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  1. bentan77

    Looking to buy an MP3 player

    Have you already ordered it? They are on special now
  2. bentan77

    E5200 to Q8200

    Not worth it for just Crysis, you'd be better off saving for a new video card instead.
  3. bentan77

    6TB, 24 SSD's in raid 0

    With SSD performance it all basically comes down to what controller they use. Just look for reviews of other SSDs that use the same controller though unless this brand is a lot cheaper then other brands with the same specifications, I'd rather get the other a bigger brand instead.
  4. bentan77

    Noisy 2 Pin fan Graphics Card - HD 4850

    I had the same cooler with the small 2 pin connectors. It worked with a fan controller, you just have to force the plug in, if not you could just get a 3 pin fan extension cables and cut up those wires to fit
  5. bentan77

    Graphics Card Comparison

    5770 > 8800 Ultra but it's not that much of an upgrade.
  6. bentan77

    Which 22" monitor?

    http://www1.ap.dell.com/content/topics/seg...;l=en&s=dfo Dell 24" G2410 - $231 Dell 22" 2209WA - $221
  7. bentan77

    General PC and Media PC, but sound either or?

    I used MPC and manually set the audio device (onboard) in that program, everything else used the default sound device (Xonar)
  8. bentan77

    CoD Modern Warfare 2: Street Broken By Kmart (Pic)

    Bastard I got a price match at EB and they said Kmart sold it for $79.95.
  9. http://www.google.com.au/#q=fermi&hl=e...bb74ba78ee8f406
  10. bentan77

    Is it a good time to buy an xbox 360?

    http://www.dse.com.au/cgi-bin/dse.storefro...oduct/YG1179P11 Arcade + Forza 3 - $199
  11. bentan77

    advice needed for a rotatable (portrait) LCD

    Dell 2209WA A little more expensive then the usual 22" but might be very worth it as when I tried using mine in portrait the image looked perfectly fine where as when I used other TN or even PVA screens the image had a glowy effect because of the viewing angles.
  12. bentan77

    Sennheiser IE8 Earphones

    I got the Sennheiser CX6/IE6. Only one problem with it (though sometimes a plus), they're very sensitive and there's a discernible hiss that can be heard on every player I've tried.
  13. bentan77

    Logitech Z5500D specs?

    What are the satellite speakers that you want to use? I haven't seen many nice ones that are rated so low.
  14. bentan77

    SDHC cards for use with Cowon D2+

    If you're getting a faster card, make sure you get a real SD card reader as the internal one of the D2+ maxes out around 4MB/s.