there is a big playerbase cause I saw like 20 servers with just one map.
  7. half kill

    Battlefield Play4Free

    Someone body doesn't appreciate a a free game.... P.S - How can you bring MOH into this when MOH cost MONEY, this is FREE. Be grateful, and also betas find bugs and glitches ect, you can call it a marketing grab if you want but then that means every other single beta has also been a marketing grab.
  8. half kill

    Bloody Good Time

    About : Congratulations, you’ve just been cast in your first slasher movie! You’ve been given your big break by the notorious Director X. His methods have produced some of the finest grindhouse films ever committed to celluloid. Famous faces and big names are not what this director is looking for. Fresh faces are all Director X casts, and with your embarrassingly empty resume you’re as fresh as they come! But seven other hopefuls are also in the running, so you’re going to need to prove your worth if you’re to hit the leading credits. You’re going to have to scratch, claw and strike to slash your way to the top. This job’s going to be murder! Developed by Outerlight, Bloody Good Time takes a new and irreverent approach to multiplayer shooters. The game runs on the Valve’s Source engine, known for classic multiplayer shooters such as Half-Life and Team Fortress. My Thoughts: I have played around 4 hours of this game, and I am LOVING IT. Its a fresh look/feel from all of the other FPS and once you learn the rules and get into it, it can get quite addicting. It has a great art style, with vibrant colours and a cartoonish kind of feel to it. It has a wide range of weapons and murder aids (you'll find them out soon) and the sounds are great. And best of all, its only 5 bucks! 4.50 with the 10% discount :P I highly recommend this game for its uniqueness and low price. It is available on Xbox Live Marketplace and on Steam - http://store.steampowered.com/app/2450/ P.S - If you've ever played The Ship, you'll get right into this game. Gameplay + Commentary - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKywzLy05GY
  9. half kill

    Windows Live and Steam ids

    hey could I get an invite to the atomic group? Thanks.
  10. half kill

    Pre-load Medal Of Honor

    If you want to Pre-Load Medal Of Honor and play it exactly when it unlocks, or if you just want to skip the server struggles when it releases (cause there always is), then just copy and past this link into your web browser and open up the prompt (it will open steam). steam://install/47790 You won't be able to see a progress bar nor will you see any download rate on your download page, but if you go to the bottom of the page to Medal Of Honor Singleplayer, you should see the downloaded size getting gradually bigger. Hope to see you there when the game releases! P.S - Join the Medal Of Honor Aussie steam group if you want to play with other australian medal of honor players! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/MOHAUSS
  11. half kill

    Can anyone suggest a good gaming mouse?

    Thanks for all of the replys. I think I'm gonna choose the microsoft retail sidewinder x8 because so many people recommended it, and it looks like a nice fit. I just sent an email to msy to see if they have it in stock. Thanks again to everyone, I'll own you online with my new mouse :P
  12. half kill

    Can anyone suggest a good gaming mouse?

    okay so I hold my mouse in the palm motion, so what mouse is good for that?
  13. half kill

    Can anyone suggest a good gaming mouse?

    I don't really know what claw or palm is, I just hold my mouse :P I only just got back into fps gaming (like css, and I just pre-ordered MOH) and I realised my mouse seemed a bit sluggish and sometimes stuck to my mousepad. I would of thought that wired would be better than wireless because there would be lag with wireless? I don't really know cause I've never bought a mouse before so.... EDIT: Sorry! Just saw the picture, I'm a palm
  14. I looked over the forum and couldn't find a sub-section for mouses, so..... Can anyone suggest a good gaming mouse? My limit would be around 100$, but I am willing to go up another 20$ if need be.
  15. half kill

    Did I make a mistake?

    I recently went overseas and I bought Tom Clancy's Splinter Celle Conviction from wallmart (cause it was at a super low price, like 60 aus) and when i got back a friend of mine told me it probably won't work unless it's one of the few region free games. So please, tell me this game is region free, or did i make a mistake. I kinda don't want to open the packaging because if it can't work on my 360 then i might aswell sell it on ebay.